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Rampant pursuit of economic development Versus dramatic degradation of social values. Are they related?

The 20th day of October 2011 was one of the darkest days in Chinese society. The whole country witnessed, with our heart full of tears, the death of a little 2 years old girl, named Yue Yue. She was the victim of the most horrible incident anyone could ever experience. This innocent little girl was ran over by a truck twice, then ignored by 18 bystanders while laying on the floor, and ran over again by another passing truck.
Another famous case was a man who ran over a kid with his expensive SUV, to avoid the medical expenses and the troubles he ran the child over repeatedly to make sure he was dead. Things like this happen everyday all around China.

People are afraid to help a fellow citizen in trouble because by getting involved, they take the risk of it costing them money. It is also not uncommon for some people in China to rob a good samaritan trying to help.

These are only two examples. We also see it's very difficult for some to get married because they are unable to get an apartment, vehicle, and some money saved in the bank. In big cities, like Shanghai, appearance is so important that people spend all their savings and salaries for name brands because wearing less is considered shameful. It is also common to see how rich people abuse and enslave underprivileged people for their own benefit.

It is terrifying to see how all aspects of life and society, in China, revolve around money. Making money, getting money from others, and saving money.

In a society with no religious values, poor social education, and an even poorer sense of community or civic values, how irresponsible pursuit of wealth is turning people's compassion, humanity, morals and values into materialism, selfishness, and lack of values to the point of criminality. Which matters most? Is one the result of the other?


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  • Oct 27 2011: Is that really what happens in China?? That is really messed up, I had no idea I've never been there. That disheartens me, sounds like humanity is harder to come by.

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