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Instead of old age homes and orphanages in separate facilities, the combination of both should be built.

There are many old age homes, where many elderly who are well educated and not very sick are living deprived of love and alone. At the same time, there are many orphanages where children dont interact with, or receive love from, elders. We can build homes where elderly people and children can live as small families, take care of one other and be loved.


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    Nov 3 2011: This is a good idea because it will benefit both parties.

    For elders, it will give them the joy of raising children once again. Often, grandparents love their grandchildren more than the actual parents because the grandparents miss the times in their lives when they were raising children.

    For children, it will give them the wisest of mentors to learn from. Furthermore, children will learn the pain of loss from an early age, which is very important for maturity.

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