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We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."

After listening to Sarah Kay's beautiful speech and poetry, I tried to write my own list of "10 Things I know to be True." I learned one thing immediately: I don't know much. I learned a second thing more slowly: that's okay! I tried to distill my limited understanding of the world into this list, without being overly philosophical nor literal.

One thing I know to be true, but that is not on my list, was that Sarah Kay was right when she said that if you share your list with a group of people you will find that someone has one thing very similar, someone else has something totally contrary, another person has something you've never heard of, and still another has something that makes you think further about something you thought you knew.

So let's share ours, and find out! What do your lists have on them?

Here's mine:
1. Fiction can, at times, feel more real than fact.
2. One person, with a good idea, can change our world.
3. There are things about our universe that we will never understand.
4. #3 is not an excuse to stop trying.
5. Everyone has a story worth hearing.
6. There is always another side to the story they tell.
7. Questions can sometimes teach more than their answers.
8. Children can sometimes teach more than their parents.
9. Everyone should travel.
10. No one's truth is universal.

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    Oct 22 2011: 1. Change is inevitable
    2. Change brings pain
    3. Pain catalyzes growth
    4. #3 happens when you shift your consciousness
    5. Growth brings wisdom
    6. Wisdom brings open-mindedness
    7. Open-mindedness brings empathy
    8. Empathy connects us
    9. Connection brings happiness
    10. We all want happiness, but some are unwilling to accept change.
    • Oct 22 2011: You sir, are now my face book status...those words need to be shared with as many as possible! Thank you for your thoughts!
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      Oct 22 2011: Hi AJ,

      Are these original to you?

      I would like to copy them to my quote file (I collect quotes) and want to know if I should credit you or another source.
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        Oct 22 2011: Thank you both. Yes, they are original from me; with inspiration for #9 from Tony Robbins (Connection being one of his 6 human needs).
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      Oct 28 2011: Your #2 made me think of something I once heard somebody mention: "pain is inevitable, misery is optional." ;-)
      • Oct 28 2011: FYI: it's a Dalai Lama quote :)
        Loved your list!
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        Nov 16 2011: "Pain is inevitable, misery is optional."

        - Dalai Lama

        Nice Joep!!
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      Nov 15 2011: AJ !!!!!! I LOVE THIS

      "1. Change is inevitable
      2. Change brings pain
      3. Pain catalyzes growth
      4. #3 happens when you shift your consciousness
      5. Growth brings wisdom
      6. Wisdom brings open-mindedness
      7. Open-mindedness brings empathy
      8. Empathy connects us
      9. Connection brings happiness
      10. We all want happiness, but some are unwilling to accept change."

      It is #4 that is our (humanity's) biggest challenge.
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      Nov 17 2011: Your words are great and I would love them to be true. But don´t we experience the opposite quite often - and still the world is improving!?
      Here some examples:

      1.) stability generates happiness - especially children need stable and securing love

      2.) growth brings blindness - especially if growth generates wealth. see the greed system in stock-markets; growth until overkill.

      3.) children are most empathic, it is not learned, it is given - and regularly unlearned by knowledge and open--mind-methods. empathic is not about the mind at all. even if you do not understand a matter, you can built an empathy for it.

      For me the greatest challenge is to transform personal persuit of happiness to collective peacefulness and humbleness. I am afraid §shifting consciousness" (Nr. 4) is too abstract and easy for me - aren´t children doing it every morning at school?
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        Nov 17 2011: Bernd, thank you for your response. A few points...

        My list is NOT to say that one thing is the ONLY thing to bring another, but rather that it does. With that being said, stability would be another way to happiness, but I would rather see it as comfort. Is it not only a matter of time after a period of stability that one becomes unsatisfied?

        The second point would be under the assumption that growth is synonymous with wealth-which I don't believe to be true. I would say that wealth can bring blindness instead. But to even put that point aside and to think within your framework, weren't individuals happy as their net worth increased as a result of the markets? When financial markets tumbled and much was lost, that is where I would view the start of my list (although one of my points was that each line item can be viewed as their own separate truths rather than part of a single cycle). People lost monetary value-a change in their lives that brought them pain. It would not be until they view all that has changed in their lives in a new light that growth will occur.

        I would disagree in saying children are MOST empathic. I recall a TED talk even showing a study that in child development, there aren't signs of empathy until a certain age (somewhere between 5 and 7, I can't recall). And I would say that it is learned from their mother/father by their examples of empathy. Do you truly believe that empathy is unlearned? Have you never met someone who you see a little of yourself in and can understand their perspective, even if it were a matter you understand better now and may have been previously ignorant to? If you do not understand a matter, you build an empathy for parts of which you do understand.

        I am unclear of that last one, but to my earlier point- there are other ways of reaching a stage.

        Lastly, as I thought about it, if I would to add another item to the list, it would be that Pain is relative.
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        Nov 17 2011: Shift in consciousness is understanding that which was formerly not understood and accepting it heart, mind, body and soul and thereafter allowing it to be. This is growth. There is no money involved and yet this is the only thing of value. It actually is priceless.

        It is impossible to shift people's consciousness collectively. You can only provide the conditions that inspire and nurture. This happens in each human as an independent and individual process. Each person must respond to their inner guidance in order to elevate their own level of consciousness. Children burst into this world eagerly with all the right equipment, as phenomenal beings with unlimited potential, but the world, as built by those who got here before them, is set up with all kinds of obstacles and blockages, which takes away their wings and turns them into boxed-in limited adults, who can survive best when behaving as sheep. So saying "growth brings blindness" is like saying " money corrupts". Blindness and corruption are choices one makes. And are usually of one's refusal to allow understanding and existence of the knowing, in other words elevation in consciousness.
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          Nov 20 2011: agreed juliette when you say: growth brings blindness" is like saying " money corrupts". but it is not the only way to understand blindness by growth. by growth you can get narcissistic or vain. every growth - even the internal balanced personal - tends to make one blind for the own failures.

          I totally agree with your desription of the childs blockages. But can this really be changed? Even the consciousness and wise man will be a blockage to his children, because it is the nature of growing up to overcome the educator?! Isn´t this a circle even the best wise man and women can not leave?
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        Nov 21 2011: I agree with AJ that change is inevitable, even if stability is preferred and necessary to develop culture. Too strict a dependence on stability ignores the realities of motion and destruction, to which all species have undergone a series of adaptations (a natural response to change) in order to survive. The instinctual animal flees minutes before the first tremors of an earthquake are felt by most of us, while the permanent structures we created our sense of stability with shake and crumble.
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          Nov 21 2011: i would not disagree that change is inevitable. let me try to say it like this:

          we do not need to strive for change since it happens any way. it comes upon us - that means "inevitable".

          but to cope with change you have to have a basis, a self-trust and consciousness, and especially growing up with family stability or at least love.
          i believe we need to push and promote this stable trust since it is not inevitable. it is the exception.... it is more pressious. and thus - if it happens once in a while - it generates happiness.

          I hope i can explain myself more clearly.
    • Nov 21 2011: I like #9 EJ I dont think I have told you.
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      Nov 22 2011: AJ....your key word is change, and I, like many others have a heartfelt recognition for it. If we want our world to be better for all, we have to swing into action. Loaded words uttered, we talk about talk, but action is not as easy. We, who live in democracies cling steadfast to our cushy lifestyles. To give up any of it means sacrifice.
      "Why should I if others will not?"....or...."I worked hard for what I have". If nothing changes with me, my world remains the same. Ultimately, have I chosen yet?
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. First impressions are often wrong.
    2. Second impressions are seldom wrong.
    3. No apology can unsay a hurtful thing.
    4. Encouraging children to excel is good parenting. Requiring children to excel is not.
    5. It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It takes a parent who cares.
    6. The universe is a very large place. It's statistically impossible that there isn't intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos. It's statistically improbable that such intelligent life has visited this little backwater planet.
    7. There is no honesty in politics. There is no responsibility in government.
    8. Committees are a waste of time and effort.
    9. Proof abounds that God exists. You don't have to believe for it to be true.
    10. Nature scoffs at man's hubris.
    • Oct 22 2011: 9. On what planet, in the universe, are these bountiful proofs? Cos they ain't here.
      • Oct 23 2011: Lay on your back on a clear night and stare into the sky. Do you see all that wonderful expanse of stars? Where did they come from? A single cosmic cataclysm? Before that, how did all that is come into being? If you believe that you exist and that the world exists and that universe exists, then you have to understand that without God, none of this would BE.

        Need more proof, look into a microscope. Look at the smaller and smaller particles until you get to the smallest semi particle and ask, what is smaller than this? And how did this and this and this learn to exist in this pattern? Why does a quark do what it does and why does an electron and a proton attract each other instead of repel?

        God isn't in the man made manifestations but in all things. The visible and the invisible alike. God is so much more than what man thinks and can understand, so man assigns God characteristics to make God seem more like us and not the natural origin of the universe.
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          Oct 23 2011: there you go, "the nature talk". That's an extremely flawed argument, just because someone doesn't understand where it all comes from, doesn't mean that you can fill in the blank with an invisible person in the sky. It's called "the argument from ignorance fallacy". I'm not calling YOU ignorant, that's what the fallacy it's called. If you're giving your god the property that cannot be understood by us humans, then why bother? Anyway, peace. I loved your first 7 points.
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          Oct 23 2011: I think you're all talking about the same thing. The disconnect is simply the semantics of how we define "God."
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          Oct 23 2011: It is not so much arguing that some grand mystery must exist because we don't understand something (i.e. ignorance fallacy). It is that there is never an end to the questioning, that there is always something beyond our grasp in virtually every facet of human life that is the grand mystery. Whether one denies the mystery, basques in it, or fills sutures it with language is pretty much the ultimate personality test.
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          Oct 23 2011: Jas: No matter how you fill in the blank with something that "cannot be understood" or "defined", you are still superficially and falsely removing an unknown with another unknown. In reality, you haven't solved anything. However, you've tricked your mind into thinking that you have the answer, preventing you from further inquiry. In other words, the god answer doesn't answer questions about the unknown, it stops them.
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          Oct 23 2011: Tony - You seem to suggest that the entire equation is fundamentally changed because one variable is substituted for another. Whether I write the equation as x + 2x = 10 or y + 2y = 10, solving for the unknown variable will get you the same result and the substitution does not trick me into thinking that I know the answer simply because of the substitution. It isn't a matter of "removing an unknown with another unknown" but simply a question of labels. Trying too hard to categorize what is and what isn't god is a game of semantics that simply distracts from the task of trying to find answers.
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          Oct 23 2011: Phil, I normally wouldn't get into this can of worms, especially not on here, but based on some of the questions you asked I was compelled to respond.

          400 years ago there were many things that we didn't understand about nature. At that time, simple things we couldn't explain were quite simply explained by the existence of God, to the satisfaction of many.

          However, 50 years or so would progress, and answers would be discovered by diligently inquisitive characters known as scientists. more often than not, these discoveries would create new questions.

          More time would progress, and more things would be discovered that we couldn't yet explain, and the answer by many would be God. However, time, curiosity, and research would reveal the actual answer, and we would move along.

          Now here we are in the present day, with logical and provable explanations for quite a many things in nature that were once attributed to God, and somehow yet, for what riddles we have newly discovered and not yet solved, so many still use the answer of God.

          If any lesson is to be learned from our history, could we not safely assume that the answer to the questions you posed above will be revealed in fifty to a hundred years? Then you will have something new that we will not understand, and can again use God as your answer.
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          Oct 26 2011: There is no God. At least not in the traditional sense of the word. The universe is infinitely complex, and we are part of the universe, so if you redefine the concept of 'God' into something like nature, or eternity, or that which stands beyond the knowable universe, behind the singularity and before the big-bang, etc. Then we can say that god could exist, but there is no evidence that 'God' is anything other than a human concept developed out of man's insecurity and recognition of our finite existence, and used to control power by influencing irrational minds. To base your decisions and choose your actions based upon such supernatural fictions is foolish at best and potentially dangerous.
        • Oct 27 2011: If you equal "god" as nature, why don't you just use the proper term - nature. If god is something else, explain what it is and then show us how looking at the stars would lead one to think there is a god which you describe.
      • Oct 26 2011: Ah yes, there is no God because there is no proof! I say because the universe exists, God exists, there's your proof. Before there was the universe, there was an infinite power that could create a universe. That infinite power IS God. Just because mankind is incapable of grasping something so infinitely large and infinitely small at the same time, we struggle to define the force that allows our very awareness of being. I take great pleasure in acknowledging the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Existence. Awareness. Emotion. Pleasure. Pain. Life. Death. Beer.

        Mostly beer. :)
        • Oct 27 2011: "Just because mankind is incapable of grasping something so infinitely large and infinitely small at the same time, we struggle to define the force that allows our very awareness of being. " I totally agree, that's why I don't try too hard to name things I can't even begin to fathom, perhaps one day the human brain will evolve enough for someone to get it, but for right now, assigning whatever existence is, some kind of consciousness, in order to make sense of it in our primitive human way is just pointless. And really boring, I might add. I prefer the wonder to the fake 'know it all' answers.
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      Oct 24 2011: Can we just leave God out of it. It so brings a good conversation down. Makes it irrelevant/tired/uninteresting/crap/lies etc. Just leave the word out and we can all move on. we simply do not need it anymore! Stop with the god i say. Strike me down if you are liste..........................
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        Oct 24 2011: Very funny!!!!
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        Oct 26 2011: There are only three things worth talking about: Politics, Religion, and Sex.
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        Oct 27 2011: See #10 on my list (which is way down below somewhere). I don't have a problem with God or god or gods. I think talking about religion is fascinating. But, once the conversation devolves into a general cosmic debate, not much is going to get accomplished, and no one takes any responsibility his or her contributions or actions.
      • Oct 27 2011: LOL... Phillip didn't finish the "if you are liste... " because he was stricken!
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      Oct 25 2011: 3. No apology can unsay a hurtful thing. - truest thing in the world ! Someone to raise apology is just trying to amend his image, & no real apologies in the world make any sense.
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        Oct 26 2011: Apologies make sense if you made a mistake and recognize it. If you don't actually mean it, or are just trying to appease some social structure, then don't be dishonest.

        In the past, I've let my emotions affect my judgment and taken unjust actions toward others, and for that I'm truly sorry. But I can't change the past.

        Hurtful things are only hurtful if the 'victim' allows them to be hurtful. Therefore, you are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. Words can not harm anyone. However, violent actions can actually harm people.

        ---------------------------- end of original comment
        Apparently the machine will not let me reply to Phillip McKay's comment below, so I'll edit in my reply here. - Emotions may MOTIVATE your actions, and thus they are an indicator of what you truly value, but they are not values in themselves, and emotions are irrational. Irrationality doesn't matter in arbitrary decisions, like what color do I like today, or who will I fall in love with, but they do matter when you take actions. Words can be actions, and may even be intended to cause harm, like yelling "FIRE" in a crowed theater when there is no fire, but your feelings can only be hurt by words IF you put value in the speaker's opinion. The choice of what you value is up to you. You need not be lonely or unattached to be rational. Hearts break because we value the individuals we choose to love, and we are hurt by their rejection, not because they spoke to us. Perhaps the girl that told you she didn't love you did it because you beat her, or ignored her, or just had no love for yourself, her words didn't hurt, it was your realization that your self-image, or worldview, or opinion of her was mistaken, you were deceived, either by your self, or her, or the world, and when you realize that, your foundations are rocked to the core, What else have you gotten wrong? This is why truth matters. Your ideas are only as good as your model of the world.
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          Oct 27 2011: I used to think somewhat like you Michael. But your emotions are the value you place on things. without them you are dull indifferent and a flatliner. Remember that beautiful girl that told you she didnt love you. That hurt. Welcome to the real world. You're right - words dont hurt if you're not attached to the human raise and many achieve that lonely existence.
      • Oct 27 2011: Forgiveness is the first step to healing. First you must forgive yourself for being hurt, then you can fully forgive those who caused pain. Alternately, one cannot forgive one whom wishes not to be forgiven. And there, we have apology.
        • Oct 27 2011: No, one never has the right to forgive oneself. If one has hurt someone, that's a permanent burden which one has to carry.

          However, one can forgive other and I encourage that. With forgiveness comes a relief as a victim. Bring in friendship and let the one who hurts you feel easy around you and give him/her the chance to compensate of the wrong before.

          One can apology, the victim can refuse to accept.

          The best thing to do is to avoid hurting other in the first place.
    • Oct 27 2011: very critical points tnx
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    Oct 23 2011: I don't KNOW any of these items to be true, but choose to use them as beacons and guideposts.

    1) Thinking "out of the box" is over-rated. "Out of the box" means you have simply recognized that you're previous context or "box" was too limiting and that you have broken through many of the assumptions and constraints of that context. But you simply move into a broader and more general context or "box" now. So actually, a more accurate saying might be "are you thinking in the appropriate box?"

    2) Experience is inevitable, learning is not. Just going through an experience does not equal learning from the experience.

    3) Sometimes, we have to listen someone into existence.

    4) Play as if our lives depended on it. Because it does.

    5) Imagination is more important than knowledge, but one needs a solid foundation of knowledge to make the most of one's imaginative powers. So don't discount and dismiss the importance of knowledge.

    6) There is hard work as we know it in the USA and European countries. And then there is hard work as it is known in Chinese-speaking countries such as China, Taiwan, and Singapore. In Chinese language, the term for hard work is "Eat Bitter" which also has connotations of enduring, overcoming pain and misery. So not all hard work is the same around the world.

    7) Problem-solver are extremely valuable. But we might need problem-finders even more.

    8) We are all hybrids. Approximately 90% of the cells in our body are bacterial in nature, not human. Relax, there're friendly and vital to our health. But just think...90% of the number of cells in us are bacteria!

    9) We tend to forget about opportunity risks when considering something risky. There can be great risk in NOT pursuing a risky venture.

    10) Regret is the 8th Deadly Sin.
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      Oct 23 2011: Peter, I loved your statement that we have to listen people into existence. It is filled with so much compassion and awareness.
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        Oct 23 2011: Hi Debra,

        Thanks for your reply. Isn't it sad that so many people have this need and yet we don't listen enough to them? Our society seems to reward the proclamation of ideas so much more than listening and reflection. Just go to a typical kindergarten or grade school. Gold stars often go to those who speak up and contribute their ideas and opinions. But seldom is recognition given to active and compassionate and self-less listening.

        I grew up in Asia and recall my shock when I entered 3rd grade in the USA. Everyone was talking over each other and rewarded for being so darned self-expressive. But there was not much listening...often it was just waiting for a turn to speak or an opportunity to interrupt the previous speaker.

        Thank you for listening to me into existence.

        Best regards,

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          Oct 24 2011: Peter and Debra,

          I love this idea. To quote Sarah Kay, "I see the impossible every day. Impossible is trying to connect in this world, trying to hold onto others... knowing that while you're speaking, they aren't just waiting for their turn to talk-- they hear you." I know I still need to work on that: truly hearing everyone I listen to. "Listening them into existence" (what an incredible phrase. Thank you.) But I'll never stop trying, because every time I manage to really do it, I learn something amazing.

          I grew up going to a Quaker school. We had a weekly mandatory Meeting for Worship which every student, teacher, and administrator sat together in complete silence and periodically listened to short messages people were spontaneously inspired to share. I often learned more about myself and the world around me in that hour and a half than in any class; I wasn't talking, I was sitting in silence. I miss the structure for listening that the meetings offered, but I hope to apply the lessons learned there to the rest of my life.

          Thanks for listening,
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          Oct 24 2011: Not all at once.....of course, but I have to speak for two important reasons I can momentarily think of: speaking my mind so others can know what I am all about, and
          if nobody speaks there is nothing to listen to.
          In most cultured conversations one considerately awaits their turn while listening to others.
          Otherwise, how can one's comments be pertinent to the subject discussed? Ill mannered parliamentary debates should not discourage us from remaining civil.
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        Oct 24 2011: Wow. This truly is a beautiful and remarkably true statement.
    • Oct 23 2011: Peter
      I really liked #,s 3&4 There are a lot of people out there waiting for someone to listen to them. On a persoanl level, playing is becoming a sort of new found joy for me...and I am not young. Those things are really true.
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        Oct 23 2011: Hi Michael,

        Thanks for your reply. Like you, I am not young (chronologically, but youthful in outlook) and have found play to be "serious" priority for me.

        I think we need to re-learn and recapture the joy of play in our very busy and stressful lives.

        Have you read Free Play by Steve Nachmanovitch? It is a small eloquent tome to the spiritual and pragmatic value of play. Homo ludens "the playful human" is another meme to which I subscribe.

