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When will China be free?

What will it take for China to end its human rights abuses? With the burgeoning youth of China becoming acutely aware of the oppressive nature of their government, how long do you think it will take them to change this, or convince the goverment to change? Will it be a revolution like Tunisia or Libya, if so would the U.S. aid the rebels? Will it happen in the next decade or continue to bubble beneath the surface?


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    I just came across a review of one of Edward de Bono's books; here is an excerpt I thought was apropos:

    There is no longer any time left to sweeten the message - it has to be stated plainly: Americans have never really understood what "thinking" actually entails.

    De Bono clarifies immediately the difference between perception and thinking: perception is data-collection, thinking is what you do with the data. He observes that Americans claim to be the champions of freedom, yet everywhere their thinking is bound up in orthodoxies, naive assumptions and, above all, a fearful lack of practice at seeing the true range of options and alternatives in any given situation. In this sense, Americans, rather smugly, appear to make "free choices" but in reality only choose from the options they already know about. True freedom of choice exists only where perception has fully exposed the range of possible choices and alternatives. – Kim M. Jones (Reviewing Edward de Bono’s book, “Free or Unfree?: Are Americans Really Free?)


    I would suggest what he is saying is not limited to America but it is certainly evident there.
    • Nov 1 2011: Agreed, many Americans tend to just follow mainstream and not try to challenge what is presented to them. Comparing to Europe, America is quite conservative and close-minded, as seen in differences in religious and secularism between America and Europe for example. Even though America is "so democratic and free", the true power and decisions still lie in influence of the rich and influential. Members of the Congress can be "bought" by businesses.

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