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When will China be free?

What will it take for China to end its human rights abuses? With the burgeoning youth of China becoming acutely aware of the oppressive nature of their government, how long do you think it will take them to change this, or convince the goverment to change? Will it be a revolution like Tunisia or Libya, if so would the U.S. aid the rebels? Will it happen in the next decade or continue to bubble beneath the surface?


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  • Nov 5 2011: Continued.

    So anything such as separating Tibet or Taiwan or Hong Kong are extremely offensive to All "Han" people, the same way as Canadians are offended by people or speech trying to separate Quebec, or British by separation of northern Ireland.
    I do agree that the communist government is a little extreme in jailing people for being a separatist. In North America, the government will not jail you, but will sue you until you are broke, have bad credit history and never be able to find a decent job. And if you are a Muslim, you will be on the FBI watchlist.

    Freedom of Speech Part 2 - Freedom of "Internet"
    Most Chinese not only do not understand English, but most have no interest in English content, such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Google, let alone BBC, CNN among others.
    We have Tudou (for Youtube), Weibo (for Twitter), Xiaonei (for Facebook) and Baidu (for Google), as well perhaps over 200 national and regional channels of content. All understands what the Chinese want, not what the Westerners want the Chinese to want (what a mouthful~).
    If you believe that the social networks have given people more freedom and better connected, then the Chinese have never been freer before to connect with family, friends etc.
    You might even think that the government blockage of western service is for propaganda purposes, you can't be more wrong. Since all western media are allowed in Hotels etc. where Westerners frequent. Things such as BBC, CNN among others. You could go to any big hotel in Beijing or Shanghai and have access to those.

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