        Playfully yours,

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          Oct 23 2011: Someone posted this over on the "Favourite Quote" conversation:

          A child-like man is not a man whose development has been arrested; on the contrary, he is a man who has given himself a chance of continuing to develop long after most adults have muffled themselves in the cocoon of middle-aged habit and convention. – Aldous Huxley
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      Oct 23 2011: Listen someone into existence..... that is absolutely wonderful.
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      Oct 23 2011: Peter your number 6 and Cleo's number 9 have been integral in my development. When I was a child growing up in the United States, I had a powerful desire to travel and see the great and wonderful things in the world. My mind conjured images of beautiful architecture, delicious new foods, wondrous landscapes, and curious people.

      At the age of 25, I have spent over half my adult life outside of the United States. Exposure to cultures such as India, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam have taught me incredible lessons about self pity, simple pleasures, and viewing the world in its entirety.
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        Oct 24 2011: Hi Tim,

        Happy to hear that you've benefited from your wide travels. What did you find most surprising during your travels? Any truths you found that apply across all the cultures you experienced?

        I'd like to travel widely as well and learn as you did. What brought you to Afghanistan in your young life?

        Best regards, Peter
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          Oct 24 2011: Peter I served the first few years of my adult life as a special operator with the United States Army, an experience which catapulted me into an understanding of myself as a world citizen.
          Of course there have been many
          surprises during my travels, but the one that has had the biggest impact on me would be the realization of China as a superpower, witnessed firsthand. It is one thing to watch the news and read the Economist, but something else entirely to visit a place like Hong Kong and marvel at its efficiency.
          According to the Motley Fool, the US economy as yet remains three times the size of China's, but that ratio only further demonstrates where one is to find opportunity and growth. I see a new world developing, one in which global influence is shared by more major players on nearly equal footing than the disparity witnessed in the last 30 years. This surprise has lead to a reevaluation of my goals, which now involve studies in the mandarin language, chinese history, and philosophy.

          In regards to universal truths, I have found that the giving spirit is ingrained in all of humanity, though the mechanism is dramatically different from place to place. In powerful western economies, we like to use an intermediary. Charities, food banks, and homeless shelters are common for this purpose. In less abundant economies, food is often handed to the needy, and small villages take a communal approach to their problems. Neighbors help one another fix leaking roofs, and orphans are often supported by the many.

          Peter where in Asia did you grow up? You discussed your surprise with the classroom after entering third grade in the United States. Do you believe that multicultural exposure for children is an advantage?
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        Oct 24 2011: Hi Tim,

        I could not contact you via TED email (it's not working) so I am contacting you this way.

        "This surprise has lead to a reevaluation of my goals, which now involve studies in the mandarin language, chinese history, and philosophy." Wow, you really are proactive! Kudos for seeking trends and patterns and acting upon them. Your wide travels has benefited you immensely.

        Yes, I believe multi-cultural experiences are a MUST for any young person on this planet, esp. for an ethno-centric and super power country such as the USA. "Fish are the last to discover water" goes the adage. So a mudskipper who transitions between water and soil understands so much more about water by virtue of having left its boundaries.

        I grew up in Taiwan, then Japan prior to landing in the USA as a youth. I identify myself with both the American and Chinese cultures.

        Tim, You write extremely well which reflects a cultivated mind. Why don't you start a TED Conversation? You have a great deal to offer the TED community.

        Keep in touch. See you in one of the other TED conversations too!

        Best regards,

        Peter Han
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      Oct 24 2011: I think we do learn thorugh experiences particularly when we are young. Problem is sometimes what we learn does bnot help us in life. I know young people who have learned to push people away in order to protect themselves. Obviously this is not always a useful action. Somtimes however, it is.
      Sometimes it is just as important to unlearn.
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    Oct 23 2011: My ten things that I know to be true

    1) Love is better than hate.
    2) Love feels better too.
    3) Hating hurts you as much or more than it hurts the one you hate.
    4) Hope is always a good thing.
    5) Life will out. Just look at that blade of grass coming up through the crack in the pavement.
    6)There are a lot of really truly good people in this world. We should encourage them.
    7)We all have blind spots about ourselves.
    8)Differences are not to be feared for they are the source of our greatest strengths as societies and as individuals.
    9)Just because people live in big bodies does not mean that they are grown up inside.
    10) Singing, dancing and art are better uses of human talent than war.
    • Oct 23 2011: All good observations. I especially like number 8.
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        Oct 30 2011: I enjoy conversations about "Differences". I focus on learning to be comfortable with differences, and that I can make a difference by doing this.
        One of my favorite catch phrases is "The Difference that Makes a Difference!"
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      Oct 23 2011: I especially like #7. It makes me wonder what mine is!
      • Oct 23 2011: Indeed. I've always sought to find mine, but then how long does one look and question? Would we ever discover them all?
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          Oct 28 2011: Hi Paula, I do not really think it is a matter of actually looking for our blind spot. Rather, I think we just need to be aware when the evidence of feedback indicate that we might have a blind spot. When people see things that we do not we need to consider that we have something to learn. At least this is how I try to stay aware of the possibilities.
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        Nov 4 2011: the past months I have been exploring the 5 elements (earth, metal, water, wood, fire) and my experience is it is for quite some people easy to understand what their blind element(s) is/are

        metal = structure, managing, tradition
        wood = coaching, growth, direction
        earth = self realisation, materialisation
        water = life-force, vitality, rest
        fire = communication, transformation, relations (man - woman)

        gave me much insight to sdiscover my blind spot was metal (and fire) and I began to understand my whole life and that of my surroundings ;)

        perhaps this is usefull to someone here
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          Nov 4 2011: That's an interesting approach, Steven. I like the use of metaphor to think in new ways. It takes us out of the rut in our habitual thinking processes even if we do not attach it to religious thought or ideologies.
    • Oct 29 2011: Love and hate are part of the same human emotional state, that of being passionate, between which can be a very thin often blurry line and since one can not exist without its companion to say that one is more important than the other lends itself to a narrowing of perception. All human emotions have a place and time. I would say that outrage one may feel at the presence of inequality and cruelty come from a place of love but will move an individual to action and help to shape the world. Less the rational be willing to act the strong will always prevail regardless of their motives or politics no matter how irrational, selfdestructive, or short sighted they may be.
      • thumb
        Oct 31 2011: Hi Skylar! While I love it when you play devil's advocate, I cannot agree that love and hate are the same emotional state not even polar opposites. There is not much psychological literature to support that contention either. Additionally, outrage and shock which leads to action does not necessarily stem from hate and is often not nearly as effective when it does stem from hate. Hate is often associated with fear and threat. Love comes from an entirely different place. I am quite convinced that humanity could live pretty nicely without hate. Hate is in itself self destructive. I once read that hating is like drinking poison and expecting the hated person to die. The poison of hate only hurts the one who partakes.
        • Nov 1 2011: I did in fact over simplify the truth a little and thank you for calling me on it. More to the point I wasn't really disagreeing with you entirely just trying to recognize that horrific things are sometimes done in the name of love (of which there are many different kinds and I wish that we had more than one word for it in the English language). Sometimes actions motivated by hate can bring about positive change. While I to am an advocate for love and empathy I still understand that every tool has it's pros and cons even love. Hate while usually a more destructive force has it's place as well. It is my hope that one day hate and violence (which aren't always mutually inclusive) will become obsolete and loose their necessity, but recognize we have a long way to go before we are there. Until that day whatever may motivate an individual to propel us closer to this new world is what is needed and I believe hate plays a role. I myself while not a fan still see a need for many unpleasant and harmful aspects of not only human behavior but the actions of the universe. Significant change rarely comes quietly and never without a cost. My love for my fellow man often times paralyzes me and while I don't want to be the one to swing the axe or condone the actions of the one who does I can't help but wish that I could fashion my love into a tool as sharp and wieldable. Hopefully one day I will... Thank you for being you and best of luck in your journey.
  • Oct 25 2011: 1.That I love and am loved.
    2.That life is precious and worth living.
    3.The best things that ever happened to me are the birth of my children.
    4.That I know very little and can learn something new, everyday.
    5.If I had my life to live over again, I would change nothing.
    6.Being happy is a choice. It has nothing to do with what you own and another person is not responsible for your happiness, only you are...
    7.The saying "If at first you don't succeed, try again" is not just a saying.....
    8.Laughing is really good for the soul and should be done daily and several times each day.
    9.The best gift is the gift of time.
    10. Last but certainly not least, God is real, he is love and he is good.
    • Oct 25 2011: Amazingly said!
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: I like these, they are true only from your perspective yet could be universal too.
      God is only real in the minds of men as a concept and the actions such men take.
      People can't take your happiness, but they can take your food.
    • Oct 27 2011: re: 10

      I do not know which god you believe in. The bible god that I knew has not learnt to forgive. It takes a life to wash away the "sin" which was the first human eating a fruit. By allowing suffering to occur to new born child, it is not loving and it is not good.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in supernatural beings, but that doesn't mean that concepts (abstract patterns) in the minds and brains of men aren't 'real' or don't have effects upon their actions, which effect the world.

        If you speak of the god of the Jews, I think the Christians believe he sent a profit to die for human sins, and cleared that whole thing up.

        The problem of Theodicy, the problem of evil in the world, is fundamental to most religions, but I was given a reasonable explanation by the book of JOB. The conclusion they come to is that a God, if such exists, is beyond our simple understanding of suffering or justice, that it need not answer our questions, but we must accept the world as it comes. Naturally.

        That makes sense to me, I can accept the suffering imposed by the natural environment, but what I can't accept is the suffering imposed by society, cultures of abuse, and social injustice. However, I don't think that such is imposed by any real 'God', just by the kind of concept or irrational beliefs that cause action, as I described. They make us do unethical things, like take people's food.
        • Oct 27 2011: Obviously, we are off the tangent here, but let's just indulge ourselves a little.

          The issue of suffering and justice are human values. How we judge whether a situation is a suffering or whether something is just based on our values and emotions. Saying that we are too simple to understanding god's will is simply brushing the problem under the carpet. As social animals and with the "mirror neurons" in our brain, we can feel (in the shoes of the other) how other is feeling. That's where suffering comes in. We can feel and see suffering from the expression of the person. Young child, starved to dead by simply being born at the wrong place at the wrong time - to an atheist - is just part of chance. For the theists, they have a big problem to simultaneously claim their god to be good, loving and just. For a loving god with all the power it has and yet allows suffering to occur, by any argument no one could call it a loving god. For allowing this randomness of luck to occur, again if god has all the power to prevent and yet does not do so, is unjust.

          Can we judge god? Sure we can, just like we can judge other and show our approval or rejection.

          God is a concept and most people really do not have a good definition of it. As seen in this thread, there are many equating nature as god. To them, I ask why don't we just say nature. Obviously, there are more than just nature when theists use the word god. I am yet to see anyone clearly articulate his/her version of god. I can only refer to god in the bible - the Jew's god as a representation of god.
      • Oct 27 2011: Mmmm, my # 10 said God is real . To me it has nothing to do with religion whatsoever.
        • Oct 27 2011: Really?
        • thumb
          Oct 27 2011: What DOES religion have to do with?
        • thumb
          Oct 27 2011: Well said Carol.
          I love TEDsters, everything always gravitates towards religion. Then God gets the blame. God is real; it's so obvious; but many can't see past the religion.

          God Bless

      • Oct 27 2011: Albert, to answer you question, I believe in the one true God. I don't ask anyone else to believe.
        • Oct 27 2011: Carol, I am so sorry for you. Whatever education you may have, you have demonstrated that you failed to use your logical rational mind to see the delusion of the myth of "one true god".

          I am not asking anyone to believe there is a god or there is no god. That's not the point.

          I am asking everyone to make decisions based on evidence, not wishful thinking nor voodoo.

          Humanity is at a cross road right now. My grand child, if I have one, may be the last generation of human unless we, humanity at a whole, recognize the damage this generation has made to the planet and quickly rectify the wrongs. The atmosphere has CO2 level leading to a minimum of 2 deg rise in average global temperature - and we are still accelerating the rate of dumping CO2 into the atmosphere! I am afraid a 4 deg rise in average global temperature is inevitable and that would trigger unstoppable positive warming effect. A mass extinction is around the corner.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: Albert,The question posed for this conversation was, "What 10 things do YOU know to be true." Carol has expressed her 10 things. Perhaps instead of trying to dissect someone's belief with your "big brain" and "logic" you could have simply listed your 10 things YOU know to be true. Frans K. sums it up perfectly below, "Your words sound logic in general.
        Yet it is as with that elephant. We can both look on the beast from our own fixed positions and agree that it's an elephant yet seeing different things."

        If you want to batter everyone over the head with your gavel, do it in the DEBATE section please. Carol has chosen to share what she knows to be true for herself. She has not beat anyone over the head with her beliefs, let alone ask to consider her views as your own. I find it blatantly disrespectful to target in on someone and tell them what they know to be true wrong just because you feel it is. CLEARLY this question is a subjective matter.

        Thankfully Carol has also chosen not to dignify your replies and insults ("Whatever education you may have, you have demonstrated that you failed to use your logical rational mind to see the delusion of the myth of "one true god").

        Think about re-directing your thoughts in a more appopriate forum.

        That is all I have to say.
        • Oct 27 2011: Nicely said Louise and very to the point of this discussion.
        • Oct 27 2011: Louise,

          Please read the opening statement again. It said, "We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists".

          What I have done is in the spirit of discussion.

          As for my list, I don't have one. Life experience cannot be listed as 10 "truths". I am yet to see any evidence that there is any "truth" in all the lists. Yes, many posters have put up insightful viewpoints and I am learning and taking notes. However, delusion are plentiful too.

          The fact that Carol's list has 6 "thumb ups" so far reflects either the feeling that she was a victim of my dissection or that delusion is widespread. So far I have only focused on the last one the list. Here is my full dissection.

          re: 1

          Carol is lucky to be born in the right place at the right place. Not everyone has loved and has been loved. About 30,000 children died of starvation everyday. Are these children loved?

          re: 2

          We have valued our own life too much. Life in fact is cheap. See how political leaders are willing to send other people's children into war, but not their own. Letting 30,000 children die of hunger everyday also illustrates how cheap life is. By placing our own life too high, we lost our compassion to our fellow human being.

          re: 3

          Yes, our biological need is to reproduce. But are we too successful as we shall have the 7 billionth child by the end of this month? My wife and I together have one child. That's more than enough.

          re: 4 - totally agree.

          re: 5

          I suggest if there is another chance of rebirth, try being born at the wrong time at the wrong place. You won't feel so lucky.

          re; 6, 7 and 8 - agree. Laughing is also good for the physical health too. Laughing loudly helps in oxygenation.

          re: 9

          I agree life is short. Human existence is only about 100,000 to 200,000 years out of 4.5 billion years of Earth's existence. While we are here, try not to damage the environment too much and leave a better place for the future.


          I have said too much already.
    • Oct 27 2011: Carol, I love your list!!! Although it is different than mine, I would have had about the same list too, so basically your and mine would be my Top 20!
    • Oct 27 2011: Carol
      I like your list a lot. Thank you.
      • Oct 27 2011: THanks Micheal!
  • Oct 24 2011: 1. Sit in stillness. Stop moving, stop doing, stop planning and living in the future. You can sit on a cushion or sit in a chair.

    2. Go outside and feel the wind on your face, smell the fresh air, and connect with nature. If it’s possible, lie in the grass, stare at the sky, and listen to the birds. Feel your heart open.

    3. Connect with another person, smile, and make eye contact. If you observe yourself becoming judgmental or critical, try to see that person as another human being struggling to be happy, just like you.

    4. If you have pets, connect with them through touch. Feel their affection. We can communicate with them and learn from them about how to stay in the moment.

    5. Tune in to your body, let it move, and feed it well. Practice awareness of your senses. Feel what you are touching, listen to the sounds around you, and smell what’s cooking.

    6. Breathe deeply. Count your breaths to 21 when you are driving in your car. Calm down and stay present. Repeat.

    7. Write, draw, paint, journal, or listen to music. Creating something beautiful or meaningful will help you focus and allow flow.

    8. Take pictures with your phone or camera. I have learned that if I see a shot and run for the camera that frequently the moment will have disappeared. Sometimes I am lucky enough to capture a magical moment in time.

    9. Give love to yourself and others. As you become aware of the negative self-talk in your mind, you can work towards becoming gentle with yourself. Practicing loving-kindness towards others will help you turn the love inward as well. Treat your family and friends with care and tenderness. Be considerate of their needs and listen closely to what they have to say.

    10. Accept things the way they are. It will give you a sense of freedom. Resistance causes suffering.

    Refrain from zombie behavior: Please stop to think, reflect. Don't let your phone decide who you should marry or worse... marry your phone? Love people and use things, not the other way around!
    • thumb
      Oct 24 2011: I really appreciate the way your shared your truths. You come across as very conscious of experiencing and practicing in the present moment. I have been preoccupied with the thought that, yes, I have truths but my life is about how I practice these truths. To me this means how I express these truths in what I think, say and do. I believe that experience is crucial and there are practices/ways to enhance, calibrate and appreciate these experiences.PLAY is an important element of my practices.
      • Oct 24 2011: Thanks, I am trying to learn how to breath right by doing what Osho recommends. Starting with breath, if we only pay attention and introduce intent in every moment. I feel my main job here is to create my life intentionally. When I really focus in I find that things taste better, feelings more intense and enjoyable, things are more vibrant looking, we control our experience just by thinking about what we want instead of what we don't! Yes its all about PLAY.
        "Where are you? Here.
        What time is it? Now.
        What are you? This moment"
        • thumb
          Oct 25 2011: I appreciate both of you.
          You are both already "practicing" your thoughts when you are writing it down !
          And to me ,
          you trigger me to think:
          Everyone has his/her set of language , to convey the "basic life belief"
          BELIEF ,is not a belief.
          that's why we cannot accept another people's belief in their language.
          (where i mean language , is not meaning languages among different countries)
        • Oct 27 2011: Choi Kwan,

          BELIEF is unsupported acceptance of something. One can have belief, but one should not communicate one's belief to strangers. Most of the time, such an action would be laughed at - and should be laughed at.

          If you like Osho, try Laozi (and read Tao De Ching,道德經) instead. At least the principles within 道德經 has been put in use for over 2000 years.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: these aren't truths, their commands
      • Oct 26 2011: I agree, I have shared the truths earlier... here they are for you:
        1. Listen to your body's wisdom.
        2. Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have.
        3. Take time to be silent, to meditate - It is the methodology of awareness. By living in the moment, you are already practicing active meditation thereby relinquishing the need for external approval, that we earthlings crave.
        4. Relinquish your need for external approval - happens automatically
        5. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself. it is a defense mechanism and you are defending your ego and a response to old hurts. By not reacting with anger, you will start healing yourself and cooperating with the flow of energy.
        6. Know that the world "out there" reflects your reality "in here"
        7. Shed the burden of judgement.
        8. Don't contaminate your body with toxins, either food, drink, or toxic emotions.
        9. Replace 'fear'-motivated behavior with 'love'-motivated behavior.
        10. Understand that the physical world is just a mirror of a deeper intelligence
        • Oct 27 2011: re:1

          One's body does not have wisdom. it is a collection of molecules interchanging with the environment. However as a collection, it is also a living organism. Life is about eating and be eaten. Once this fundamental basic need has been met, we can start learning and accumulating experience. If you are old enough, that accumulated experience may be called by some as "wisdom".


          I disagree. We should live for the future. Humanity is facing a huge ecological problem because TOO MANY of us were just concerned with living at the present and over utilized the capacity of mother Earth.

          re: 3

          Meditation can relax and that's all it can do. The Deepak likes to apply Quantum theory into his voodoo theory of cosmic conscienceness - which is just as evidenceless as the existence of god.


          We are social animal. Our deeds are judged by our peers and we cannot escape being judged. It is important to live in a way that you will not feel sorry in the future - live fair and square and as morally as the circumstance allows.

          re: 5

          I was a teacher. I can't help explaining my viewpoint. Reacting with anger is related one's own understanding and control. Learn to react calmly to *everything*. If someone has made a statement which you don't agree, if circumstance permits, say your objection with calm and reason. If both cannot agree, agree to disagree.

          re; 6 - another Deepak rubbish

          re: 7 - See my comment on 4 above.

          re: 8 and 9 - I agree.

          re: 10 - another Deepak crap.
    • Oct 27 2011: I feel you, especially #9. Never enough Love.
      • Oct 28 2011: Dear Michael E. Russell,
        Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect on the truths.

