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An emphasis on technology actually reduces the amount of learning.

Some of the leaders of Google and Silicon Valley are sending their children to schools that are bereft of technology. Their children use pen and paper and are surrounded by books at school. Technology is seen as a tool that would hamper the learning process rather than enhance it.

It seems to qualify itself when the engineers of these products and ideas would prefer their children not be exposed to technology until they're in 8th grade and beyond.


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    Oct 25 2011: Yeah..I think I am adapting to typing sentence rather than writing by hand. Since there are so many advance technology that can replace our habit like taking note on a paper book, these tools are well organized with friendly interface, it certainly provides more convenience to our workplace and study, but there are some side-effect, for instance, most of the write have grammar or spell check for your writing, students may not put extra effort on vocabulary since there are machine helping you to do it correctly. What's more, students may simply copy the information or ideas from the internet especially from blogs.

    Besides the influence on the learning skills, the emphasis on technology may also impact the development of creativity. First is about how to generate the ideas: most of the arguments suggest that we can develop our creativity or generate ideas by collecting ideas and be prolific. Technology can provide a platform for you to store information from your own, on the other hand, internet, like I mentioned before, have lots of other information there, which may have negative effects on children's creativity.

    But apparently, technology can enhance our learning experience in some degree. Like some multi-media can make our study be more interesting and easily understand.

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