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I have two young children, and wonder what your thoughts are about teaching religion to children. Why should I, or why shouldn't I?

I'd like to know if there are benefits. I am, however, open to anything as long as there is a good, valid explanation why I should introduce this concept to my children.


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  • Oct 24 2011: Hi Ravi,

    I know it's a difficult idea, but I think it should be left up to your children whether they want to learn religion. I went through Catholic school at my local church and got confirmed, then walked right out the door and never came back. I have my issues with religion, but I won't deny that I resented being forced to participate without being able to voice my opinion and that it played a part in me walking away from it. You can introduce your children to your religion, get them to ask questions, and take them to worship, but it should always be a choice for them, never a requirement.

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