        1. What is meant by wisdom of the body?
        Our minds don't like to acknowledge that our bodies have a wisdom of their own. Whether we shudder at the idea of telepathy or praise the idea of transparency, we call it by various names like intuition, others call it ESP. It doesn't matter what we call it.

        Thats why we should trust a gut feeling, because it is actually a physical response to your subconscious mind weighing up all known factors and then making a decision. “Malcolm Gladwell”: in his book “Blink”: discusses how using thin slicing and gut feeling you can make just as good a decision, if not better than consciously seeking all relevant information.
        Each and every cell of our body has a consciousness, and that explains why we get addicted. Unlike your screen, we're not just a bunch of molecules :)

        2. Living in the moment does not mean taking more than you need, the universe has enough to fulfill all we need not all our greed. By living in the moment, I meant, centering your awareness on on the here and now (savoring). You are not worrying about the future or thinking about the past. The past and future are illusions, they don’t exist so if are to truly experience life, we need to be present intentionally to actually live.

        The worst part about living in the past or the future is that you’re giving up your personal power. If you’re not living now, you’re giving up your life. You’re surrendering your power to create. If there are changes you’d like to make in life, it’s best to do it now. If you’re living in the past, you can’t do anything about it, it’s gone. If you’re worrying about the future, you’re living somewhere that doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet. If you want to change your life, the only place you can do it is in the present. But first you need to accept life as it is
        • Oct 28 2011: Vivek,

          "Wisdom of the body" - I think we are into semantics here. At what level do we call something "responsive", "thinking", then "wisdom"? I acknowledge that some of our organs, say the heart, can beat by itself without guidance from our brain. Is that wisdom? Can we call our body having wisdom, or should we call our collective (body and brain together) as capable of having wisdom? Can our body think? Is the thinking done at the brain or at parts-level?

          If you have said we should listen to our intuition, instead using "wisdom of the body", I would have understood a little better, don't you think? Is there any difference between intuition and "wisdom of the body"?

          Should we listen solely on our intuition? Yes, our intuition - built via all the past life experience - can be a good guide for making most daily decisions. At certain level, it is totally inadequate because there is just no equivalent previous experience for the task at hand. The huge progress afforded by science in the past 200 to 300 years is the result of painstakingly removing personal bias, observational bias and application of strict logic deduction. Intuitively, we know that to put out a fire, we can put water onto the fire. However, if this intuition is applied to fire caused by burning oil, pouring water over the boiling oil will result in explosion and making the situation much worse. Intuition is useful only up to a certain point and we should not take it as all time truth.

          I agree, living in the moment does not imply living beyond our means. What has happened in the last 150 years is that a small fraction of the world's population is consuming disproportionate amount of world's resources and dumping a large amount of green house gas into the atmosphere which every human being share. It would be a hard thing to link the mentality of living at the moment with such irresponsible deeds. ...

          - to be cont'd
        • Oct 28 2011: Living in the moment once a while is good, but a mentality of ignoring the future, over-indulge of the moment's satisfaction, never learn from the past and never consider the future consequences are not good guidelines for proper living. Don't we want to leave a better place for our children and grand children?

          I cannot agree that living with an eye into future is giving up one's power. There are choices to make and there are consequences with the choices. Ignoring any consequences and blindly pick choices which satisfy a moment's sense of power is hardly a good recommendation. Yes, there is a lot of chances and unexpected events in the future, because of these, we do not plan for future? Is that a guideline for living?

          Can we live in the past? No, we cannot. We have already lived the past and there were past actions which affect current choices and there are past burdens which we need to carry onwards until the day we die. Past is the foundation of intuition which you treasure so much. Without the past experience, you would not have the intuition. Time is a one way street, you can look back, but you cannot go back. You can only move forward, at the pace determined by time, you cannot jump forward too.
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: 1. The only constant is change.
    2. What you see in the world is dependent on how you feel.
    3. Afflictive emotions beget afflictive results.
    4. You only get what you put into something and always expect more.
    5. Intentions good or bad are irrelevant to actions.
    6. Belief and Faith are founded in ignorance
    7. Definites cannot work in the infinite. The concept of dualism is false.
    8. Given enough time any individual can surprise you.
    9. The past and future are illusions of what may be the present is where we are.
    10. I am wrong and strive to learn more.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: I really liked your 4,5,6, & 7. ...but especially 6.

      I would say it this way:
      6 Faith and belief are both founded in superstition that is founded in ignorance and fear.
      • Oct 25 2011: Hey, if it's okay to add, I would like to.
        I'm guessing you are referring to religious belief and faith but I'd like to put in
        a little twist of mine, if you don't mind.

        When we build a bridge, we build it using sound building theory, what has been done,
        tested and proven, but when we cross it, we cross it in faith, that it will not fall. If we don't respect the Law of Gravity, that which we cannot touch or see, then we will suffer the wrath of the Law, not the wrath of the Lord.
        I don't believe in God and I am not an atheist.
        I call myself a "faitheist" because I believe in what I know.
        But, what I know, will also change because of that which I do not know, until I do know.

        Can't seem to get away from either. To actually not believe in anything is foolish.
        Not saying this is who or what you are, by the way.
        But, faith becomes blind if it isn't grounded in what one knows. To me blind faith is then akin to believing in the manner those who call people "atheists", think they believe in. That is what they know. So if one believes in god then one must believe in the same thing a so-called atheist believes in: What they know, what's been proven.

        I think hope is the most believed in concept in the world and hope, by definition is false.
        Even if one does not agree with the definition or found one that supported their belief in it, the
        act of hoping itself is proof that one doesn't know. That is why they hope.

        I have asked so many, "do you think there is a god?" The most common answer I have gotten:
        "Well, I hope so!" So, I'm guessing they really don't. They only have a blind faith. It's really hard making ones way around if they are blind. If Jesus existed and healed, then perhaps that is the blindness he healed. The inner blindness of believing in things that are false.

        I do believe in Zeus. In fact, a friend walked over while we were talking. He said, "who's that?
        "Oh, that's my friend," so I called to him, "Hey Zeus, c'mere." My friend thought I said Jesus.
        • thumb
          Oct 25 2011: I know how you feel.
          For one. They say god is everything and god is eternal. But if god is everything and god is one then god much ultimately be alone.
          If god is eternal then god is without purpose. Purpose by definition implies a conclusion. An ending. How can infinity have purpose.

          So why go on? Why did Van Gogh paint? He saw no purpose yet he never stopped. A painter doesn't paint because he wants to finish. He paints because he can create. Creation is the only true face of god. It is endlessly without purpose yet infinitely beautiful.

          So god as well as life comes down to a choice. Choose to be happy and create beauty or sulk and rot into nothingness. These are the only 2 choices. Endure and create a meaning or don't. The text is very true here. We truly are created in gods image... or is it the other way around?
        • thumb
          Oct 25 2011: Well I am speaking from a literal sense.
          1 Hope;the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best: to give up hope.
          2 Faith;belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.
          3 Ignorance; the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

          Where i see the misconception is the human ability to infer I mean nothing beyond my statement. Also i cross a bridge knowing the structure and the materials and of the law of gravity. I seek to know and understand including within myself. I look into my self with the same approach. I ask what do i know of myself? What do i not know? Within what i see as the "laws cause and effect." So I do not believe in anything. I understand or do not. I have no Faith in that I would not cross a bridge without knowing what it is.

          I will tell a short story.
          Growing up in Orlando, Fl i ran with a "rough" crowd and one day at a house party the topic of faith came up and a guy pulled a revolver out removed all but one round spun and said "I have faith." Needless to say he is in a wheelchair and is missing 30% of his jaw. Hypothetically If i where to do the same thing i would look in the chamber before pulling the trigger. Knowing it would not fire.

          Also for myself I do not have Faith in God or believe in God. I seek to experience God.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: Belief an faith are founded in ignorance... what a tricky thing to say... What a wonderful truth is hidden in there...
    • Oct 23 2011: Love the reality of #1. My #11 truth would be all change is good change.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: Colton I have a feeling you're interested in physics. If you haven't read it already, I recommend taking a look at Brian Greene's "Elegant Universe."
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I am a quarter way through it. I just keep picking up to many books i am reading three right now including "Elegant Universe."
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: 5. Intentions good or bad are irrelevant to actions.

      Intention directs and informs volitional action (behaviour.)

      5. Intentions good or bad are irrelevant to outcomes (consequences) of action.
    • thumb
      Oct 25 2011: Belief an faith are founded in ignorance is only half true. It is also found in hope.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: What you see in the world is what it is, how you react to it is dependent upon how you feel.
      I've run 30 miles and felt good, but there were still blisters on my feet.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. Truth exists.
    2. An idea is worth a dollar, a strategy is worth millions.
    3. The universe is governed by Truth. We can discover as much as we have time to explore.
    4. Biographies are written about those who have overcome their limitations, critics, and imposed restraints.
    5. Wisdom is learned either through pain or by mentors. I suggest mentors.
    6. Foolishness is repeating the action which caused pain.
    7. The Earth's currency is Seed - Time - Harvest. This one principle defeats fatalism.
    8. Your world is only as big as the trails that you run.
    9. Never underestimate the destructive power of simple-minded men.
    10. Man rarely lives up to the dignity of his potential.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: 2 is a lesson wish I'd learned a while ago.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I learned this the hard way. I had an idea for a book which I didn't write, someone else did and sold 5 million copies.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: I learned it quick, but was slow to accept it. For me, thinking is easy, doing, not so much.

          A while back I thought, "I wish someone had told me that when I was younger." But I realize, looking back, I probably wouldn't have listened.

          If you're interested, here's something I wrote recently on the subject of ideas not pursued.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: Write a better book.

          What was the book?
    • Oct 23 2011: re:3

      Biographies tell one side of a story - the darker side is usually missing. :-)
  • Nov 2 2011: 1. The more I'm convinced that I'm right and someone else is wrong, the harder I should look at the problem.
    2. Money is a crummy measure of anything.
    3. People don't fundamentally change, but my understanding of them does.
    4. "Right" is not the same as "better."
    5. Stuff you made is more satisfying to use than stuff you bought.
    6. When people say "no," it's usually out of fear.
    7. You can have anything you want, as long as you're willing to work hard enough and sacrifice enough for it.
    8. Sacrificing your values, your morals and your family for something like money makes me want it a lot less.
    9. My parents did the best they could with the resources they had, and they always loved me.
    10. The worst-case scenario almost never happens.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Hi Lise, I liked a lot 5 & 8. thanks.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: #1: yes!
      #3: yes!
      #4: yes!
      #6: i'm not so sure...
      #7: I don't agree: it doesn't always depend only on us what we want
      #10: it happens!
      • Nov 3 2011: Giusi,
        Thanks for your reply!
        And while I know that worst-case scenarios do happen sometimes, they usually don't. My thought is that too many people don't do things because they're afraid - they come up with the worst possible outcome and use it as an excuse not to act. Like "If I ask this pretty girl out on a date, she may become so insulted that she stabs me in the eye with a pencil and I'm blinded and lose my job and die of starvation." Sure, that's in the realm of physical possibility, but it's so unlikely that it's silly not to ask her!
        • thumb
          Nov 4 2011: Hi Lise. Yes, you are right that there are people who do not act because they are not so 'brave' to face reality/situations because they consider the possible scenarios and the only ones they see is the worst one...(I met some people thinking like that) but it is also true that some other times our instinct tells us the worst scenario and it comes true!
        • thumb
          Nov 4 2011: Hey Lise,
          Nice thoughts,Bt i too Agree With GIUSI somewhat ,You are although right cause of the selection of words.
          Point6:When people say "no," it's usually out of fear. (usually very rihtly used .. :))
          Might be true for yes.When people say "YES," it's usually out of fear.
          90% of the times I don't think it would be fear for which I say "NO". I normally say "YES" because of fear of hurting someone and "NO" only if I am sure I cannot afford it or otherwise.I feel PPL find it difficult to say "NO" mostly of the fear of hurting someone.Somewhat opposite to what you have said.But yes you are right in your own way.

          Point 10 : I actualy do belive in worst case scenarios and preparing for it. But yes after reading your reply I kind of get it what you wanted to tell.It was more of like "People are reluctant or back out to do something because of the fear of the worse" which generally happens.

          5th and 8th are really good points.
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: dear Lisa,

      I agree on 1,5,8,9
      10 does occur, I experienced myself at home.
      6: can a 'no' not be out of experience or wisdom? that's my experience

      sharing life is multiplying life...

      • Nov 4 2011: Thanks!

        I find it interesting that a several people disagree with both 6 & 10, but I'm realizing that right now, they are both related to my own experience. I have a daughter and I'm going through a tough custody argument with my ex-husband. I've been in negotiation situations like this before, and when two people are negotiating over something as emotionally-charged as a child, people let fear rule their thinking processes. If I say to my ex "can you give in on this point," he automatically says "no" because he's afraid that conceding a point is the same as giving up rights to his daughter.

        The same principle works, though, with any emotionally-charged subject. Look at the Occupy Wall Street movement. The bankers who have been manipulating the system since banking deregulation went into effect are automatically shouting "no" every time someone in power so much as whispers that perhaps more banking regulations would be a good thing.
        • thumb
          Nov 4 2011: I agree on your point of argument: emotional - charged 'no' is very often (always?) out of fear.
          The 'no' I meant is without emotional charging, people saying 'no' in pure calmness, often act out of wisdom and don't fear to loose anything with that 'no'. The 'no' is just an expression of their inner wisdom.
          Wish you wisdom and the right words in your ex-negotiation
  • thumb
    Oct 28 2011: 1. I know I do not know a lot
    2. (Existentially) I know we do not know a lot.
    3. There is no self without relations
    4. Humans perform patternicity too well.
    5. Beauty does not necessarily mean "good."
    6. Everything truly is interconnected
    7. You learn from death far more than life.
    8. You will learn more in life than death.
    9. If there is one greater being or creator, we have to be concerned about ourselves (others) first, because praying for things to change and not trying to change them is stupid.
    9.a. "Be the change that you want to see in the world - dictating your want is not changing anything."
    10. Attachments make us human beings (emotional robots), especially if we are only attached to ourselves.
    • Oct 28 2011: Nicholas
      I really like #3. We need others.

      6 is also true, go see my list down below somewhere! I believe the same thing.
      • thumb
        Oct 28 2011: We don't "need" others per-say, we use them, and after enough usage reliance is created to make the delusion of "need."
        • Oct 31 2011: Nah, I don't think so. There is always a need, not just use for people. They are not objects, but real live relationships.
        • thumb
          Nov 6 2011: The worst punishment even for socipaths is solitary confinement. We all need others or we would all go insane.
        • Nov 10 2011: Solitary confinement takes away your connection to everything. When you say we need others do you mean people? I'm with Nicholas. I think we just use. Not to say that we are consciously all using each other because that would be a bit sick. I think there are people that function fine alone out in the wilderness. It is assumed that they are crazy when they interact with us because they are not indoctrinated into our way of thinking.
        • thumb
          Nov 18 2011: People take for granted the discovery that a loved one has cancer or some other terrible illness and they remain true to them.

          However, there is nothing like being betrayed by someone you love. That's when you discover that you are not using them. That you cannot turn your back on them. That their betrayal came from psychological immaturity, which is merely another kind of illness. That's when you discover how helpless you are. That is, IF they know empathy. If they don't, perhaps you can let go of them.

          Use someone you love? It can't happen, I think.
        • thumb
          Nov 20 2011: WOW!

          If you really live in a world where you really believe that all relationships are about 'using' others it really illuminates many of your opinions on other TED questions for me. I suggest you look at the 'Hare Checklist of Psychopathy' and take a measurement.

          @Phillip Beaver. An interesting fact revealed by studies is that women tend to stay with and care for their loved ones when they get cancer and that many men cannot face it and leave. I have lived this but I am impressed and touched when love surmounts such things. I am heartened by your absolute conviction which is evident in your final statement above. 'Use someone you love? It can't happen, I think". I agree but maybe we need to add the word "truly" before love.
      • thumb
        Oct 31 2011: Just people you consciously dictate they are not objects does not mean your mind treats them anymore than that.

        Edited: Debra,

        Obviously you didn't continue to read down the conversation and made an abrupt assumption based off on terminology and not overall argument. "There is no self without relations" you can't have an identity without the environments you take from, copy from and/or use from throughout your life.

        It's really obvious you didn't read my last comment on this thread of comments. Which is surprising from you, seeing as you enjoy being so wholesome, you would investigate more prior to making such a conclusion.

        But to address this proposal of yours; pure psychopathy is rare, but everyone has some of the traits on that list, depending on how sever is individualistic. Animals need to be selfish, manipulative, tricky and/or enraged to survive. Studies in the "Big 5 Personality Traits" prove that animals have similar natural behaviors as we do, but at lower degrees. Which makes the debate of "nature vs. nurture" require different principles than the debate traditionally has going for it, because if we think we are working/thinking outside of nature, that is when we are deluded in reality and will make error. My point being, if you can't see how you use others, you probably can't see how they use you either.
        • Oct 31 2011: I have to disagree with that. Relationship changes me and opens me up to people as humans, not as objects.
      • thumb
        Oct 31 2011: Again, conscious perception not in alignment with our biological mechanisms.
        • Nov 1 2011: Biology is not everything. DNA makes me but does not determine me. Physical needs and wants are part of my life, but they do not determine who you are as a person, nor who I am. The whole being is much greater than the sum of its parts.
      • thumb
        Nov 1 2011: Holism indeed is the best way to look at the human spirit, but today more than ever we can see that if "this" is affected "that" is effected.

        In fact when you are in love it is now recorded to drive down fear, social accessibility and overall critical thinking. So this connection you are conscious of is doing things you are unconscious of, creating the delusion you are in control. No, your body's natural instincts to want "love" make you seek it, which isn't bad, but you "want" it far more than you "need" it.

        You "need" food, shelter, warmth and nutrition to survive. The rest is extra and usually corrupts natural thinking. Yes, family can easily corrupt generational educations; happens constantly.
        • Nov 2 2011: Forget the neurological. People do need one another. It is fine to research what "love" does to the body, but would it surprise you that love can also spur on critical thinking? It isn't a delusion you are dealing with but a person.
      • thumb
        Nov 5 2011: "What is love?" Is a question thought enough about devalues the existential meaning if done in a mono pursuit. The idea of loving only those who are close to you, those whom inspire you and/or anyone who leaves positive emotions is the path humans follow naturally. So what we what we "love" is truly an irrationality. How many teens say "i love you" to a young love?

        Now let's introduce critical thinking; "the art of being right" (italicize - right).

        Ask anyone why they love something, it will include the following; A. Just because B. These qualities C. The selected memorable events and/or D. The emotional/spiritual connection

        Now you (a male) gives me the answer of B followed by D, C, A.

        I consider you are actually "in love" - you care about this woman, in fact you would kill for this woman. A high level of love; devotion, loyalty, emotional (intra-)conscientious, rate of growth in relationships, friendship, trust... A lot of contributing factors.

        Now you settled, you are in love. You will critically think in that direction. You will focus on being devoted, loyal, aware of her needs/wants, changing for her and again overall working at the relationship - continuing the pursuit to "love."

        Yeah, you are right it makes you critical think but not in generalities, not in broad terms that are useful for the everyday situations that does involve heart ache, attachments, attachment-issues, etc. It is easier to love one that is it to love everyone equally. That takes a lot more critical thinking to connect the world and to be altruistic(-like) towards life, than it is to love an individual.

        People need one another in the sense of self identity, in the sense we need to reflect ourselves onto others in order to know who we really are... So existentially the reasons behind your love is the reason behind all of your relationships. Your wanted details were already patterned with others.

        We but an organic robot. Nature vs. Nurture; nature always starts debates.
        • thumb
          Nov 6 2011: "What is love?"
          Of that which is desired we say we love it but that isn't love, it is our wish for love, more precise, to be loved.

          From those experiences love has to grow inside, not to get it but to give like parents do their children.

          If most desires vanish peace enters. Love grows in appreciation for all we see is to be loved. Then we no longer love this or that (one) but we love everything and all.
          Love has become a force that shuts nothing out, that desires nothing and resides inside as an unshakable peace. In this love nothing is needed, fear is no more, no place left to go to and all is well.

