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Instead of old age homes and orphanages in separate facilities, the combination of both should be built.

There are many old age homes, where many elderly who are well educated and not very sick are living deprived of love and alone. At the same time, there are many orphanages where children dont interact with, or receive love from, elders. We can build homes where elderly people and children can live as small families, take care of one other and be loved.


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    Oct 23 2011: What a great idea.

    My house has 4 generations in it and it is wonderful. My 8 year old daughter knows that she is going to see her 94 year old great-grandmother die but she also knows that her great-grandmother dotes on her every word and will do anything for her. That kind of relationship is invaluable. I know that my grandmother will die with the knowledge that she has raised 3 great children, 4 great grandchildren and 3 great great-grandchildren.

    There is no better medicine for the elderly than that. If I outlive my kids, I would gladly move into an orphanage to be surrounded by kids and the joy they bring.
    • Oct 26 2011: thank you valerie for sharing your experience and for expressing your willingmess to share your love.

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