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Time travel may very well be available if my theory makes sense

I was watching Quantum Leap an old TV show. They make a comment in the opening that contact is kept with Dr. Beckett (the time traveling character) through mental connection. Let me lay out my hypothesis then lets talk about possibility of it being true.
1. Energy is never completely destroyed
2. Energy is not time related
3. Thoughts can be measured as electrical energy
4. If they are energy and cannot be destroyed is it possible that we could develop sensors that could read the energy ambient in our atmosphere no matter how old it is and defeat or modify entropy of the energy?
5. If we could read it could we trace it back to the original source?
6. If we could trace it could we send messages back in time ?
7. If we could do that could we call it time travel?
I know this may upset some of the scientists in the group. Please remember I am a school teacher not a particle physicist, or expert on quantum mechanics, and just bouncing out an idea not matter how wild for comment.

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    Oct 23 2011: Ahhh thanks there is one error in the thought that wipes it out. Yet, did we at one time believe that there was nothing faster than light and please correct me if I am wrong we have particles that are faster than light? Is it possible that belief has something to do with it?
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      Oct 23 2011: We don't have particles that travel faster than light until we can repeat the experiment and confirm it. CERN released their data for other organisations to run their independent tests. Everything you've heard has been media hype. There are also other things to consider like jumping dimensions and such.

      But you have a point in the sense that we could discover something that would make time-travelling possible. We certainly don't have all the answers yet. It would be such a boring world if we did ;-)
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    Oct 23 2011: NO I am asking if others think the theory could be viable and to point out the errors. Harder but Impossible? This is why it is a conversation/hypothesis and not a tested theory I think?
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      Oct 23 2011: Yes impossible. Unless you were able to trace every quanta of energy in the observable universe and look at what caused them...including your obsevation of them (which is also made out of quanta of energy)...through their successive mass/energy forms. That's as impossible as making a perpetual motion machine because you'd need to borrow energy from say, another universe. You'd in fact have to make all your observations without interacting with energy which begs the question of how you make the observations.

      I think you're assuming that because energy is not destroyed, information isn't dissipated. If you wipe-out your hard drive, the hard drive is still there (like energy) but you're not getting your files and folders back.
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    Oct 23 2011: If we could trace it could we send messages back in time? How? You're not providing a solution, you're just saying if we could develop time travel (number 6) we could have time travel. That's an obvious tautology.

    You're right to say energy cannot be destroyed. But information in its highest form can be lost. If you have magnet letters on your fridge that you use to spell a word and then rearrange them with others to form another word, how do you ever re-derive the earlier word? To make things harder, scatters those single letters randomly all over the Earth.This is how hard it would be to bring back energy to one of its original forms.