          Young people have to learn, learn to love themselves. Parents learn to give, learn to put another one first. This brings understanding and ultimately peace.
        • thumb
          Nov 19 2011: I don't understandn what I'm reading and am struggling for a way to share, and just this moment, this is what I'm thinking:

          I control my breakfast, my lunch, and my dinner.
          I control my medicines.
          At the fitness center, I control: my weights, my breath, my pace, my time.
          In my car, I control my speed, my use of traffic signals.
          I control what I read and what I write.
          I control my hygiene. But maybe not my spelling.
          I control how I dress.
          I control maintenance of our home.
          I control the funerals I attend but not the weddings.
          I accept/reject entertianment invitations from friends.
          I control the contributions I make.
          I control my IRA decisions.
          I cannot control my love for my spouse. All she has to do is sigh, and I am out of my chair, asking, "What's wrong! What can I do?" All I have to do is turn a corner and see her and my heart leaps out of my chest and my breath comes quicker. I look up and see her face and start singing, "I've Got a Crush on You," even though I can't sing. I look a flowers she's cut and a poem leaps in my brain--sometimes I write it.

          She is the most independent person I know. She controls me.
        • thumb
          Nov 21 2011: Nicholas,

          Reading your responses I'm reminded of Heidegger; not sure if you are influenced by him.

          I understand completely the context in which you view need in relation to cultural constructions, which at their heart, I see as mechanisms developed to assuage both the realities and fears of survival. Love is one such development. Reason, another. But to acknowledge the needs of food, shelter, and warmth, and not the 'others' who fed you, sheltered you, and kept you warm while you were yet prone is a conclusion that many philosophers are too comfortable making. I welcome a response that can tell me how 'use' of these others, as you have characterized it, is not also a cultural construction that ignores a biological need of others. Words are always problematic when we want to discuss a non-verbal reality. Definitions of use and need are null. But I do know that you would not be here today to engage in this conversation had your mother and/or father left you exposed to the elements at birth; no amount of instinct could save you.

          So, yes, there is no "self" without relation; but there is also no body without nourishment.
      • thumb
        Nov 19 2011: You use them, unconsciously in mimesis, in the hierarchy of needs, and overall to survive and create an identity. That is the usage. "Use" not necessarily meaning; taking advantage of, manipulating, and/or being a leech... however unconsciously people do this also, some personalities do it naturally. What is personality is problematic and I reject Jung's general profiles. They are not efficient enough to handle both the developing and types of personalities that create an individuals one persona/person. How much we use someone else is not determined by you, it is determined by your random personalities/personality. Without a series of meditations and self actualization processes, you will have no control over that nature, no matter the nurturing. That being said.

        Love is tricky Mr. Beaver.

        As much as I would like to think I know neurologically about the brain on love, the literature/poetry and the philosophy of "love." I admit I know nothing, I to love a girl very much and all my reason, logic and common sense wither down and me away into me being a child. I can tell you that I am in love and I share this condition with you. But, I cannot say "we do not use our loved ones for love."
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: i like #2 and 3
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: What do I know to be true? Off the top of my head [I may edit later!] here goes:

    1) I know I need to make a distinction between "know" and "know about."
    2) I know I exist.
    3) I know any story I can tell is only a story (even if it is "about" the truth.)
    4) I know we (humans) have a tendency to think our stories are true. (And we often think they are more important even than life.)
    5) I know we all die.
    6) I know that as long as I live there will be more to learn.
    7) I know trying to live up to an ideal is a compromise.
    8) I know "that which is true" does not need to be defended nor does it need to be explained.
    9) I know gratitude.
    10) I know.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: I like #8, but maybe "that which is true" does need to be defended, in a way. I mean, if we want to share what we believe is true (& the rest of this comment hinges on that "if), we need to communicate it somehow, and enmeshed with that communication IS the defense. The defense is implied, I think. And if someone doesn't understand it, we can't just leave it there, misunderstood, or at least I can't. I find myself saying, "Here's this thing I think is true. If you don't see it right off, then maybe I can explain what I see in it, and maybe then you'll see it, too."
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: Hi Rachel,

        When I chose the word defend, I was using it in it's more aggressive sense, as in, "fight for" - fight for something we assert to be true (fight either verbally or physically)

        If we use the word to mean "clarify" or "elucidate," then we are in agreement.
      • Oct 23 2011: Rachel,
        explaining something why is true, does not make it more true.
  • thumb

    Tania M

    • +5
    Nov 5 2011: 1. It's essential to be honest with yourself.
    2. Morality is relative, cowardice is not.
    3. One can learn new things every moment.
    4. Hard times can teach a lot.
    5. Never to give up even if you feel like doing so.
    6. Good personal connection with another person is a matter of reciprocal appreciation.
    7. Death is an event with 100% probability, so better make the best of each day we have.
    8. Simple things can bring happiness.
    9. Sometimes purpose does not justify the means.
    10. We can be free only if ready to sacrifice something for it.
    • thumb
      Nov 5 2011: Is it essential to always be honest with yourself? I believe that total and complete honesty with yourself would be too much to bear... I believe we actually have a protective mechanism for preventing ourselves from being honest all the time.
      • thumb
        Nov 5 2011: I agree with Jim,

        I try to practice self-actualization and only recently found that it is always a practice, you will never fully realize yourself.

        Only those whom can find light in the seemingly most dark moments should want to focus on self-truth.

        Reality is cold, harsh and neutral. Perceived realities are always being controlled by neuro-stimuli's that are so cognitively clouded, they appear not to exist. Cognitive biases.

        Idealism is a needed practice because pure nihilism is grim. Need to be optimistic, and that requires you to lie to yourself. "I can do this, I can do this... I know I can do this" It is why athletes have superstitions and rituals, because they believe they can't do "it" without them. But truly they do not, they do not need a rabbit foot, they need the placebo (the self created one). The self lie is necessary to achieve in competition and competition is something that everyone pursues. Even if the competition is to be the one not competing the most.


        2. Cowardice is also relative. Retreating from combat is as tactful as charging head on.

        9. I am confused on!

        But the rest are great! Especially 10.
        • thumb

          Tania M

          • +1
          Nov 5 2011: Nicholas thanks for your comments.
          Self-actualization is a long and ongoing practice. It takes time and effort to accept who you are. Sometimes we can discover that we exact match of what we considered as *I will never-ever do it in my life * at the age of 18. Idealism and nihilism are too extremes that make the world look only black/white. One does not really need to choose between those two extremes, for the reality is more complex – it has a number of shades, nuances and half-nuances. All that makes the reality even more exciting, I guess.
          Cowardice to me means absence of attempt to overcome own fears and prejudices.
          9/Sometimes purpose does not justify the means: at times the efforts applied for achieving some goals come out not to be commensurate to those goals. Is it clearer that way?
        • thumb
          Nov 6 2011: Nihilism is not necessarily grim. This is an arbitrary value assignment. It would appear that as a result of our physiologically machinated behavioral patterns, Nihilism is bound to feel negative, and therefore linguistically labeled as negative as a result of the associated feelings; however, this does not mean that Nihilism is intrinsically grim outside of a contextual and relative dependency.

          In reference to self-actualization, it appears to me that self actualization is an impossibility if approached within realms of process. Is it not the very idea of actualization that keeps one from achieving the state as it is defined? For there to be a state of self actualization, there must be a state of non-actualization.

          From this point, one may move forward through reality attempting to experience situations that we arbitrarily define as valuable, which are subjectively indicative of an ever approaching achievement of self actualization.

          Yet, if it is our very mind which is defining the the way in which one experience is more valuable or actualizing than another, then ultimately it is empty outside of the human mind's value association.

          If these values associated with actualizing experiences are fundamentally dependent on feelings, which I would assume (given that self actualization would imply fulfillment, peace, or everlasting happiness etc., which can ultimately only be subjectively felt), then it is our very tendency to desire and value that prevents one from experiencing every moment of existence as equally actualizing and fulfilling.

          In conclusion, would being self actualized be anything else but the simple acceptance of reality as it is in any given form of space and at any moment of time without arbitrary value assigned to the experience?
        • thumb
          Nov 6 2011: Guillermo, to me self-actualization means a process, not a state, therefore *self-actualized* notion is non-attainable per se. Of course, everybody's perception (as well as values) is biased and relative, and, of course, there is no universal truth. And by the way, human language by itself is an arbitrary invention which often fails to meet its objective, e.g. to translate ideas of one person to the other in the same way he/she sees those ideas.
        • thumb
          Nov 7 2011: .
          Greetings Earthling,
          Everyone should be an optimist, a cynic, a pessemist and a realist. Always hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and do your best to always accurately access your real chances of succeeding and failing. Weight the consequences of failing against the potential gains. But never gamble unless you are able to deal with the worst case scenerio.
      • thumb

        Tania M

        • +1
        Nov 5 2011: Thanks for the comment, Jim. I can't agree with you for a very simple reason: to be honest with yourself means that you're able to accept own weaknesses and strengths. If you’re not completely honest with yourself and deny your weaknesses then you can’t work on improving them. That kind of self-protection which you’re writing about reminds me of hiding one’s head in the sand, like an ostrich. When we ignore a problem/weakness, it does not cease to exist, you know.
        • thumb
          Nov 5 2011: We may agree more than you think. I always strive to see things as they are and not deny myself the truth. .. But I don't actually think it's possible to be honest and truthful with myself all the time, not only because I am humanly not capable of it, but also because at any given moment the honesty and truth you are seeking is unattainable.
      • Nov 10 2011: Maybe that same mechanism is what leads everyone to religion.
    • Nov 7 2011: Tania
      I really like your #4 and #8. Hard is just hard, but does bring rewards. I so want right now in my life to get to the point that the simple lifestyle and simple things really bring me the ultimate joy.
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: Re No 1, For about a decade I have written, "When it comes to the universal questions, it is important to admit to yourself, 'I don't know.'"

      However, just last Sunday, I saw a friend I had not seen in 3.5 years, and he asked, "What's your current thinking about whether God exists or not?" I answered, "I don't know. But, I tend to think not."

      My friend said, "That's a change. Before, you were satisfied with 'I don't know.'"

      I immediatley saw my contradiction, and said, "Thank you, Cleve. I needed that."

      The story relates to your No. 6. I need people like Cleve. Many friends cannot even brook the conversation.

      Thank you for a great list.

  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. We are all perfect expressions of our DNA.
    2. We are all connected.
    3. The only "thing" that differentiates "all things" is DNA sequencing.
    4. The only constant in Computer Science is that it constantly changes.
    5. We are NOT born to be cogs in the economic wheels of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism or any other economy "ism".
    6. Forgiveness is a powerful agent of human healing.
    7. TED is a source of illumination.
    8. Being yourself makes others uncomfortable.
    9. When one enters Cyberspace one creates a CyberSelf.
    10. Communicating isn't fault tolerant (i.e., error correcting).
    • Oct 22 2011: I'd like to hear more about number 10, "Communicating isn't fault tolerant"
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: I love your 1, 3, 8. :)
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: Hi Amanda,

      Do you consider DNA expression to be the same as predestiny? Or do you think it's responsible for generating our "blank canvas" that we paint on? (sorry about the cheesy analogy).
      • thumb
        Oct 22 2011: Hi Scott

        A very tricky question that I think needs more definition of the word destiny. My intuition tells me this question leads to numerous paradox.

        I have blue eyes and red hair. Clearly at the moment of conception I was destined to have the attributes blue eyes and red hair. From this example one might conclude DNA expressions are predestiny.

        When I was young, if I were exposed to extreme levels of sunlight I would get headaches. If I were to conclude that my blue eyed read hair DNA profile destines one to have headaches in extreme levels of sunlight I would be wrong. Today I put on sun glasses when exposed to extreme levels of sunlight (mostly when I ski) AND I don't have headaches THUS my DNA profile did not destine me to have headaches in extreme levels of sunlight. (one cheesy deserves another cheesy - LOL).

        In an attempt to zoom in on the question I suggest splitting the spectrum of DNA expressions into Attributes, Stimulus-Response and Behaviors.

        I think Attributes are destiny - At the moment of conception I was destined to express blue eyes and red hair.

        If we have the DNA profile that contains a particular stimulus-response type like getting a headache in extreme levels of sunlight - if you remove the stimulus you remove the response. So Stimulus-Response is probabilistic and I don't think "destiny" contains probabilities - hence there is no destiny with Stimulus-Response.

        Now the deeper question are we destined to behave a particular way?
        My intuition says no - too many variables - but I could be wrong.
        Is there a DNA profile that results in a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or a Serial Killer?

        So the answer to your question - I think destiny can only be assigned to DNA expressions of Attributes every thing else is a blank canvas.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: QUOTE: "8. Being yourself makes others uncomfortable."

      Unless being yourself means poking people with a stick, it is actually their reaction, to their unmet expectation of how you SHOULD be (in their company) that makes them uncomfortable.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: Good point Thomas, but either way, they feel discomfort.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: That's true.

          (Will we have to increase our lists to 11 to accommodate?)
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 10 things I know to be true :

    1)Love is powerful and eternal
    2)Most people would not believe #1
    3)Love grows beyond boundaries
    4)Greed kills us
    5)We are all the same (regardless of skin colour,race, belief etc)
    6)We have the right to believe in anything that we want
    7)We don't have the right to impose what we believe on other people
    8)Friends and family are truly important
    9)Hard work= success
    10)Whoever invented ice cream was a genius

    HAVE A NICE DAYY!!!! =)
  • thumb
    Nov 16 2011: 1. Success occurs when no one loses
    2. Adapt, adjust, review, then act
    3. What matters is generally ignored
    4. Your friends love you anyway
    5. Never forget how you got to where you are
    6. Never forget those who helped get you there
    7. Try not to confuse your career with your life
    8. Patience is not a provides mental clarity
    9. Taking yourself serious is serious
    10. Trust your gut...truth is deceiving
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: great advice
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: No. 3 is awesome. I responded "ignored/suppressed."
  • Nov 12 2011: 1 - keep up the maximum humility to get more recognition and advancement.
    2 - Never to leave an arrogant person without giving him something bad to remember.
    3- Spend all of your effort to do your job even if you know that nobody will recognize it.
    4- Work for your life that you will live for a century and work for your after life that you will die tomorrow.
    5- Any penny that you spend to help a poor person is a huge credit that you will gain cumulatively soon or after a while.
    6- When you feel that something wrong or evil is going to happen stop it by your hands and if not possible stop it by your words and if not possible stop it by wishing.
    7- Always remember that when you ease things for people you are serving, things will be done for you with ease.
    8- Don't go to sleep without blaming yourself about someone you harmed his feelings, even if by mistake.
    9- All peoples are equal and they know and tolerate each other.
    10- This is enough for today...:))
    • Nov 14 2011: Muhammad
      This is a great list. #3 is so simple, but so many people need to learn the lesson now! #5 is incredibly wise. #6 gives me hope if we can really embrace that truth. Thanks.
  • thumb
    Nov 10 2011: my 10s:

    1) The disaster of insecurity comes to attack your heart when: You're no longer innocent, and once in a while you suddenly realize you don't trust yourself.

    2) And then the prayer comes: "Please help me grow innocence in my older age, and let me trust myself again."

    3) And then, my inner voice said to me: "Hey, please believe in wonder."

    4) "You urge to change, then better re-discover the gut, and be not-be-wise-too-early."

    5) "Make a wish to change yourself, not to change the world."

    6) "Finally, I understand that letting-go is to un-attach to any negative energy you've been holding onto."

    7) then again, the struggle comes back, and say: "I don't want to be so wise too early now, I like the life having some holding-on.....coz that is the youth's thoughts."

    8) so, "Between the stage of young & old, you are lost."

    9) many people write 10 things of different subjects, whereas I find endless points revealing to be true within a chain of thoughts, so my 10 points here a co-related hints in a story.

    10) Final, but not least, "Everything will flow is a belief that u can witness, yet hard to not let-go that it's a truth."

    haha...struggle seems to be a through-out theme in above 10s.
    • Nov 14 2011: Stuggle is good if it helps you grow.
  • thumb
    Nov 5 2011: Here is my list, in no particular order... (actually more of a Saturday morning 2nd cup of coffee snapshot)

    1. A dog that barks at the moon knows something we don't

    2. Traveling by foot is better than any other way to travel

    5. Where the sea meets the lands is ever-changing

    9. Everything is comparable to everything else

    3. The story of the Tower of Babel is a good one

    8. Good storytelling in general is the most sophisticated of teaching tools

    7. There are as many separate realities as there are people

    6. Gardens are a great place to be.

    4. Ideas are the sperm of creation; we are the egg.

    10. How I love my coffee
    • Nov 7 2011: Ah Jim. So many good things here. #5 is so true and says a lot about the real world. #3. is interesting because it is a good story and does talk about our striving. 6. is definitely lovely. I love to watch things grow. 10 has not been mentioned in anyones list so you get a thumbs up for one of the deepest most satisfying truths in the whole world. I like it that you be non-sequential or maybe the rest of us are just catching up.
  • Nov 2 2011: 1. True friendships are priceless.
    2. Forgiving can be difficult but worth the peace of mind.
    3. People will show you who they truly are right away.
    4. Invest daily in your intellectual, physical and spiritual self.
    5. People and relationships are seasonal.
    6. Be slow to judge; we each are a sum of our experiences and circumstances.
    7. Being your true and complete self is the bravest thing one can achieve.
    8. Laughter and smiles are contagious and should be spread.
    9. Be kind, give generously and the universe will reciprocate exponentially.
    10. Judge all things by what it will cost you.
    • Nov 2 2011: Demetria
      I like #7 and that truth is about to launch me into a whole new world. Some call it bravery, some foolhardiness, I call it shear utter boldness.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Demetria, I loved your list.Thanks for sharing it.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: #3: I would like to add: "if your eyes are willing to see"
      • Nov 3 2011: That is so true and a great add. Thank you Giusi.
        • thumb
          Nov 4 2011: I remember someone once said that when a person tells you who they are and what their shortcomings are believe them.
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: Demetria,
      your #7 is a heart-trigger. Thank you.
      #4 where's the emotional aspect? I wonder...

      true wisdom re-vitalised by your list. Thank you.
      • Nov 4 2011: Thank you. I strive to be a more true and complete me daily. I link my emotional health to my spiritual health/investment. I will consider more investment in my emotional health as well.
        • thumb
          Nov 4 2011: I am also investing more into emotional health since it opens the heart-region
          Are U like me primarly spiritual-oriented? For me universal love was easy, but being emotional-balanced wasn't so easy along the way and my little daughter confronted me on many occasions that my emotions are not so free as I assumed they were... our children can lead us to ourselves.
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: No. 4. I understand motivation and inspiration, but do not undersatnd "spritual self."
      Please elaborate on that.

  • Oct 29 2011: 10 Things I Know to be True before I die

    1 Life is like the last three letters of the word life. It's "if" "e"

    2 The world doesn't go 'round and 'round. People do

    3 Having faith means not having to do anything or know the truth

    4 Disillusionment is the last illusion

    5 Having an edge is better than having something to take the edge off

    6 Everything is bullshit but some bullshit works better than my bullshit

    7 Politics: poli means many and tics are blood-sucking parasites

    8 Things don't "get done" because of money. Things "don't get done", ...because of money

    9 Pain is relative. A very close relative!

    10 Idiots! This was the Garden!
    • thumb
      Nov 13 2011: Outstanding!
    • Nov 14 2011: Random (may I call you that?)
      I loved your humor. I especially like your #'s 6 and 10. We all sling it sometimes, some is definitely more worthy of it. Yeah this is the garden, we can get some of it back.
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: I love #s 6 and 7
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: i feel a strange affinity...and i like germany,deautchland in fact
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I'm interested in your reaction to my thought on No. 3.

      Taking "faith" to mean trust in and commitment to something, and taking reality as the object of faith, you must do the work to achieve understanding.
    • thumb

      . .

      • 0
      Nov 19 2011: Random Chance !! Beautiful. I like it.
      "Having faith means not having to do anything or know" everything.
      This flows better for me :-) :-)
  • Comment deleted

    • Oct 26 2011: Nice Ed.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: Yeah, Ed, I think you nailed it. but, ummmmm, got any examples of absolute truth?
    • thumb
      Oct 27 2011: I am reminded of Steve Martin who said that he studied just enough philosophy in college to screw him up for the rest of his life.
  • Oct 23 2011: What a great conversation. Thanks to everyone for sharing their top ten.

    1. There is positive and negative associated with everything
    2. When you stop learning, you stop living
    3. Compromise is the art of civilization
    4. Everyone is the same, everyone is different
    5. All software is late
    6. Listening is more important than speaking
    7. It is never too late to change
    8. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you – is a pretty good start
    9. Without food and shelter, everything else becomes meaningless
    10. Music is magic
    • Oct 25 2011: #5 - love it Dan
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: Positive and Negative are value judgments imposed by human perception, not actual characteristics of real things in the world.
      Music is emotion communicated.
      Death beats 7
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: So the truth may be that everyone has a positive to negative (or negative to positive, no bias implied) scale we apply to the world? I like that. That has far reaching implications.
        • thumb
          Oct 27 2011: I'm not sure what implications you refer to, but our perception can be more or less accurate depending upon many factors, like health, and colored by our experience or lack thereof. Best to keep an open mind.

