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What is your vision for a (nearly) perfect society.

If you could make your own vision of humanity, what would it look like?
What type of economic system, social structure, and government, as well as their roles would you propose?
What will humanity be like?
What will our neighborhoods look like?
Education, infrastructure, anything really.
Heres the hard part, how do you (we) achieve this vision?


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  • Oct 24 2011: First we all have to agree on a society being a group, wether small, like the venus project or large like the raman catholic church. We have to agree on the society being part of an overall civilisation, not a all encompassing world population. The ideal society in this case has to be self sustaining, with laws that are based on moral restriction, laws that ignore the prevalent existing of prisons and laws that will allow happyness for each individuals own existence. In other words, you must allow small groups within a society to follow their own religion, allow them to be represented by a forum of his own. New cities are just to inhibitive to personal growth, a kibbutz in Israel will go through many volunteersand many will move on. Like minded people would exhibit a strong resentment for being excluded for reasons that must exist in a structured society. In the arctic, a small village by the name of Kugluktuk, was by appearance very content, not to say happy, a society formed a few hundred years ago. Today with the influx of strangers, like us, since the days of Peary, this small society has chanhed. Hunters still hunt with retsriction, laws imposed by anoother society, us. I Have the strong belief only a small society with the hedgehog defense will be able to exist. The bristly spikes will not allow others to get inside, so the small society can exist. The Venus project is an idealistic approach to a utopian, not future, wishful thinking. Again as the last negative impact I see a certain isolationist idea. Where do you have room for the men that love the out doors, sitting on the porch and look out over their domain. You build new cities you abandom the history we all have, the graves of our ancestors and the monument in our hearts. Where do we go to visit the monuments of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson or George Washington? Where can our children go when new cities are crowde and become another project?

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