Bertha Guzman

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How has your experience as a professional job search recent college graduate?

It is a fact that at least in Latin America, the professional experience of recent graduates of universities when seeking their first job related to the area is not very successful. They meet with various setbacks such as lack of experience in the workplace, high professional competence better prepared, few places available jobs, among others. Reason for this fundamental human right is being flagrantly violated.
In my country (Venezuela) did a research paper on this subject, comparing the situation in Latin America, but I like to know your views on: How has been your experience when seeking employment upon graduation from college? Do you got rápidament? What were the situations that have been raised to not use them? In short, how to face this situation? In your country there is a law guaranteeing the right to work in this population? Is fully fulfilled? if it exists, consider it necessary? Thank you very much for your responses.