          I think I made the point to argue against imposing human limits of perspective upon these truth statements, although looking at it now, this may imply a universal truth about human nature, that we are always making value judgments from a subjective position. That is important because the truths I'm looking for must not be limited to one group or cultural perspective, they should be independent of our individual perception, not mired within it.
    • Oct 27 2011: Ooh, ooh! Yeah totally! I am making "It's never too late to change" my number 11. And right on with the rest! Great post, thanks!
    • thumb
      Oct 27 2011: I wish I had said something about music or art in my list. This is a great list.
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: Ten Things I Know to Be True:

    1. Every person has the capacity to be a teacher and a student for every person.
    2. One of the most important lessons to learn is simply to pay attention.
    3. Complacency, like idle hands, is a play thing for the devil.
    4. Sartre was right in No Exit when Cradeau (Garcin) says, "Hell is just - other people," but the meaning of this is not as apparent as it first seems.
    5.While ignorance may be bliss to the ignorant, it is dangerous to others who are around.
    6. Even though our brains are hard-wired to keep us breathing, we should all put more focus and deliberate attention into this task every day,
    7.You can tell a lot about a person's value structures by watching them drive in traffic.
    8. There is no such thing as a bad book. (This does not make every book worth being read by every person.)
    9. Our culture treats time as a religion, but as in many ancients texts, much is lost in translation and interpretation.
    10. Simplicity is hard to come by, but well worth the complex struggle to get there.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: I totally agree with you on #7. The way a person drives in traffic tells you so much about the person. Are they cooperating with traffic for the welfare of everyone on the road, or competing with other cars to "come out ahead" of everyone else? Are they risking the lives of others on the road to get what they think they need to be happy about their place on the road? Are they bullying other drivers by tailgating? Are they disregarding speed limits because "everybody else is doing it," a kind of rebellious conformity? Do they go through red lights and stop signs because they believe the rules don't apply to them? Dangerous drivers are dangerous to other people in so many ways that transcends the traffic experience. I believe that lane weavers who speed and tailgate every car ahead of them are likely to be abusive and possibly violent in their personal relationships.
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. Listen to your body's wisdom.
    2. Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have.
    3. Take time to be silent, to meditate.
    4. Relinquish your need for external approval.
    5. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself.
    6. Know that the world "out there" reflects your reality "in here."
    7. Shed the burden of judgement.
    8. Don't contaminate your body with toxins, either food, drink, or toxic emotions.
    9. Replace 'fear'-motivated behavior with 'love'-motivated behavior.
    10. Understand that the physical world is just a mirror of a deeper intelligence
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: As I see it.

    1) The world is as it should be.
    2) The only thing we can change in the world is our way of seeing it.
    3) The whole universe depends on the existence of even the smallest thing in it.
    4) Love and light have no opposites only deficits.
    5) The only certainty there is is that nothing is sure.
    6) Trust is the only guarantee in life.
    7) The only goal in life is feeling good.
    8) Good feeling is the beacon that guides through life.
    9) Fear is the main cause of all evil.
    10) Self-importance leads to misery, compassion to joy.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: .
    1. People are always more good than bad if you give them a chance.
    2. Never stop learning. Education is the most empowering tool ever - the "great equalizer"
    3. Despite what Disney taught us, friendship is 10x more important than romance or passion.
    4. Nearly all my most cherished memories involve the little things - nothing events.
    5. The questions you ask can be more telling of your character than the answers you give, and can often teach you more too.
    6. The goal of being happy is good enough.
    7. If you take time, health and loved ones for granted, then you will learn that nothing lasts forever in a very devastating way.
    8. There is always growth and a certain beauty in pain.
    9. The most fulfilling and lasting happiness comes from making others happy.
    10. In the end, the relationships you've forged are what it's all about.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: Loved
      People are always more good than bad if you give them a chance.
      Nearly all my most cherished memories involve the little things - nothing events.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: I really love your list. Especially:
      Education is the most empowering tool
      The goal of being happy is good enough
      The questions you ask can be more telling of your character than the answers you give
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: "10 Things I Know to be True."
    1. Life is a continuous self-learning process, which is always about balance and unconditional love.
    2. It doesn't matter what happens to you, it does matter how you respond to it.
    3. Fear can make the smartest person do the stupidest thing.
    4. Parents are not always right. So, as children we are supposed to watch, learn, forgive and stand up for ourselves when it's needed.
    5. Like attracts like.
    6. Everything happens for a reason.
    7. It's your life, no need to rush, take your time to make the most of it.
    8. To heal the pain, don't run away from it. Instead, feel it and magnify it.
    9. Your energy turns into thoughts, feeling, words and actions which in turn create your life experiences.
    10. To be positive or negative, happy or unhappy, is just a choice to make. It is the choices we make that makes who we are.

    Love and Light,
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: 1.the one who isn't talking probably has the most interesting things to say
    2.give credit where credit is due
    3.chocolate is good for you
    4.there is nothing like waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking
    5.sometimes we have to state the obvious
    6.more is just...more
    7.human beings are resilient, we will survive
    8.where ever there is a vacuum, SOMETHING will come to fill it
    9.Love really is the answer
    10.Life is precious
    • Nov 18 2011: Sherrie
      I so agree with you on #4. There is something about that smell that is good and true.
      • thumb
        Nov 21 2011: when I was very small my grandmother would get up early to write an article for the local newspaper and then go out and feed the horses, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. After all of that she would come in and make breakfast for all of us still warm in our beds. The smell of coffee, bacon, biscuits and eggs wafting up through the stairwell was heaven; especially on a cold winter morning when the last thing I wanted to do was crawl out of my bed. Oh those days are forever emblazoned on my mind.
    • thumb

      . .

      • +1
      Nov 20 2011: Sherrie - I love your list - and agree with Michael M about " waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking"....mmmmmmm...I usually include Chocolate in my breakfast....and a quick bit on the way here and there ;-):-)
      What I love the most is : #9 " Love really is the answer " - again and again - yes.
      • thumb
        Nov 20 2011: Life is precious in every form that it manifests. Thanks for reminding us Sherrie!
      • thumb
        Nov 21 2011: the thing about chocolate that I LOVE is that it is a connection to the past, to the richness of history. It makes me think of times when society was moving at a much slower pace and to sit and enjoy a cup of chocolate was almost an art. To linger and taste the sensuous, powerful flavor pour over the tongue and then fill the stomach and the upward rush of mood, it must have been almost magical. And yes, life is so precious and fragile. It yields, as it must, to the stronger and more determined but that does not mean that it is weak or wasted. Life.....and living is at the top of my list actually :)
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I TOTALLY agree with #3. always always true
      #10 is hard to achieve and at times can not be true
      I know #1 is absolutely true but sounds a bit abstract bcz I think there is nothiing more selfish than love.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Nov 19 2011: absolutely nothing compares with the LOVE of the mother figure who bears the child for a cycle of 9 months then delivers it in pain and agony to this world to remind both herself and the baby that no true happiness ever awaits them after the extraordinary moment.
          dont want to seem pessimistic but ....
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Unfortunately #5 is true; but perhaps we could look at it as something good arising from something bad or a lesson learned.

      I'm not sure society would be able to function very well if we were honest all the time...
  • thumb
    Nov 16 2011: I registered on Ted just to be apart of this conversation.
    Here's my 10:
    1) Life is not fair.
    2) Death is only the beginning.
    3) Everyone we encounter comes from a different background and has a different story to tell.
    4) Religion is for people who need to be guided on how to act and how to live.
    5) As we grow older in years, it is tougher and tougher to find happiness.
    6) To see a change in this world, we must first change ourselves into what we want the world to change into.
    7) It is always greener on the other side, until we get there and look back and see how great we had it.
    8) Traveling opens your mind.
    9) An Idea can not bleed, have emotions, or die. A idea is a very powerful thing with the right people who believe in it.
    10) Humans are capable of achieving great feats. This is possible because of the powerful mind we all posses.
    I'm sure some oppose the things I've said, I'm sorry if I offended anyone but this is what I see in the world we live in today and what I believe to be true.
    • Nov 18 2011: I like your #4 Quoc. It made me stop and think.

      However, I was sad to see your #5. I'm finding that getting older is way more fun and interesting and joyful than I was lead to believe. I'm sorry if you're not experiencing that.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Welcome Quoc Doan! We are glad you are with us! Fascinating list!
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I definitely agree with #4, and most of everything else. I would like to say, however, that I think that life is only unfair if you let it be unfair. At least in my rather young, generation Y perspective.

      Welcome to TED! I'm sure you'll spend many hours on this site, procrastination has never been so fruitful.
    • Nov 18 2011: Quoc
      I love #8 and fully intend to spend the rest of my life proving it.
  • thumb
    Nov 10 2011: This is awesome.

    1. Smart doesn't always equate to school smarts
    2. the heart is meant to be broken
    3. Sometimes, safety should come 3rd
    4. making mistakes is how we learn
    5. wondering when your life will start won't make it begin any quicker
    6. The earth takes care of us, we need to return the favour
    7. Shallow people talk about others, successful people talk about events, inspirational people talk about ideas
    8. There is never an end to anything, there is always a separate route or second chance
    9. comparing yourself to others will never make you who you want to be.
    10. your situation is most likely not as bad as you think it is
    • Nov 10 2011: Lindsay
      I like # 8 and I am eternally grateful for second, third and fourth chances in life. I have run across few dead end streets and lots of forks in the road along the way. Thanks for reminding me.
  • thumb
    Nov 6 2011: 1. Sleep makes the world a happier place
    2. You are what you eat
    3. Music is the universal language
    4. Everyday is a learning experience
    5. No matter what, all of us just want to feel good
    6. We all want to be loved unconditionally
    7. Everyone has fears, so show empathy
    8. If you look past the superficial layers of culture, we are all the same
    9. There is no universal truth
    10. Some truths are universal to humans
    • Nov 7 2011: Guillermo
      I really appreciate your #6, hard to do well worth the the rewards though.
      I also like #8. As one who has studied history and culture we are so much products of the same decision making of some people and our own decision, irregardless of where we were born; and people really are finally just people.
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: 1. No matter how hard you try to hide your own vulnerability inside your shell, this way or another under certain circumstances it will come out, and you'll be exposed. People are vulnerable in the face of love. It's inevitable and that's the price we pay.
    2. A beaten but true statement by Dr. House - Everybody lies.
    3. It makes no sense to wait for people to change or grow up. Some never do. What makes it is to grow up yourself and step over.
    4. From what I have observed, Pity is destructive (both to self and to others).
    5. Learn to let go, it makes life so much easier.
    6. Never underestimate the power of will. But be careful with your dreams as they do come true.
    7. Where there is no trouble, people will create and nurture it. Human nature is striving to overcome obstacles.
    8. Whether you are the ruler of your destiny, or everythingz predestined, the outcome is the same :)
    9. To everything there is a limit.
    10. There are no unique recipes for life (including these). So relax
    • thumb
      Oct 31 2011: 4 is so true but probably that's what makes us humans.
    • thumb
      Nov 9 2011: hi Anastasiya,
      like ur sense of life. from 1-10, you r revealing to me that .....u 'r kind of fully capable and good at getting away from anything / anyone as obstacles. love them. ...yet , what do u think the gap between "the power of will. " & "To everything there is a limit. " ?
      • thumb
        Nov 10 2011: Thanks for your feedback, Margaret.
        Your comment made me feel like adding 11th thing that I know to be true - those who preach don't practice)
        However, I don't see any gap between the power of will and limit to everything... I guess these lie in different planes. What I implicated by the power of will is the powerful inner gust of consentrated thoughts and drives that contributes to dream's actualization, and it has nothing to do with being "greedy" and unlimited desires because in most cases it's unconscious... What's your idea of this?
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: I like u ,Anastasiya ...haha... 11th thing reveals you as a action-type-powerful-woman!
          i kind of like it. What if the case if u....there's something u desire to do "your will" ....but just not sure u can breakthrough ur own internal "your limit" ? i think i m asking that....about the gust and belief in your own breakthrough-able belief/ability.....
          how do u usually empower your gust? (i think i have you 'r a right person to say something about it )
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: 1. Love never fails
    2. If you find a good friend hold on to them.
    3. When making decisions always do the scary thing..
    4.Don't judge anyone too quickly.
    5. Everything has a balance.
    6. Never underestimate the power of a kind deed. No matter how small.
    7. Learn how to forgive
    8. Do not hope to much in only the things you can see.
    9. There is alot more going on behind the scenes.
    10. Never stop learning!
    • Oct 31 2011: Jacob
      I like # 8. We can only see so much..there is so much more out there. I guess that goes with your 9.
      • thumb
        Nov 2 2011: Thanks Michael!
        I think #8 is one of the most important.
        I just need less theory and more practice.
        • Nov 2 2011: It is a wonderful thing to practice and then realize your practice provides a wonderful moment.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Never stop learning! I like it
    • thumb

      . .

      • +2
      Nov 15 2011: "You had me at" "Love never fails" ;-);-)
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: good thoughts.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Jacob, I don't know the truth and struggle to understand, but have these responses to your list:

      1. Love may overcome everything except religion.
      2. When you discover you are being used, stop the usage and see if the friend goes away. If not, perhaps give it another chance.
      4. We are all on paths and should share our thoughts openly without anticipation that we will be judged. If someone judges us, that's their perogative and responsibility.
    • thumb

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      • 0
      Nov 20 2011: I still love " love never fails"

      (on Jacob's list)
  • thumb
    Oct 29 2011: Here is mine.
    1.) If you believe hard enough, and trust in what you do,you will get where you want
    2.) Life is tough sometimes, but if we just smile a little, the day become a lot pleasant than it is
    3.)The colour i see is not the same as the colour that you see.
    4.)A large part of life, is to search for the meaning for your own life.
    5.)Skin colours, countries borders does not separate people, the decency of people do
    6.)When you just about to give up, because you can't hold on anymore.... just hold on for a little longer, and you will see a whole new world.
    7.) The whole financial system is a totalitarian system that manifest itself.
    8.) The things that we see, or we hear,is not the total picture that we are seeing or hearing.
    9.)Yesterday is gone,tomorrow is too far.... we can only live today
    10.)If you choose to be happy, then you are happy, the outside world we can not change, but we have 100% of our emotion.
    • thumb
      Oct 31 2011: Unconditionally agree with #6. This is the revelation I have come to recently, and it does work. Not only you will see a new world, but also discover new potential in yourself.
    • Oct 31 2011: I like # 5 Clark. There are good, decent people all over the world. There are people just like us trying to live and have a happy, good life. If you can see the world that way, extremists from any direction become what they are, the margin.

      I like #6 New worlds are fun.
      • thumb
        Oct 31 2011: Haha yer i got that idea and viewpoint when i was reading books from Dr Viktor Frankl, the only separation between people is decency. Very true as well. And after watching a BBC documentary about multiculturalism just makes that thought stronger. I guess acceptance is the most important, i have never understand why there are discrimination because of disability, or skin colour stuff like that. To this day i still don't understand. discrimination is just total nonsense, it's like saying you hate a person because he is wearing a red shirt.........yer why?
    • thumb
      Nov 9 2011: like u , Clark!!
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: Your list is great.

      However, I want to share a response to No. 1.

      To maintian open-mindedness to reality or what-is or the truth, it is important for humans to not believe. Once you believe, you may have turned your back on reality.

      For example, if you believe there is no god, but there is a god, you have turned your back on the god. Or if you believe one God and it is not the God, you have denied God. Of course, if you have believed God, you should not respond to my thoughts. This paragraph reminds me of writers who leave us the message, "I have a god, but I will not share it." I understand their humility and fear.

      • thumb
        Nov 19 2011: I total agree with what you are sayin. But my view was set out in the direction of determination, and perseverance. Steve jobs described it as Reality distortion field i believe....? haha

        But yes totally agree that we have to maintain open-mindedness, but at the same time, really trust in what your direction. Because pure trusting without constant reflection, and evaluation, then it turns into blindly foolishly following.
        • thumb
          Nov 19 2011: I appreciate the clarification and agree with you; I was overlooking "trust yourself," as the main point.

  • thumb
    Oct 29 2011: Most lists here focus on emotions, our inner life, "me"-oriented; many are very good. I am more interested in exploring how we as a species are connected to, and dependent upon ecosystems. We cannot exist without them, yet we simplify, destroy, "liquidate" them, and release invasive alien plants, animals and fungi that undermine the ecosystems that we depend on. A virus from domesticated Atlantic salmon has spread from farms into wild Pacific salmon! An eco-oriented list would be:
    1. Organisms in an ecosystem have evolved together over millions of years and are intimately adapted to each other
    2. Alien predators, pathogens, niche-competitors etc. can wipe out or replace native species, and usually impoverish the ecosystem
    3. We are dependent upon countless "free" ecosystem services that we will sorely miss when they vanish (pollination, clean water, etc.)
    4. Many of us respond to the beauty of nature intuitively, and find deep serenity from visiting an intact, properly integrated functioning ecosystem, free from the "weeds" that so often deface natural areas.
    5. We are rapidly running out of such intact ecosystems, and must begin trying to restore them
    6. No religion can possibly be as important as one based on ecosystem ethics (as they once were before the "organized" religions spread). A "land ethic" recognizes that nature is sacred.
    7. Our economic system has ignored natural ecosystem services and is ultimately suicidal
    8. Ecosystems are impossible to create from scratch... we do not know enough about how they work, they are too complex.
    9. Growing some of one's own food is one of the greatest spiritual aids, and sources of satisfaction
    10. Compost is a most generous, sensual, joyful substance. It gives life.
    • thumb
      Oct 29 2011: Good list. I would add though that we are part of an ecosystem, not merely dependent upon it, and the earth will truck along just fine without us.
      • thumb
        Oct 31 2011: In my TED profile I share my realization that, due to our technological prowess and high population growth, we have become an invasive species, a burden on the planet; only the "forest" people, the aborigines, were/are a sustainable part of their local ecosystem. A very unhappy notion that most simply cannot accept. The world will indeed reach a harmonious equilibrium millions of year after our demise, and again be an "Eden", once evolutionary processes replace the "missing" species removed by our excesses, finally reconstituting the many ecosystems. Fascinating thing about evolution: after a certain point in the history of life, the species keep changing, prodded by mass extinction events, but the ecosystem functions stay the same!
  • thumb
    Oct 28 2011: 1. If something repeats like a pattern in your life, there is a lesson you are avoiding.
    2. Living in the slow lane is a gift.
    3. Never resist saying I love you when the thought arises
    4. De-clutter your external and internal spaces for a rich life.
    5. Give what you want most in your life.
    6. Reconnect with Nature- its about as close to God as we are going to get...
    7. Gratitude and humility are sure to bring happiness
    8. Trust in something larger, smarter and kinder than us
    9. Its great to be vegetarian- dont believe in the protein bogieman- created by the meat lobby!
    10. The present moment is all there is.
  • Oct 28 2011: Dear Albert, It turns out that both our gut and our brain originate early in embryogenesis from the same clump of tissue which divides during fetal development. While one section turns into the central nervous system, another piece migrates to become the enteritis nervous system. Later the two nervous systems connect via a cable called the vagus nerve - the longest of all the cranial nerves. The vagus nerve meanders from the brain stem through the neck and finally ends up in the abdomen. In his book The Second Brain, HarperCollins 1998, Dr. Michael Gershon, a professor of anatomy and cell biology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, dubs the entire gastrointestinal system the body's second nervous system. "The brain is not the only place in the body that's full of neurotransmitters," says Dr. Gershon. "A hundred million neurotransmitters line the length of the gut, approximately the same number that is found in the brain..." If we add the nerve cells of the esophagus, stomach and large intestine, there are more nerve cells in the gut than there are in the entire remainder of the peripheral nervous system. Nearly every chemical that controls the brain in the head has been identified in the gut, including hormones and neurotransmitters.

    This complex circuitry provides the brain in the gut with the means to act independently. Proof of this can be seen in stroke victims whose brain stem cells, which control swallowing, have been destroyed. If this occurs, a surgeon has to create an opening in the abdominal wall, so that feeding can be accomplished by manually inserting foods directly into the stomach. Once the food is in the stomach, digestion and absorption can take place, even in individuals who are brain dead. The central nervous system is needed for swallowing and for defecation, but from the time the food is swallowed to the moment its remains are expelled from the anus, the gut is in charge.

