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Is the "does God exist?" question really relevant?

I question whether or not we should abandon the question of gods existence in order to move on from unprovable questions.

I have followed The Four Horsemen (Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Dennet) on their tour to debunk gods existence.
I was born in Sweden with very little exposure to religion and questions of religion were/are mostly consider rare and obviously stupid. Similar to the question if Santa exist or not.

Now I have witnessed experts in the field (however it is possible to be an expert? didn't Jesus have some sort of copyright on this?) debating each other whether or not truth lies in the existence of god. What difference does it make? The tsunami won't change? Human behavior won't change whether
or not we solve this question with our human reasoning skills. It doesn't prove a thing. We need proof.
Its still only a matter of language construction. "How can something come out of nothing" is just as useless. Unless we realize that language puts a constraint on our cognitive abilities. From science we know that the better vocabulary you have the better you can describe something more accurately and you have a more in-depth cognitive ability. Remember that native snow people can distinguish between many "types" of snowflakes which general population refers to as simple snowflakes.

You have the right to believe in anything. You choose if you want to believe in a supreme being, any of the religions on the table or just make up your own idea. What essentially motivates you is primal needs and after that stimulation of your mind (music, sport, philosophy etc).
This way you can choose to believe in god when things are tough but you don't need to prove his existence to others. Thats what fundamentals do. Leave it.

This way everyone can live as they choose and we can move on to relevant questions.

Please don't respond out of emotional issues or contempt as it tends to disrupt constructive arguments.


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  • Nov 4 2011: Yes, I believe so. it's simply a matter of exchanging faiths. Believing that life and its excruciating complexity happened by accident and that anything turned completely into everything else there ever has been - a leap of faith. Or a Godlike intelligence set something here into motion - also a faith. More like what is god? I am saying that science should remain open to possibilities. God may be so beyond what we can even comprehend now it may be foolish to discard what we think is like Santa. Look at alchemy once thought foolish now is fact. One element can change to another.

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