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Future Books are ebooks...the way i see future of books

we all know books will also be e-books now, downloadable on your iPad, sony e-reader or PC or Kindle, always connected to high speed internet.
but what i see now as game changer is graphics embedded in e-books.
you are reading an e-book on a goblin and with a click you can actually see that goblin on your screen.
you are reading into a war scene and than you can actually watch the glimpse of that war scene, with a click.
Need not to say that original book lovers might disagree with this, since what you have in your imagination might not be identical to graphical images.
Books will be turning to mini motion pictures.
you will be able to read a book, listen to audio version of it or watch the complete book.
e-books will grow more powerfull with graphics cards and processors and a book will be a full multimedia experience.
Graphics designers will be in much more demand and all book writers/publishers will hire them to make a full graphical movie out of an e-book.
if somebody is talking about Amazon jungles, he can offer you pictures of the jungles or video of the jungles or Google earth kind of bubbles where you can actually stand right on the spot and look 360 degree around.
Amazing world of possibilities will open and a new era of entertainment will start. The books also dont have to be static any more, the writer will be able to change the book and send an update to all the registered users that the book is changed please download again. The books will have multiple endings.
Like wikipedia, users will also be able to edit/improve on the original plots of the books, approved by the writer. So you might be reading a book edited/written by people from around the world.
I see writers or publishers publishing their basic text books first, than in a month’s time releasing Audio version of it and finally releasing Graphical movie version of it.
Unlimited possibilities.


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    Oct 23 2011: hey guys...shed some light on possibility of a new industry being born....jobs being created...new life styles...books more engaging than movies of video games....graphics/animators in demand...book shops foot fall on increase...reading a book with surround sound system and a screen....live cameras placed on locations which can be displayed in books instantly...soundtracks being created for books....graphical characters or actual actors in much more demand to appear in books....

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