    So that is what we call wisdom of the body.. cont
    • Oct 28 2011: Vivek,

      i don't know if you can agree or not, to me the collective of cells (which is generally denoted as me) is capable of wisdom. The exact location of that wisdom is not exactly the point of discussion here. :-) But I got your point now.
  • Oct 27 2011: 1. One can not change another
    2. One can change only if truly wants to
    3. True acceptance of others is one of the most difficult trades to have
    4. One learn something new every day (we might just not see it)
    5. One should wait at least few hours before answering an angering email
    6. Parents are right most of the time (assuming one has "good" parents)
    7. You feel your child's pain a million times more
    8. There is always a good side (or something to learn) out of every situation, even one that we would call a bad one
    9. Only a few can be true friends
    10. Fear holds you back (from doing anything, big or small)
    • thumb
      Oct 27 2011: Great list Patricia! I loved Carol's list and saw your comment about both of your lists being a good top 20! hehe I would agree. I love both of your #10s because I also know them to be true, in the best and worse cases of my life. Fear is expecting something bad will happen and faith is expecting something good will happen.
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: 10 things i know to be true.
    1 don't wash the whites with the darks in the washing machine.
    2 girl children are harder to raise than boy children
    3 there is cosmic justice - like it or not....karma will get you. good and bad.
    4 if you're down don't frown - you'll start feeling like your face looks
    5 most people respond to kindness - jewel said 'only kindness matters'
    6 there is good....and there is evil - good makes less of a mess
    7 we're in control of a lot more than most people think we are
    8 a long marriage is not so much about excitement & passion as devotion
    9 there is little as precious as a dear old friend who knows your history with whom you share trust
    10 in the long run....good looks don't matter so much..... character and reputation do
    • Oct 25 2011: I really enjoy your 10 things and relate to everyone of them . They have brought a chuckle (#1,4). I did not have the same experience as you with #2 (had 2 girls too). As for #3, I always "preached" to whoever would listen that all choice or decisions have consequences whether you see these consequences sooner or later and beit good or bad....Thanks again.
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. Live life like you really mean it
    2. Your love and time are the best gifts you can give to anyone
    3. If you approach everyone with the belief that you can learn something from every individual that you meet, you will have more peace in your life.
    4. Nature can heal all wounds
    5. Beauty is emotional
    6. Music is a universal language
    7. We see and understand things not as they are but as we are.”
    8. Listening is the first and most important step in communication
    9. I have tons to learn from my children
    10. Experience life through the senses, not the mind
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: Most excellent. I will include the statement "Beauty is emotional" in my classroom discussions about why we make art.
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: Ten Things I Know to be True

    1. The concept of truth is dangerous.
    2. Kindness is powerful.
    3. People are important.
    4. An open mind is liberating.
    5. Judging others is wrong.
    6. Life is amazing.
    7. It is difficult to know myself and impossible to truly know another person
    8. Respect disarms, opens doors and preserves life.
    9. Imagination can work in areas that intellect can't penetrate
    10. There is a lot of good in the world.
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. No one is more important that anyone else.
    2. Children are innocent of sins of their elders.
    3. We all must die.
    4. There`s no heaven or hell.
    5. Life is about getting up when you fall.
    6. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.
    7. Don`t be angry at God for creating a lion, be grateful it has no wings.
    8, Happiness is easy.
    9. It`s better to be shot 2 times in your butt, than 1 in your head.
    10.There are no truths.
  • Oct 22 2011: Great Topic!
    1. Positivity begets more positivity, negativity begets more negativity.
    2. Anything can be done.
    3. Fear is the only thing stopping you. There is nothing to fear.
    4. Nothing is definite.
    5. Nothing is forever.
    6. Be humble, learning is everything.
    7. Nothing is free.
    8. Health = Wealth. Without our health, we have nothing.
    9. Every cell, every organism, every living thing is made up of the same 4 letters. What differs is what's inside our heads and our hearts. If you can evenly analyze each separately, you are within reach of enlightenment.
    10. Everything is connected, like a web. If one part unravels or deteriorates, the rest will be compromised. Balance is key. Death is a unavoidable.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1- I am you
    2- What we call reality is the dream
    3- Reality can not be harmed
    4- Peace is Knowing that
    5- In the world of form everything including the planet will end
    6- Love is not an emotion
    7- Life is eternal
    8- We are life
    9- Time is an illusion
    10- Nothing of what I wrote above can ever be known through the mind

    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: 1- I am you ...

      I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. ... I am the walrus. - Lennon/McCartney
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: Deep down we all know the same truth.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: What makes you say that?

          Reading the very interesting lists in this conversation would seem to indicate otherwise.
    • Oct 22 2011: Pure consciousnesses. I love it. Namaste!
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Objective truth does not exist.
    2. All truth is subjective.
    3. I observe that people tend to think that objective truth exists.
    4. I observe that this leads people to form beliefs.
    5. I observe that beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning.
    6. I observe that once a belief is formed, the mind no longer needs to search for the answer (because it knows it).
    7. I observe that the more beliefs a person holds, the less intelligent they tend to be.
    8. I observe that entities that are successful are those entities that adapt.
    9. I observe that the Dunning-Kruger effect is very much applicable to the staggering majority of humanity.
    10. I have observed that if an idea is worth spreading, it will do so on it's own.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Love changes you.
    2. Change is inevitable
    3. Violence is not the only answer.
    4. Your view is determined upon where you are standing at the time.
    5. Running is good.
    6. You are never truly alone.
    7. Friends are more valuable than money.
    8. Nobody ever got hurt by being nice.
    9. There is no “I” in team.
    10. Never underestimate the power of people.
  • Nov 20 2011: 1. Illusionary differences between people cause many unnecessary problems.
    2. Understanding is compassion, many choose to have pity and look down on others from on high.
    3. I'm afraid about aspects of the digital age and what it means for the future of civilization.
    4. Nature is beautiful and can provide solace when truly sad.
    5. Life is a blip of eternity, just long enough for one good punchline.
    6. Excessive Seriousness leads to Excessive Sadness
    7. The western world might want to start deconstructing their egos.
    8. The Self is an often hindering idea, creating unwanted discomforts and stresses.
    9. Egoism creates tyrants and hurtful people, it's best to not separate oneself from everyone else.
    10. It's better to embrace love, not hide from it.
    • Nov 21 2011: Ah Luke I love # 7. I think we could talk about that one in a TED conversation! I love #10.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: Ten that came randomly out of my depository:

    1. Anything can happen any time anywhere,
    2. Existence is a mystery.
    3. I am human consciousness.
    4. Never stop searching for answers.
    5. Learn to live with the unknown.
    6. We made gods in our own image.
    7. My cat comes to see me every morning.
    8. My carnal habits outnumber my spiritual ones.
    9. Art is hidden in the female form.
    10. Truth is hidden in the mystery of creation.
    • Nov 21 2011: Nice depository you have there Laszlo. I really like #'s 2, 4, 5 and 10. #10 has a great depth to it I hope many will see.
  • thumb
    Nov 19 2011: 1)everything is changable
    2)everything is relative
    3)people are different 4)but everybody lies
    5)life is wonderful
    6)you can't turn back the time
    7)more speak,more do)))
    8)the truth is usually hidden
    9)when people love everything seems much better
    10)if there is a problam,there must be solution
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: Hey Cleo, here go mine. I on ly read through yours once I had completed my list and kept it although I subsequently wanted to tweak what I had written. I like this game!!
    1.Education is empowereing
    2.Summer is bright
    3.Contentment is a state of mind
    4.Friendship requires trust
    5.Politics is fickle
    6.Travel is tiring
    7.You are what you eat
    8.We can learn from nature
    9.Age is a blessing
    10.Work keeps the mind active
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Raimondo, I loved number nine in a youth centered world.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Founds some good advice in there.
  • Nov 17 2011: 1.Moments of discomfort (physical,emotional,spiritual etc.) will result in growth and change.
    2.There is no glory in being better than another man, only better than the man you once were. (RELATIVE GREATNESS!)
    3.I know what it will take to change an entire culture, but do not know where/how to start.
    4.Everybody wants, not everybody is willing. We all experience this.
    5.Wether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Budhist, Hindu etc., we have more similarities than differences.
    6.Luck is where preperation meets opportunity.
    7.Regardless of title or position in life EVERYONE is an educator.
    8.Finding a dollar on the ground can bring happiness, but sense of connectedness to to everything and knowing that everything is how it should be (wether good or bad) is JOY, and knowing the difference between the two.
    9.No matter how much I may miss my father, I would never give up any time we had together for even one more day. We had that great of a time.
    10.Looking into my son's eyes and feeling his hug heals everything.

    I think a sentimental ending was needed.
  • thumb
    Nov 15 2011: I just wish I could read all lists and commnt on them yet I will try to have my list:
    1-pain is a truth universally acknowledged
    2-life is not life if it's not lived to its full
    3-EVERYTHING is relative, very few absolutes can be found
    4-time is what we both adore and hate dearly
    5-limited knowledge and never expertise
    6-loneliness is unbroken
    7-we are born unintentionally,we will die in the same manner
    8-you can't but be judged by the society
    9-most of us are after nothing
    10-some wounds never hael
    • Nov 15 2011: I really like #2, I am striving for that, wishing and working for it. Alas #10 is probably true also, but sometimes you get healed anyway.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: there are some great thoughts in there
      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: Amazing how a simple cocept delivers such profound truths. I'm inspired. Also that nature is a common denominator. Makes me happy
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: well thanks for the smart analysis
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I think responding to No #3 is an interesting sub-thread and offer this thought:

      When you don't know, it is advantagesous to admit to yourself, "I don't know," even if you cannot share, "I don't know."
      • thumb
        Nov 19 2011: best and wisest people are the ones that admit at least to thmselves that they "dont know"
  • Nov 15 2011: 1. Humor is medicinal.
    2. You can't take life too seriously.
    3. You must work hard to achieve your goals.
    4. Everyone feels sad.
    5. Every day is a new opportunity.
    6. You can learn something from everyone.
    7. We are made from star dust.
    8. Earth is a beautiful and amazing place.
    9. No one will ever know what happens when they die, until they do.
    10. Bask in the company of loved ones and you'll be happy.
    • Nov 15 2011: Jim I like your #8. I love capturing that beauty with my photography.
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: Great list Jim, I would qualify #4 with 'sometimes'.
      I loved the sentiment in #10.
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: dear jim
      your#1 is QUITE TRUE.the world has proved it so far
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: You are on to it..
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I first read No 2 as, "It is a mistake to take life seriously." Then I read it as "It is a mistake not to take life seriously.," and liked it more. "Serious" does not mean humorless and other such negatives.

      If I collected my top ten, it would include your No. 2, and I can't wait to share it with a 6 year old. Thank you.
  • thumb
    Nov 8 2011: 10 Things I know to Be True:

    1) Love is the way;

    2) We are all the same, we just have different limitations/barriers to overcome and shine through;

    3) Always let space for more/different knowledge/opinions;

    4) We have no control of our Universe so don't try to control it, flow along;

    5) Any decision should have three parts: Thinking, Feelings and a Hunch! If have to decide fast go for the hunch;

    6) Hate just generates hate.

    7) Justice doesn’t exist, things have their ways and that's it;

    8) Being organized is the key to improvise successfully;

    9) Imagine what will the world be in 10 years and you will be wrong;

    10) Plan tomorrow, live today, and smile about how most things were different from what you had planned yesterday;

    This was an interesting experience!
    • Nov 9 2011: Joao
      I really like #10 though living there is very hard to do in certain circumstances.
  • thumb
    Nov 7 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    I. A strong and unshakeable belief in my self will serve me well when times get tough
    2. Appreciate your family, they provide valuable life lessons for both good or bad
    3. Controlling people does not work for them or me. They feel smothered, I feel resentful
    4. When you have done all you can in a situation release the outcome, let it go.
    5. Test your assumptions for reality, your perceptions of a situation may be just that
    6. Have values you can name, claim and stand for.
    7. Chose three values to live up to that you want people to recognise in your charachter
    8 Being a role model is a worthy aspiration, everyone has within them to be a leader where they are
    9 Believe that the best is yet to come and you deserve to be happy
    10. Have gratitude for all of the things in life you appreciate and pay it forward
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: You wrote a great list.

      No. 4. When a life is at stake, I cannot let go: I go to my knees.
      I don't think I am alone in this, but it is worth writing.
      • thumb
        Nov 19 2011: Thanks Phillip !

        I like your number 4 also.. I also go to my knees I know I am heard

  • Nov 3 2011: 10 Things I Know to be True

    1) We are human ANIMALS, and shouldn't forget this
    2) Defenses should be used purposely when needed, otherwise live life bare
    3) Kindness trumps
    4) Above all else know thyself
    5) Live life bifocal--pay attention to the details and the whole
    6) Seek nature
    7) Check in, identify what gives you joy, and build it into your everyday life
    8) Adopt an attitude of humiltiy
    9) Seek to connect
    10) Appreciate what you have, rather than resent what you don't
    58th year of life
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: #4 not so easy: it happens to me to do things I would never have imagined I could do. Sometimes I'm surprisingly stranger to myself!
      I like: 7, 8, 9, 10
      • Nov 4 2011: Moi aussi, Giusi. As an artist I often step away from my painting and wonder where it all came from.
        I guess part of that knowing is realizing that we are partitally unknowable.
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: Jane, I am curious to hear where #1 comes from.
      In my own experience this one keeps becoming more and more true and visible.
  • Oct 31 2011: 1. The more you know, the more you know that you don't know.
    2. Life is full of paradoxes- it is usually not about finding the one optimal point on any given scale and staying there, but about continually balancing yourself between the extremes.
    3. There is risk in caring for others, but also joy.
    4. We all want someone to understand us.
    5. Everyone can teach us something if we give them the chance.
    6. We feel most alive when we're growing.
    7. Connection with others is not easy to come by, but when it happens it will make an imprint.
    8. Laughter is good for the human spirit, but not all laughter is created equal.
    9. Doing good things for others feels good, assuming we're not too preoccupied with meeting our own needs.
    10. Humans are not independent beings, no matter how hard we try to be.
    • Oct 31 2011: I like # 10! We must make that one known.
  • Oct 29 2011: !. What is true today may not be tomorrow and yesterdays lies may hold more truth than anyone realizes.
    2. Change is constant as must be the pursuit to understand ourselves and the universe for it is in our natures to be illusive.
    3. Too much emphasis is often placed on the destination at the expense of the journey.
    4. Nothing is ultimately useless so be careful of the labels and judgments that may conceal the treasure.
    5.The present is where our true power resides and one must live in the present in order to utilize it.
    6. Sometimes inaction is the best action one can take, but only the conscious choice to do so qualifies it as such.
    7. Nothing comes without sacrifice nor lasts forever
    8. The passage of time is relative, uncertain and full of possibilities.
    9. Obstacles become opportunities with the right point of view.
    10. Life exists only where there is collaboration.
  • thumb
    Oct 29 2011: I simplified my list and reposted it.

    1) Everyone is prejudiced.
    2) If you are pissing off people on both sides of any debate, you might just be telling the truth.
    3) It is hard to establish truths about nature as viewing it as something separate from us is a misleading perspective.
    4) Saying hello to a stranger that you meet out in the world is infinitely more important (and in fact more powerful) than winning a political debate.
    5) One should be wary of any claims supported with percentages.
    6) If you listen to someone long enough, he or she will solve his or her own problems. Keep one from it (often by unwittingly supplying the answer), and one will remain miserable and confused.
    7) The Arts (from the most stripped down punk rock song to most complex conceptual video installation to the most eloquent ballet) transcend all and nourish us.
    8) People's belongingness needs will more often than not override their logic and rational thought.
    9) There is always something that perpetually exceeds the grasp of human knowledge.
    10) We waste time with cosmic debates when there are simple solutions to simple problems. The quickest way to weasel out of a debate or responsibility is to turn an argument into a cosmic debate.
  • thumb
    Oct 27 2011: Thanks for starting this conversation, Cleo. It's fun to read everyone's truths. I myself easily came up with tens and tens of them so had to limit myself and chose the topic of love as the central theme to pick the ones I wanted to post here. So here we go!

    1. Truth is a personal thing and it is ever evolving and changing. Ten years ago my list would be completely different than this one. And in ten years from now it no doubt will be different again.

    2. Love is the most abused word in human history.

    3. The opposite of love is fear.

    4. Love is.

    5. The only relationship that really counts is the one I have with myself. All other relationships are a reflection of that one. If I don’t love myself I will bring non-loving relationships into my life; if I abuse myself I will draw abusive relationships into my life.

    6. The hardest thing I ever did in my life is learning to love myself unconditionally. At 52 yrs of age it hasn’t been that long since I can say that I truly love myself, not always unconditionally, but I’m getting there.

    7. Most of the love I received from others in my life was conditional.

    8. Only when I love myself first do I have anything of real value to give to anyone else. Otherwise I’m just trying to take from others what I am not able or willing to give myself.

    9. There’s a difference between putting yourself first and being selfish. The first means nourishing yourself so you can nourish others; the second means shutting others out from that which nourishes you and keeping it all to yourself.

    10. Vampires exist, it’s all of us. We don’t suck blood, we suck each other’s energy. All human relationships are based on energy stealing, on feeding. Getting attention, appreciation is the least violent form; physical abuse, especially of a sexual kind the most violent one. Energy feeding is often called love.

    11. What someone else thinks of me is none of my business.
  • Oct 25 2011: 1. There is more than we will ever know
    2. Things are often simpler than they seem, in part because they have common origins that we have forgotten or are unaware of and in part because our capacity for understanding, thinking and expressing our thoughts is limited
    3. People tend to believe that there is meaning in things
    4. Truth is often consensual, such that different groups of people have different truths
    5. Metaphors, images and soundbites often give a felt sense of truth but are unfalsifiable
    6. Stories and narratives convey meaning but can be false
    7. Causing or allowing people to suffer is indecent
    8. Most people follow the herd, most of the time
    9. Everyone has a tremendous capacity for change, for caring, for perceiving and creating beauty and for self-contradiction
    10. I feel better if I smile and move my body
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: You have many interesting ideas. For me, 1. and 9. go together. It resonates with me that Everyone has a tremendous capacity for change, for caring, for perceiving and creating beauty and for self-contradiction.

      As we increase our capacity/potential for all of this, our capacity/potential continues to grow.

      I love number 10 - I too always feel better when I choose to smile and move my body!
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: These sound like things you would like to be true.
  • Oct 24 2011: 10 Things I Know to be True before I die

    1 The Truth can be still. And at times the Truth, can be so ruthless it appears
    Truthless. But it is still the Truth.

    2 Hope is false. So too is the act of hoping. So too is faith. Both must transform into knowing.

    3 Suicide cannot get one out of the now for it is the only place one can be.

    4 The mind creates the abyss and the heart must cross this.

    5 At the bottom of the abyss lies all that one needs to know.

    6 Surfacing from the abyss, is bliss.

    7 To a drowning human, god is air.

    8 To a drowning alcoholic, god is sobriety.

    9 When you cry, you let more of god in. When you laugh, you let more of god out.

    10 Crying is joy. Laughing is joyous.
  • thumb
    Oct 23 2011: I received a wonderful suggestion from Henrik Martenzon:
    Right before this conversation closes, I will compile a list of the ten most frequently cited "truths."
    Also, if their opposites appear in the conversation or someone strongly disagrees, I'll note that too.
    Can't wait to see what the list will look like!
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. We are all connected – always strive for compassion
    2. If there is a problem, the missing piece is love
    3. God is an idea, and that idea is love
    4. There is always hope
    5. Everyone is a “believer”
    6. You are on your own journey – let others have theirs without your judgment
    7. Remember to stop and be grateful
    8. Everyone you meet is your mirror: Be kind
    9. Science is a process; and it’s the best process we have to understand the physical world
    10. If you’re doing it right, you’re learning more from your kids than they are from you
    • Oct 22 2011: Yes to #6.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: The number of people on this thread who have expressed something about being connected is astounding. Is it because this is a TED thread, or is this truly a belief that a great number of people in the world hold? If it is, in fact, the latter, in gives me great hope for the world.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: Hmm...okay. Nice Conversation, Cleo. These are things that I know to be true.

    1. You can be pro-life but not be "pro-life".

    3. You can be pro-choice but wish that people would have been more careful with their contraceptive responsibilities.

    4. You can be non-religious but still have awe and respect for life and a warm feeling in your chest, and a sense of belonging, when you think about the universe and every creature and process swirling in it.

