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What does the simple good mean to you?

As a society, we are rushing through life so quickly that we often forget about how connected we are to one another through the most basic and fundamental good in our world. What do you think the simple good means to you in your life?

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    Oct 25 2011: A simple good.. kid saying lol seeing my face.. listening to my favorite oldie song on radio... meeting old pals on strange journeys..stupid acts of sulking by loved ones who knows that we do anything to please them, despite of knowing that we understand it well.. little puppy licking your feet when you go asleep after the morning walk... being indulged in something which didn't let you think about hunger... comedy show with family around... opening of lift just at your arrival.. complements from a person you admire but don't know personally.. getting a call from old pal after years... the list is quite big.. I suddenly realized.. Life is good :)
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    Oct 23 2011: The kindness of a stranger, a drop of morning dew, a warm, red ripe tomato off the vine, a first kiss.
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    Nov 13 2011: One of my favourite things is a baby's laugh. It is a simple (yet profound) good.
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    Oct 26 2011: Just appreciating what life have gave me, enjoy it before it dissapears, then find something else that will make me feel good again. Most of the things, human life and natural wonders don't last forever, so why not take the best out of it while is there?
  • Nov 13 2011: We need to know what is really good to do?? I mean things to do for you for other people help yourself means become strong and ready to help other people or friends or family.
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    Oct 31 2011: for me its reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate on a winter day and going out for a walk in a crispy autumn morning :)
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    Oct 29 2011: You know when things are good - we are so grateful and happy for everything and we feel like nothing can go wrong? And opposite: when we are sad/disappointed we start to feel and act bitter...
    Well, I guess life without (great) expectations could be path towards being OK with yourself and others and everything that life brings you - it is a blessing and you are welcome it with arms wide open... than simple things are little miracles and bad things doesn't effect you as much.
  • Oct 24 2011: To me, it means enjoying all gifts each day, the gifts that don't have a monetary value, or are too great to have one. What some may call the Gifts from God or Gifts from nature Enjoy the simple goodS :)
  • Oct 23 2011: Priya
    We went to the website yesterday and so enjoyed the photos. I intend to add one of mine. I love the whole concept of just looking for that simple good.
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      Oct 23 2011: Thanks, Michael! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the photos. We look forward to seeing your submission. Every picture helps us elevate this discussion of the simple good around the world.
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    Oct 23 2011: being real i.e. genuine
  • Oct 23 2011: Truly listening to somebody, carefully considering their argument before deciding that they're an idiot.
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      Oct 23 2011: well that's just a stupid thing to say now isn't it? **irony
  • Oct 22 2011: To me the simple good is a childs hug or smile. A walk in the forest or helping someone in need.