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When will China be free?

What will it take for China to end its human rights abuses? With the burgeoning youth of China becoming acutely aware of the oppressive nature of their government, how long do you think it will take them to change this, or convince the goverment to change? Will it be a revolution like Tunisia or Libya, if so would the U.S. aid the rebels? Will it happen in the next decade or continue to bubble beneath the surface?


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  • Oct 30 2011: Well, it should take some times. It will take few more generations.

    The leaders of the previous generation still have great influence in the governance. We have to wait till they pass.

    Also, the higher level in the government has already become more open but still lower level (province level or below) sticks to the old 'mode' of governance. The reason is the officials in these levels are not yet well educated inaspect of human rights or freedom. Note that when these officials were in their teens and 20s, China was experiencing cultural revolution which had a great influence in their thoughts.

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