    5. That every human being must be treated with dignity for there to be true peace on this earth.

    6. That we are all ONE family in a long list of ancestors that don't just include humans but many other animals/organisms.

    7. That we affect our unborn children, even in the womb--so when you think that yelling at them, hitting them, molesting them etc doesn't change who they are and how they will affect the world and their children, you need to remember what affected you as a child.

    8. I'm not sure what is the best way to 'grow' more well-rounded, well-educated, kind and wise humans not sure our constructs are working as they should.

    9. That I think too much.

    10. That I love thinking too much.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: MY list.

    1. God is Love, Love is God
    2. Music is food for soul.
    3. Laziness is very Dangerous
    4. Hardwork always pays off
    5. We all will die 1 day
    6. Every single human on the planet wants to be loved
    7. Wisdom is action and not just knowledge
    8. Gratitude leads to happiness
    9. Good sense of humor can turn things around
    10. 1 + 1 = 2
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: "Every single human on the planet wants to be loved" - That simple statement sure simplifies things doesn't it?
      Loooove #8. How true
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. We indict other people and nations for the malevolent motives that lie within ourselves.
    2. My love for my children is stronger than any other love I have experienced.
    3. The twin threats of climate change and nuclear holocaust are very real and terrifying to contemplate.
    4. Aging is hard on the body, but a magnificent opportunity for sufficient time to seek wisdom and freedom from illusion.
    5. The mindless consumption of material goods cannot create happiness, but the lack of necessary material goods can create enormous misery.
    6. The world has never been divided into good or evil people; we all are good people capable of evil behavior.
    7. History repeats itself over and over and over again in the present and the future because we refuse to learn its simple lessons.
    8. Compassion is the only force capable of saving this planet and all beings who inhabit it.
    9. Our culture is infatuated with romantic love, but much of what we call love is only a powerful illusion driven by our projections of our own needs and desires upon another human being.
    10. Bliss can be experienced in watching an infant laugh.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: Thank you. I can feel the love in your words.
  • Oct 22 2011: Most of what you guys are talking about are not Truths. Truths are simple facts! What most of you are stating here (including the Author) are cliched subjective ideas & positive personal affirmations
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: So you've stated 1 where are the other 9?
    • Oct 22 2011: If they are personal beliefs, then they are personal truths.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: You don't have the right to decide that for other people. What I believe is true is what I believe is true. It's unintelligent to think you have all the answers.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: cliched subjective ideas & positive personal affirmations are wonderful - They make for a better life.
      My point 5 was: 'People who make me laugh lift me up and it’s the king of energy I want to be around' - so far you haven't
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: I don't think anyone is saying that these are Universal truths... but if you believe something, then it is a "truth" for you... as opposed to "facts". Truths and facts are often two different things, i.e. I can't see or prove an afterlife as a fact, but I believe in it, therefore it is true for me... for me.... FOR ME. (No, I didn't say for you or anyone else, so don't go off on that one ;-)

      Maybe if the title of this wonderful exercise was "10 Things that I Believe are True", people wouldn't be so quick to diminish the intention. I get so weary of people who can't just shut up and click away from a page they don't agree on! We really don't care to have your downer opinions on our personal truths.
    • Oct 22 2011: Here goes my number 11: There are three types of truths, my truth, your truth, and the truth Chines proverb)
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. 'Mindfulness' and living wholly in the present moment are the only way to truly live on this gorgeous planet - there is exquisite beauty in every moment of our lives when we consciously look, listen, feel, smell, breathe. This deep experience of the present moment is a brilliant antidote to the stream of thoughts that are the root of much of our unhappiness (try it - it really works!)
    2. Fixed beliefs are the root of conflict and violence - whether indirectly or not...
    3. Co-operation and empathy are the true hallmarks of the human animal (neuroscience shows this)
    4. We are all essentially the same - just another evolving species on one planet in a mesmerisingly huge and unknowable universe
    5. We are shamefully destroying other life on earth and perhaps the planet's ability to sustain our own species
    6. The gift we can give our children is total acceptance and love without any conditions, a respect for their own inviolable right to be themselves, and no expectations whatsoever of what they should be, feel, think, believe.
    7. Many education systems murder the souls of children and stifle their innate creativity and ability to dwell deep in the present moment in peace and contentment - their education is FOR THEM to grow and develop, explore, question and learn, not for society to get well-trained workers or 'good citizens'
    8. Emotionally literate schools could solve many of the world's problems.
    9. Young people do not have a properly developed pre-frontal cortex (which controls our impulses) until into their twenties - society and the criminal system need to take this on board with a bit of compassion - they are literally less responsible for their actions - sometimes when they are punished, labelled or locked up at this stage of their lives, their lives will take a downward spiral. This has been an issue for us humans since the dawn of time!
    10. Locking people up later in life who society has failed since they were children is tragic and doesn't work.
  • Oct 22 2011: I have to repost with this extra line so that I can get all my numbers in a nice column

    1) I like laughing
    2) I don't really know what true means
    3) I make up the meaning of things
    4) I like sunshine with some shade
    5) Love does seem to be all there is
    6) I think it would feel good to get a good nights sleep
    7) I might be wrong
    8) Even if I'm wrong I'd still like a good nights sleep
    9) Stopping thinking seems to feel peaceful
    10) We often forget to laugh
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
    2. Everyone matters.
    3. Knowing when to shut up and knowing when to exit can save your life.
    4. To be moved to tears by music is ecstasy.
    5. Feeling contentment is blissful.
    6. Laughter bridges many divides.
    7. Every season of the year is beautiful.
    8. Everyone should have a passport with at least one international stamp in it.
    9. Open minds find solutions.
    10. Look at the pictures in National Geographic and you'll be #8.

    Happy to share.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: agree with all, apart from 8 - everyone should have a passport and never need a stamp on it. But indeed everyone should go discover a new culture to view the world from a new perspective at least once.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Life energy is transformative and indestructible
    2. Aging brings wisdom
    3. Color enhances living
    4. Intolerance begets angst
    5. "Perfection" is overrated
    6. "Awesome" is overused
    7. Greed is too common
    8. Going without sleep is not an option
    9. It's all about flow and cycles, ying yang.
    10. Love knows no boundaries
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. nothing is permanent.
    2. we are not owed anything.
    3. you are what you love not what loves you.
    4. when you let go, things fall into place.
    5. you are never in total control.
    6. make room for obstacles.
    7. everyone hurts.
    8. every moment is a chance to turn it all around.
    9. love is beautiful.
    10. you work to live. not live to work. unless you are lucky enough to live off what you love.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. There are no ordinary Moments
    2. Love conquers all
    3. There is always hope
    4. Brothers are a pain in the ass
    5. Music
    6. You always had it, you just forgot.
    7. 0$ = 100% self control
    8. Red stoplights are okay, they give you time to drink your coffee.
    9. Go to school for your brain, go to life for your heart.
    10. Strive for perfection with every ounce of you being.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: Ten Things I Know To Be True:

    1. There is always someone worse off.
    2. Death is always a blink away.
    3. I can be anybody I want to be - it is merely a matter of will.
    4. Communication and information are the keys to understanding.
    5. Information is the most valuable thing in this world.
    6. Truth transcends everything.
    7. Love is Truth.
    8. Peace comes in celebrating similarities and understanding differences.
    9. Death is a part of Life.
    10. My passion.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: I'm not entirely sure I can gather ten things but I have a couple of them :

    1. Nothing is 100 % in life.
    2. True , Bad , Good , Evil and etc .. it's all matter of perspective.
    3. We make our own path.
    4. it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

    Happy to share :)
  • Nov 21 2011: 1. This universe has found its way to self awareness via us.
    2. It achieved this through first generating complex but invisible patterns and laws.
    3. We quest for the source of our self-awareness through study, yet it is clearly 'our self'.
    4. The greatest achievement of this universe yet, is the creation of our convincing yet flawed experience of a consciousness that is 'cut off', or separate from everything.
    5. This 'gift of separateness', or this 'division', is an essential immoveable belief. No quest for external truths, nor 'problems to overcome', could arise without it.
    6. By trying to 'not lose' through using our understanding of patterns and laws, we remain blind to the game at play and blind to seeing what we truly are.
    7. This addiction to 'gaining something' amplifies the separateness. Despair emerges in old age as the smartness of the 'intellectual mind' fails to sate.
    8. Connection gives warmth as it is pure truth. It requires no words and no thinking, just seeing. This truth is available without respect to intellectual capacity, through letting go, and through restorative humility.
    9. Complete separateness was never possible, the experience of it is merely a necessary illusion.
    10. Ask outwardly if these things could be true.... If it is so, the can be no distinction, and in turn, no death.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: If I were to add ten of mine, it would be in the sphere of religious beliefs:
    #1: No religion is truer than other; I hold this to be true by virtue of another universal truth:
    #2: Given that this whole Creation is the work of an All-knowledgeable, All-powerful Creator (whoever or whatever this might be) supposedly IT cannot make mistakes - or, at least, whatever it "Knows", knows better than me or you
    #3: We commit a fallacy by making assertions such as: "It created some human beings above others"
    #4: We commit a bigger one when we say that the Creator, in its limitless wisdom and generosity, bestowed the "right teachings" on some "chosen" ones, while the rest of the mankind have only been left with the "wrong" ones.
    #5: Feeling that they are delegated or entitled to amend the rest is an egocentric presumption.
    #6: The belief itself that someone might be THE "chosen" one, just by being fortunate enough to get to be born in the "right" religion is another one.
    #7: Egocentric presumptions had their place in the medieval concept of an anthropocentric universe, but none in the 21st century view of the universe.
    #8: Ego has nothing to do with transcendence, but, if I need to relate to anything "higher" than politics and economy I need to rely on my own, God-given good sense.
    #9: We are in this fix because we have delegated a human institution like religion to "relate" us to the things of the Spirit - while it is obvious that all it relates us to is the two very worldly institutions of politics and economy.
    #10: "God" is limitlessness and wholeness, where the polarity of good and bad is nullified by the unifying power of love.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: Well, my list is kinda more personal:

    1. Done is better than perfect

    2. Everybody goes through an identity crisis

    3. I'm a left-handed, a hardcore left-handed

    4. There's nothing wrong with secretly dreaming of moving to New York

    5. How to overcome writer's block: the ass-applied-to-chair method

    6. All nighters are overrated

    7. The media is portraying women as sex objects

    8. Airports are spacious and welcoming. Twenty-something girls feel cosmopolitan missing them.

    9. There ARE particles faster than light.

    10. The world is about to change.
    • Nov 21 2011: Thach
      A great list. I like #4, not because of NY, but because of the dream, mine lies somewhere else. I love #5 and have been practicing on it and have finished a story I have had percolating for years! I love #10 and do hope and pray and work for it.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: 1. Freedom is our natural right
    2. just because we are free doesn't mean their isn't consequences
    3. to make a person laugh is a gift on both parts
    4. everyone's got an opinion, and most of the time is gonna share it
    5. control your emotions or they will control you
    6. is amazing
    7. no one can be perfect, but a lot of us still try
    8. taxes SUCK
    9. we live, we die
    10. relationships are complicated because of our emotions
    • Nov 21 2011: Joel
      There is a heap of wisdom in your #2. Consequences hurt sometimes.
  • Nov 20 2011: 1. Life is to enjoy,no matter its positive or negative.should to be fill into your own life.
    2. Not too much expectations then less desperation.
    3. Keeping try on new things.
    4.Travel a lot as you can.
    5. Communication is very important,for better to know from each other,and improve yourself.
    6. Living at the moment.
    7.Take a proper confidence is must.
    8.Thinking the things from different points,everything has its reason.
    9.Don't blame people who around you that they didnot point out your fault. coz they have their right to keep their opinion.
    10.Its easy to make things to be complicated. but its hard to be SIMPLE.

    just registered here, and wish to find more sparkling thoughts from TED. TED journey starts from page for me. the above is a little things of what I have experienced and have for currently. looking forward to get more advises from you guys.

    • thumb
      Nov 20 2011: Welcome Liu Tang. Thanks for joining us.
    • Nov 21 2011: Liu #3, even at my age is something I am trying to explore each day.
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: Thank you for the challenge. Risking repetition, here are ten ideas I prefer:
    1. When you miss someone, try to contact them.
    2. Admit, “I don’t know,” while doing the work for understanding.
    3. Never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill).
    4. Forgiveness heals, regardless of apology.
    5. Expect change and adapt quickly.
    6. Problems prompt solutions.
    7. A closing door informs the next knock.
    8. Open-mindedness requires not “believing.”
    9. Beware self-contradiction.
    10. Worse things happened to better people.

    • Nov 18 2011: Philip
      I really like # 7. I am sure that is how things work.
      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: Yes, and usually, it seems, the new opportunity is better.

        Thanks, Michael

  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: 1. If you want to keep on getting what you're getting. Keep on doing what you're doing.
    2. Never trust anyone who is getting paid to have your best interests at heart.
    3. The way to get ahead is to do what others won't and develop positive relationships along the way.
    4. Debt is a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness
    5. Debt is a huge price to pay for a moment of happiness
    6. You can't get what I have unless you're willing to do what I do (and have done).
    7. Knowledge is in everyone and everything, experts are just magnifying glasses on one area.
    8. If you aren't having fun, you're not doing it right.
    9. Family can be the greatest gift and greatest curse you ever experience.
    10. What's around you and what's in front of you are not as important as what's within you.
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: No10 Murphy`s Law
    No 9 The world is a beautiful place
    No 8 Keep loud people at a distance.
    NO 7 Speak your truth softly.
    No 6 Everyone has something important to share.
    No 5 Two wrongs do not make a right
    No 4 The best cure for bigotry is still a train ticket.
    No 3 The more you know about people , the more time you want to spend with animals.
    No 2 If you want to know something look to nature.
    No 1 A penny buys you nothing.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: No 1 is remarkable. I think it derives from the saying "A penny for your thoughts." You seem to say it is very difficult to receive someone's thoughts. Did I understand your message?

      If so, I agree, yet think understanding other people is our most noble and rewarding work.
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: !. Your parents good advice speaks the loudest after they have gone.
    2. Don't put more than $20 in a poker machine.
    3. If you taught your children anything good. They will remember even when you're not around
    .4. Sometimes the best way to help people is to let them help themselves.
    5. Go to sleep when you are tired.
    6. Dogs really are a man's best friend.
    7. Take time to listen and play with your chlldren
    8 Family is more important than anything
    9. dont mistake someone's kindness for stupidity.
    10. It's never too late to learn something new.
    • Nov 18 2011: I am really impressed by yours, they seem like talking to me in person.
      Thank you for this nice list
      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: I agree, it felt like a wise auntie giving me some life-learned advice. Thank you
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Jean, I adore the insight in your #9. Perfect!
  • Nov 17 2011: This has inspired me to think about 10 things I know to be true.

    1: An open mind sees beauty, opportunity,inspiration and potential, a closed mind fears change.
    2: Asking questions about the world helps us find our path through it.
    3: There is a direct corelation between the satisfaction gained from a job well done and how hard it was to do.
    4: Being someone else's favourite human being gives us an inner strength
    5: Giving is better than receiving.
    6: It is important to try to always say yes.
    7: It is best to live your life this week - don't wait til next.
    8: You reap what you sow.
    9: I adore Sauvignon Blanc
    10: I have proved I can live without number 9.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Being someone else's favourite human being gives us strength. What a beautiful insight, Angela, thanks for posting.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: numbers 4 and 5 make the two of us
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: If more people believed #1 the world would be a happier place. I agree with all your points, except #9, Pinot Gris please!
    • Nov 18 2011: I want to live #7, this week and next week too!
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I wish I understood No. 6.
  • Nov 17 2011: 1) Life is full of surprise, accept it and move on
    2) Degrees don't really get us any where but experience do
    3) Want to do something about poverty but i'm confused about it
    4) TED gives me inspiration but don't know where to begin
    5) I want to help so much make a change in this world
    6) Humour helps relieve all stress and pain in life
    7) Religion is a ritual and Spiritual is for smooth life
    8) Everyone has opinion but which one is right?
    9) humans keeps making same mistake over and over again
    10) wish I can make a difference with this list.

    Help me solve the world's problem. I admire Mother Terresa.
    • Nov 17 2011: Moksha
      What a great honest list. The kinds o fthings you question (poverty) can lead you to a life that does change things.
      • Nov 17 2011: thanks Michael but i need ideas on how i really can make an impact with my skills and knowledge? I'm in India till FEB and would really like to make a difference to something... any ideas?
        • Nov 21 2011: Moksha
          Having been present and working in several large disaster relief efforts and helping people directly in hunger projects, sometimes the best thing you an do is listen, be aware and then do something. It does not have to be large, but it does need to come from the heart.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: Regarding No 5, trust yourself.
      Regrading No 8, when you can, look at "opinion" as "preference." It allows you to appreciate each other's preferences for their lives and enjoy your preferences for your life.

      These are just my thoughts.
      • Nov 19 2011: I agree about trusting my self but where do I start helping? I'm having a holiday in India and see poverty and sick people and even more pain around me but not sure you how I can make a difference. Can someone help me give ideas.

        Ya i'm open about everyones opinion...
        • thumb
          Nov 20 2011: Find one child willing to hear you talk about the essentials he/she needs to find a sustainable lifestyle: teach by reviewing your example.

          Some essential ideas I listed (but a sociologist or anthropologist could do better):

          Self-interest (what other people in the world are doing is not your interest—focus on yourself)
          Physical fitness
          Adequate rest (9-11 hours for the very young)
          Articulation—think before your speak
          Clean clothing
          Service to the community
          Time off for self-improvement
          Fair remuneration versus sustainable start

          For personal motivation to teach the child, watch this video: .

          On the other point, when it comes to my own preferences, open-mindedness is insufficient. I must do the work to understand the basis of my preference.

          For example, I was so indoctrinated by Bible interpretation I had to visit a Museum of Natural History to open my mind to the possible age of humankind; I think it is between 2 million and 6 million years yet do not know.

          Revised 11/20/2011 4:00 PM CST
  • Nov 15 2011: Here's my list :)

    1. I’m destined for greater things.
    2. The world is full of suffering, pain and injustice.
    3. I can’t change the world, but I can change lives, one mind at a time.
    4. If there are no solutions, then there aren’t really problems in the first place.
    5. Black is not a colour but rather a lack thereof.
    6. There is no such thing as a true self. Identity is constructed.
    7. Love and Hate stems from the same emotion, Care.
    8. We are what we say.
    9. Happiness is momentary.
    10. The only way to get through life, is to live through it.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: No. 3. Maybe so. It seems to me we can share our thoughts, but any change must come from the person who contimplates the thoughts.
  • thumb
    Nov 15 2011: Here's mine...
    1. Yelling back isn't as fulfilling as you think it will be
    2. I do my best work when I think it's bad
    3. Mindless faith leads to harm
    4. Sleeping is sometimes better than therapy
    5. If you dread the idea of doing something, you should probably do it
    6. University readings are surprisingly useful
    7. With computer games and dessert there's only 'not enough' and 'too much'
    8. Life should be lived as if it's the only one you will have
    9. Religion is nothing more than ritualised fear of death
    10. Everything I just wrote is probably wrong... for some
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: I agree with #1 and am doubtful about #9
    • Nov 15 2011: I like # 8 Lincoln. I don't think nine takes a lot of things into account. #6 really is good.
      • thumb
        Nov 15 2011: Thanks for the comments!

        I've only studied a little about the five main world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I wasn't really impressed by any of them...

        Perhaps they are helpful, I invite you to persuade me!
        • Nov 15 2011: Lincoln
          While TED isn't necessarily the best place to convince anyone of any one religious belief, I can say something about mine.
          What is true in your statement: Religion is about ritual. Ritual has a way of normalizing our lives and providing comfort in hard moments. It is a way for people to express their own devotion. I see nothing wrong with that, except where ritual replaces relationship. Yes, all the religious traditions you mention deal with death (some better than others) but all deal with important moments in life, from birth to the grave. For true religious people it isn't about just one event but all events.

          I am a Christian. I believe it helps me put and keep my life together. Christianity, besides just following the teachings of Jesus, seeks to make life centered on his way of seeing the world. That includes things like putting things to right in a sometimes evil world, seeking beauty and truth, and building a new community of people. It is also about hope, not for pie in the sky, but a realized hope here and now.

