Albert Mkhwanazi

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Have you ever had a good experience as an intern?

I am a final year education student and have found that many schools treat us like trash when we do our internships. I don't think they realise how much of an asset we are. Do you find interns to be assets, or have you been an intern and had a good experience?

  • Oct 24 2011: Hi Albert,

    I am an engineering student at a university that actually incorporates internships into their degree curriculum. While I am not sure that it is quite the same as an education student's internship, I can say for sure that I have had plenty of good experiences as an intern while I have been earning my degree. The last company I worked at had a lot of people who were kind and believed in the internship program there, and the people I worked directly with found me to be a great asset for them. I know it's not always this way though; many of my friends have had bad experiences (I recall one friend telling me about how his assignment for the day was cleaning his manager's office). I suppose in the end finding an internship that you feel values you as much as you value it is the same as finding any: A lot of searching and a little luck!
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    Oct 24 2011: Yeah I suppose so too. See, I overcame the negative attitude by working really hard to prove my dedication and innovation and I am proud to say that the principal who did not even work directly with me, was impressed and offered me a position.