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Evolution of the modern dad

Fatherhood seems to be going through a renaissance with dads continuing to become more and more active in the day-to-day lives of our kids and being more vocal through blogs and social groups. As a dad who is very active in his kid's lives I'm interested in if you think parental roles are generally balanced enough these days or if there is a divide (real or perceived) between the roles of moms and dads in the raising of our kids.

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    Feb 26 2011: I think it all depends on the family. However, I agree with Lee W. that unfortunately the balance is shifted toward mothers (at least in the U.S.) to raise the kids. While the trend is probably changing, I know lots of families in our local area in which the fathers work and most mothers are stay-at-homes.
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    Feb 25 2011: Sadly I believe they are still unbalanced towards a Mother being the main care giver and nurturer, that said I believe that social networking takes away the sting of men feeling awkward in person and allows us to be more open and talk about things which have been a taboo for many years. Maybe it was because I was an older dad that I was fully aware of how precious and short life is. I try to be an equal part of my family and be a proactive part of my children's lives. I just looked yesterday at some websites for dads and many seem quite good, it's a great way for anyone to get information and a good start for the less comfortable dad to start to become involved.