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Instead of old age homes and orphanages in separate facilities, the combination of both should be built.

There are many old age homes, where many elderly who are well educated and not very sick are living deprived of love and alone. At the same time, there are many orphanages where children dont interact with, or receive love from, elders. We can build homes where elderly people and children can live as small families, take care of one other and be loved.


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  • Nov 15 2011: This is a lovely, heartfelt thought.
    It is also one that cannot work.
    Children would become mini-caregivers. That is not ok.
    Adults who aren't fit cannot be adequate caregivers - I'm so sorry - but that is the truth.
    This idea works best for those of us in the middle only - and it feels a little like we're forcing two groups of people who need able and committed caregivers, upon one another.
    What's more - adoption gives a child a family and an extended family. Your option results in the loss, again, of "parents." That is too bleak, too much to loose for those so young. Kids must be able to BE kids. Adults who aren't "very sick" are still sick - and though they may very much want to care for a new family of kids, without 3rd party, & daily intervention, this would fail.
    (I have cared for both groups, consistently, for years and years. I was extremely close to my own Grandmother & currently help to care for my Dad, who is 76, while raising 2 daughters)
    But - fostering relationships, living in community - separately, but close by. I can see that working and flourishing. WITH caregivers - people whose job it is to maintain proper, age appropriate care - at both stages of life.
    I applaud your desire to help, and to love. Inter-generational relationships are valuable, amazing - and vital components to being a well rounded person, to be sure. But the elderly can give without being worked. The young should not be forced into roles that compromise potential adoptions or to become older than they have already had to. Babies and infants require love, touch, contact - they also require care, feeding, changing, playing, watching over, keeping up with - notice of potential illness, the ability to keep them safe from household dangers (stairs, heat, etc)
    A sort of sick person can get very sick, very fast. There is much potential for disaster.
    But again - the idea of working with the young and old - bringing them together - love it. They'll need our help to do it. Count me in
    • Nov 21 2011: they aren't gonna stick em in the pasture and say "go for it" there will be "middle people" involved as much as they are now. why does everyone think that this can't work. most cultures old and young live together with the so-called middle people works just fine and they live in the same home. a campus setting is much more reasonable........ i mean i love my family, but i dont care to see them all the time, i live with them

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