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Is being gay a choice, or genetic make up?

There are different points of view on sexual orientation. One says, "A person's sexual orientation is within the realm of choice except when raped or molested." From the several myths in the world, what makes a person gay? Are they born gay? Is it social upbringing that channels them to be gay? What do you think?


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    Nov 7 2011: Let´s imagine a world where being gay is a choice:

    Everybody is attracted to both sexes equally. When the time of choosing a life partner comes, they choose the member of opposite sex. Maybe few artists in open-minded countries decide to go gay, but that´s it. Everybody can clearly see the advantages of being straight. And nobody would choose homosexuality in countries where they could be seriously penalized for that.

    Seriously, I don´t understand why there even is a conversation like this on TED...

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