Henrik Martenzon

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Universal Web Platform for Collected Science and Ideas, to date.

What if I could go onto one website, discover through interactive pages with videos, soundbites, publications and progress bars, how far each area of science has come to date?!

I could submit my idea after* during* and when I have read something of interest. I could submit my vision to already established experts. Together a competitive and collaborative platform would emerge on the same place - like a universal auditorium. Scientists could sell their books directly on the page and buyers would be more psychologically satisfied, not to mention the time saved from searching endless databases.

One of the main aspects of this is the time one wastes on doing journalistic work just to get a proper answer to a question posed when insufficient answers are given from course literature.

Its a matter of time, I know, but why not start now?

  • Oct 23 2011: Not a bad idea.
    However, the key is to build a solid platform that everyone is willing to use. Many preexisting platforms all seek to do the same. Universality is something very difficult to get, and much of it depends directly upon the heavy lifters: the programmers, and interface designers.

    For example: the idea of a universal search engine such as google is a grand goal pursued by many companies. The success, however, depends directly upon the user interface and search algorithms of the designers.

    I think it would be worth pursuing but u need a more specific plans/designs.