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When will China be free?

What will it take for China to end its human rights abuses? With the burgeoning youth of China becoming acutely aware of the oppressive nature of their government, how long do you think it will take them to change this, or convince the goverment to change? Will it be a revolution like Tunisia or Libya, if so would the U.S. aid the rebels? Will it happen in the next decade or continue to bubble beneath the surface?


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  • Nov 5 2011: Continued #4

    Freedom of Movement, Education and Job

    Chinese people are free to go to any country they choose to (and can afford to), such as myself. Applying for Passport is very easy, using your birth certificate or citizenship card and get it in a few days. Much faster than Canadian lengthy process. Applying Visas are much much harder and imposed by Foreign Governments. China is NOT North Korea!!!
    A rural area farmer is free to move to the big urban centers such as Beijing or Shanghai, in fact this is the major source of urban workers for tasks such as textiles, construction etc. They are free to purchase a property in Beijing or Shanghai, as long as you can afford it. This is the major reason why Shanghai and Beijing housing prices are ~10x of the national average.
    You MAY need a permanent address in Beijing in order to hold a high-end job in Beijing thou. However, this is imposed by the companies themselves rather than a law. Imagine if you are a large firm in Beijing, would a person without a Beijing permanent address pass your background check? Probably not.
    On a related note, Education is free for everyone up until Middle school (grade 9). If you pass the high-school entry test you can go to high school for free. Otherwise you can either go to tech school or pay up. College is not free of course but plenty of scholarships.
    Some good schools do not accept non-local students, but this is very much true here in Canada. When I was in High school here I was rejected from one school because I’m not living in the area. All Colleges in China accept all students in China as long as you pass the test. You are free to choose your own major, minor, interest what have you.

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