          Whichever religious tradition one follows, it does attempt to help people deal with the world as it is and the world as it should be. That tension is difficult to live with. Religious practices help billions of people everyday not resolve that tension, but give them tools to live within it.
    • Nov 15 2011: I like #1 and relate best to #5. It's like taking your meds or vegetables. If it taste bad, it's probably good for you. ;)
    • thumb
      Nov 16 2011: I love your 8 and 9. I feel the same way.
      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: Thanks! It's nice to hear from a fellow sceptic.
        • Nov 18 2011: Lincoln, I am also a skeptic, or agnostic. The religion I am most familiar with is Christianity and I study the Christian Bible because there is a lot of wisdom to be found there. I can't bring myself to proclaim that Christianity is the only way to salvation (whatever that is) so I don't label myself a Christian. I pray to God for guidance and help with my problems. I will let whatever happens after this life take care of itself and do the best I can while I'm here.

          Your previous comment about having only studied the major religions "a little" is what prompted me to post here. I believe if you choose one of those religions you mentioned and dive into it more than a little you may learn that it is more than just a way to deal with fear of death, it may become a source of help for you when you are looking for help.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I think you were more right than wrong...:D
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: I like No 4 and it invoked a corrolary in my seventh decade:
      When there's pain, go to the fitness center if possible, the doctor if there's no choice.
  • Nov 15 2011: 1. What you perceive will never exactly be the same as what someone else perceives.
    2. Our reality is our way of understanding a decent amount of what is occurring around us at any given moment.
    3. You must understand your limitations in order to progress as an individual.
    4. Failure is acceptable, as long as you either learn or attempt to learn from your mistakes.
    5. Peace is a positive way of viewing compromise.
    6. Always reflect on why you're thinking what you're thinking.
    7. Originality is limited, but not severely.
    8. You're probably not as weird as you think you are.
    9. If you feel like you have no purpose, give yourself one, as long as it doesn't involve harming the general well-being of others.
    10. Sometimes its not the system that needs fixing, but the people in it.
    • Nov 15 2011: Sarah
      I do like your # 8 and 10. However yes, I might be that weird. #10 is true, but I think that somehow that is a vicious cycle.
      • Nov 19 2011: I agree regarding number ten. The randomness and slight selfishness of intent and action/reaction will always agree and clash with specific guidelines we set for ourselves. Even when generalizations are set up instead, the literal meaning taken from those generalizations can be often misguided.
        • Nov 21 2011: Sarah
          That cycle kills a lot of good human stuff. You have to really look for the leverage point, that point of change in both the system and in people.
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: Sarah! Your list was so great that it led me to check out your profile to see just who it was who was so wise!
      Thank you!
      • Nov 19 2011: Well, thank YOU for the kind words!
        And you're welcome *dusts off shoulder* It was nothin', haha.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: No. 3 seems lot's more profound than the shorts we know: "Know thyself," from Plato and "You can do anything you set your mind to," come to mind.

      "You must understand your limitations in order to progress as an individual."

      I would appreciate it if you would elaborate so that I can put to use what I learn.

      • Nov 19 2011: Hm. I suppose I mean that we often tend to think we understand ourselves as a entity and in relation to the world around us more than is naturally possible. Blind optimism is indeed an effective coping mechanism, yet I feel that, since each individual's brain is wired differently enough and matures in different areas at different paces and since we are only a species whose modern idea of consciousness evolved in such a short time span, we can only perceive so much as it is.

        I feel the reason people who perceive themselves to be smart tend to be depressed quite a bit because we have this idea that were supposed to be able to uncover many mysterious "truths", but what if its possible the idea of these truths actually existing is only because we believe them to?

        On a more personal scale, its like comparing an apple to an orange. Two people who grew up in completely different environments are not going to share the same immediate views on various social issues. Its easy to think one's own views are correct, but, it all depends on the context.

        We can only be conscious of what are individual brains allow us to, and what they allow us to comprehend in whatever manner. Knowing that we will inevitably have limitations as to how we perceive scenarios and how we as a species make sense of the world will help us be more content with the fact that we are limited, and help us utilize what we can actually have a positive effect on.

        To summarize, consciousness is, to me, somewhat but not entirely relative.

        I hope that helped!
        • thumb
          Nov 20 2011: Putting the two thoughts together: "You must understand your limitations in order to progress as an individual. Consciousness is somewhat but not entirely relative.”

          Supporting thoughts from your paragraphs:
          1. Each individual is a fraction of the world with a brain that perceives the world imperfectly.
          2. This limitation causes frustrations.
          a. Mature thinkers lament not knowing reality.
          b. Cultural differences cause social gaps.
          3. Recognizing these limitations can empower a person to effect improvements for self and the world.

          Did I somewhat understand?

    • Nov 20 2011: This list is awesome. I love number nine. Do you live on the top of a mountain entrenched in wisdom?
      In response to 8: everybody is weird, sometimes it's just less apparent.
  • Nov 14 2011: One of my favorite TEDTalks. Sarah Kay is amazing.

    1. A kind or helpful word/action that is done without superiority or ulterior motives will never go unappreciated.
    2. Confidence is at its best when people have become the best versions of themselves, or are working tirelessly at getting there.
    3. Ideas only come to those who first listen to the ideas of others.
    4. All goals that are worth achieving are not goals that can be acquired by the faint of heart.
    5. Fun and relaxation are just as important as working and studying.
    6. The world is bigger than me.
    7. There are times when it is great to be connected - relationships are extremely important. However, everyone needs to be alone sometimes.
    8. Excitement and passion should never be hidden.
    9. It is not a bad thing to feel as though you're "out of place," but you should never stop looking for your place.
    10. Education holds the key to inspired minds who are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in.
    • Nov 15 2011: Kari
      I do like your number 6. We do forget that.
    • thumb
      Nov 15 2011: HI Kari- if your #1 should ever go unappreciated - it won't matter anyway because it was done with the right motives and that feels darned good.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: What a marvelous list! I wish to share some reactions, without taking away from even one of your items:

      2. Everyone is on a path and at their current best and therefore can be appreciated, except the few who don't know empathy.
      3. Don't forget listening to those who have died. For example, I think every man who wants a spouse should read Anton Chekhov's "Rothschild's Fiddle," and imagine re-writing the story from Marfa's viewpoint. That story changed my life.
      8. A corollary is: don’t react to silence, rejection, or feeling ostracized.
      9. If being a big fish in a small pond makes you uncomfortable, consider becoming a minnow in the oceans. That’s how I chose to be a human being and member of the community of living species with no desire to reduce my associations again in my lifetime.
      10. Because of the internet, there has never been a better time to educate yourself.

      I hope my comments help convince you how great your list is.

  • Nov 14 2011: Here's 11:

    1. People find comfort in art, cause it doesn't necessarily have to make sense.
    2. People find comfort in each other, even without speaking.
    3. People find comfort in nature, even when stuck in a cubicle.
    4. People find comfort in the back pocket of their own mood, there's always a receipt in there reminding feelings.
    5. People find comfort in feeling relevant, even if it's self-imposed.
    6. People find comfort in helping each other, which should be enough, but money is always in the way.
    7 .People find comfort in staying healthy, even if they'll later go outside for a smoke.
    8. People find comfort in a shelf full of books, the subjects reflect their dreams, even if they didnt read 1 line.
    9. People find comfort in their own home, even though the bank owns most of it.
    10. People are all about believe and faith in however form... Let breaking that faith over to the competent hands of our friends in commerce, who will use everything against you for a nickel and a dime; and not to forget our friends in science who try to explain life to you preferably before your 5th birthday.

    11. However people will always do what people do best, have a laugh, talk about the weather and multiply, the rest is side-dish.
    • Nov 14 2011: Thanks Merten. A nice list.
  • Nitin k

    • +1
    Nov 14 2011: 1. There is always an another side to every story
    2. Every heart is meant to be broken
    3. Smiling is damn easy. In fact we should spread it as much as we can.
    4. Playing it safe can cause great long term damage.(People start taking you for granted)
    5. Always express no matter what it is. But in a proper way
    6. There is always a solution for every problem. You just need to find it
    7. Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them
    8. Nothing comes for free
    9. There is no self without relations
    10. Nothing(Or no one) can replace MOM'S love for you
  • thumb
    Nov 12 2011: 1. We must understand why something is false, before we can really understand why something is true (assuming there are universal truths)
    2. Action is the best advice
    3. Human interaction is necessary for expansion of knowledge
    4. Death is certain for everyone
    5. Love is the catalyst for social peace
    6. The smallest truth out weighs the most massive lie
    7. I exist
    8. The past and the future don't exist
    9. Smiling makes you feel better
    10. There is no such thing as a universal rock bottom
    • Nov 14 2011: Chandra
      # 6 should emblazoned on every wall of every assembly hall, every legislative hall, every presidential office. Mostly it should be on our hearts.
      • thumb
        Nov 14 2011: i agree. if you're always truthful then you need not worry about people saying bad things about you or trying to get you in trouble. but if you let on part of your character slip a little, with a tiny lie or a small breech of protocol in your job, then you lose credibility.
  • thumb
    Nov 12 2011: 1 Keep trying to enjoy the world.even it's not always beautiful
    2 Knowing who you are is more important than what the world is
    3 Love needs stimulation ,Don't be over-confident ,never
    4 Sending gifts is good way to keep your relationship
    5 Not everyone needs love
  • thumb
    Nov 10 2011: 1) Truth Is
    2)Truth and a belief are not the same
    3)Many people or cultures hold beliefs for no reason, other than their mothers and fathers believed it too. That doesn't make them true
    4)One Truth can be described a thousand diffrent way and they are all true
    5)Truth does not need anyone or anything to defend It
    6)Beliefs always have to have someone to express pro's and con's concerning it
    7)children and animals are closer to the Truth than adults
    8)Nature is the purest visible sense of Truth humans can experience
    9)Some people have things they 'wish" were true or "want" to be true. That is morality or emotion that an individual expresses. Truth Is.
    10) One can only be aware of Truth in the present moment, free from time, emotion, the mind and the ego. Not in the past, nor the future. Thats guilt and expetations, that rule most of our lives. Be still.Silence your mind.Truth will arise.
  • thumb
    Nov 6 2011: Ten Things I Know To True

    0. Everything you know is wrong

    1. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, Barney Frank, and George Bush had very little to do with the 2008 bubble in the US residential real estate market and the subsequent economic meltdown.

    2. Gold is a horrible investment even if you think hyperinflation is just around the cornor.

    3. Normally, when a country prints money, it leads to inflation. The Fed printing money now will not lead to inflation.

    4. A weak US dollar is needed to save the US economy.

    5. You don't always have to live within your means. You can always spend more then you earn. There does not always have to be a day of reckoning. Many fiscally responsible familes and businesses borrow more than they make year after year. Every successful business started by borrowing huge sums of money. Most families with a college educated professional need to borrow money when they are young. So long as a nation has a growing GDP they can borrow money forever.

    6. During the Ronald Reagen years, the US went being the biggest creditor nation, to the biggest debtor nation. Ronald Reagen tripled the US defict. He spent three times more than all presidents that proceeded him combined.

    7. Al Gore never said he invented the Internet. He did create Internet we know by sponsoring legislation that made ARPANET sponsored by DARPA available to the public.

    8. In close elections, punch cards need to be counted by hand because optical scanners do not count votes where a stylus punched a hole but the chad remains attached by one or two holes. This is the recommendation of every manufacturer of punch card machines. Each politician is supposed to cherry-pick just those areas they believe a hand recount will benefit them. In close elections with punch cards there should always be three counts: a first preliminary count, a machine recount, and a hand recount. For some reason the US Supreme Court decided this rule should not have been followed in the George Bush . . .
    • thumb
      Nov 7 2011: ARPANET was before Al Gore's time...
      And I'm completely lost by whether this is a joke post or not.
  • thumb
    Nov 6 2011: There is nothing I know to be true. Not even this statement. Not even my own existence. Solipists believe there is an external universe, they are just not certain about it. Solipsists believe nothing is certain, every statement just has a certain probability of truth. Some statements may be have a high probability of truth, others a low probability of truth. Most men lie to women. Most women lie to themselves."No one's truth is universal"Is this statement a universal truth? Morality is not relative. Who here claims it is not immoral for mothers to routinely torture their infants by cutting off their limbs one at a time, skinning them alive, and setting them on fire till they die? I would say such an act is objectively speaking immoral. I would say the gratuitous inflction of agony for no benefit whatsoever is inheriently evil and immoral. Sometimes, the smartest thing you can do is give up. You need to pick your battles wisely. Good chess players know when to resign. Only ameteurs futily fight on till their king is check-mated. Sometimes the means justify the ends, sometimes they do not. It all depends on the means and the ends."Everyone should travel." Even a currently indigent, elderly, previously well-traveled, deaf, blind, parapalegic in a coma in a hospital ICU with a compromised immune system ,and a highly infectious disease capable of wiping-out all life on Earth?
    • thumb
      Nov 6 2011: While I am sure no one would admit to the tortuous acts as being moral, you do realize that within the very framework of your question it necessitates a human validation, explicitly stating that without a human observer to testify to its existence, there is no immorality or morality.
      • thumb
        Nov 7 2011: My question does not require human validation at all. I have traveled to millions of galaxies, and dozens of universes. There is more or less universal agreement on this issue among intelligent sentient beings.
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    Nov 3 2011: Always ask questions, to give you full picture of the matters
  • Nov 2 2011: 1. You will never stop learning
    2. Embrace no.1 and your life will be richer for it
    3. No one ever tells the complete truth
    4. Your perspective is never the same as mine
    5. There is freedom in facing your fears
    6. It's ok to agree to diagree
    7. There is freedom in forgiveness
    8. Learn to laugh at yourself, you'll enjoy life more
    9. Music can satisfy the soul
    10. There is nothing better than a hot shower first thing in the morning
  • thumb
    Nov 2 2011: 1. nearly everything I promised myself 'never' to occur, occured
    2. what I thought of to be my deepest fears, turned out in reality to being capable and a chance to transform myself
    3. death is just another journey, perhaps the most challenging one to be ready for
    4. the mystery in life will always remain, that's what life is about
    5. children are more connected to source than most adults
    6. if we don't breathe, we are not connected to our true self
    7. life is the only true master
    8. our body is our temple/vehicle on this earthly trip, we should take great care of it
    9. intuition has brought me far more joy, inner peace and soulcontact than any mental choice
    10. bringing forth the soul essence is the reason of existence
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: I agree on #2, 3, 9
    • Nov 4 2011: Steven I do like #4, mystery and discovery are essential to life being life.
      • thumb
        Nov 4 2011: hi Michael,
        I agree, for me they are an aspect of the creational force behind the whole universe, and creation itself is a mystery.
        That's the beauty of children: they have so much easy with aceepting the mystery of life. Every day is a miracle to them.

        thanx for the conversation
  • thumb
    Nov 1 2011: I'm having an ongoing debate with a few here about the nature of truth, is truth fundamentally Objective or Subjective?

    To quote Michael M (for mystery) "There is definitely a "subjective", ie: experientially (sic) based knowledge. We see the real phenomenal world and make attempts to understand it. Sometimes those perceptions do differ. What makes this discussion so interesting is that we can share "ten things" and we can weigh in on other's. Perhaps we can make adjustments in our own understanding along the way."

    EXACTLY, as we gather more data from different SUBJECTIVE points of view we approach the universal OBJECTIVE truth.

    We are all mired in our subjective consciousness, our time, our cultures, our body, our very existence is essentially and unequivocally SUBJECTIVE.

    The statement above is only valuable, because it's TRUTH value depends upon the extent that it is UNIVERSALLY applicable to ANY INDIVIDUAL, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME, independent of CULTURE, RELIGION, SEX, etc.

    This is an INTERDEPENDENT REALITY. A fact that is OBJECTIVELY TRUE regardless of our perspective.

    This EXERCISE in truth sharing is only valuable because it lets us see into the minds of others, and compare our perspective, giving us a broader, more OBJECTIVE point of view. When you collect individual opinions across time and space, via communication, you approach a universal mind, an come ever closer to the objective truth.
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    Oct 31 2011: In no particular order:

    1. Love is the most precious gift you can give.
    2. Traveling gives your soul access to the world.
    3. Forgiveness is a difficult concept that we further complicate with our insecurities.
    4. Find at least one person you can be completely vulnerable with…it will save you.
    5. We’re never lost, just undiscovered.
    6. Laughter heals most pains.
    7. Everyone deserves a quality education. Knowledge is power.
    8. I am enough. I embrace being different. I can’t be anyone else. Sorry if you need me to be.
    9. Appreciate life's moments. They are all magical in their own way.
    10. Never wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain.
    • Oct 31 2011: Meyla
      I particularly like your #'s 5, 8, and 10.
      Discovery is very magic, even about ourselves.
      Being enough is enough
      Dancing in the rain is good. But then dancing anywhere is good.
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    Oct 28 2011: Here goes mine. You may or may not agree to all of them =)

    1. I am the only reality that i am sure of.
    2. WHY question is bigger than the HOW question. So focus on that.
    3. Truth is what is inside all of us, the inner-self. It is bitter and it is brutal but it is the only truth.
    4. A fully matured idea is the most powerful thing; it can travel faster than the fastest particle of this cosmos.
    5. Prophets and scientists are basically the same but the flip sides and so is the religion and science.
    6. Understanding of nature is relative, no science, no religion can give an eternal verdict on it. It is valid only in a given time frame, before and after it might not be true.
    7. Death is the most fascinating phenomena of life. What happens after that will remain unexplained.
    8. Current monetary system supporting materialistic values is the root cause of all social evils. To create a perfect world, we must throw it out. The sooner the better.
    9. Health is the basic human right everything comes later.
    10 This world is going to end one day, for sure.
    • thumb
      Oct 28 2011: Only one thing: in #3, "bitter and brutal", why not sweet and beautiful?
      • thumb
        Oct 28 2011: It is only sweet and beautiful after you have broken through other truths that are bitter and brutal.

        The only way it would be your way Frans is if the child was brought up truly in an open-minded, broad, irreligious and naturalistic environment. The majority of the world is not born with those qualities. Generational dysfunctions, (EX:) racism, being passed down from generation to generation is far more common. Patternicity is a factor with humans, I feel Muzakir has gotten that down.

        Except 6. but I agree on 5. ha.

        You can use a balance of skeptic-faith when dealing with religion and science to find your way to understanding nature. Take knowledge from both to create something more foundational. To think "eternally" would be to anticipate change, and as long as you realize the universe is forever changing and apply that to your existential thoughts; nothing is the same "eternal verdict" constantly, always evolving.
        • thumb
          Oct 28 2011: @ Nicholas Lukowiak:

          Explaining # 6 is easy. The most recent example is of the Neutrino particle, before this light particles were considered as the fastest but now they have found that Neutrino is even faster than the speed of light. Though they are rechecking the results in 3 different labs now because of the impact it can create on our understanding of this universe. If it proofs to be true, the Einsteins theory will be out of the window. Not saying he was wrong but the understanding he had of this nature was valid for a limited period of time. And this process of evolving understanding will keep on repeating itself just the way we are evolving. So i guess it's a never ending story!
      • thumb
        Oct 28 2011: @ Frans:

        Because the truth of life is not sweet and beautiful, it is flashy and colorful from the outside but it is bitter and brutal from the inside. Life is unjust in all its forms, it has three main phases: a) Birth, it never asks before bringing someone into existence b) After birth and before death, the lifetime: it believes that the fittest should survive c) Death, it is a forced exit.

        Sweet things like a smiling child, a rising sun, a colorful flower, a beautiful piece of music and countless other things are all our means to make ourselves happy, it’s nothing more than a flashy display which life offers us so we should not abandon the process of its continuation. Have you ever thought when do we get maximum pleasure and why?
        • Oct 28 2011: Muzakir,
          I am grateful that I was born, the longer i live the less I am afraid of death,/ it's not the end but a new beginning/ and I enjoy what I have in between.
          So, truth is relative to the mindset you bring to it :)
        • thumb
          Oct 30 2011: Frans,

          I agree with your sentiment. I don't think that non-judgement is possible, however. If you think about it, you have made several judgements in your replies. From the day we are born, pain is evident. How we deal with pain and pleasure has very much to do with who we are. That being said, I am in total agreement with you, that you meet what you give. You are also right that pain motivates us to change. Is that truth bitter and brutal? That is where our attitudes and judgements can change the "reflected world." That doesn't change the fact that we all deal with pain.

          I also like your sentiment because there seems to be such a hangup with pleasure in the American conscience. It is often associated with and mired by guilt and perversion.
      • thumb
        Oct 28 2011: I don't see where are saying anything I didn't Muzakir.

        The theory is just a theory, which is why it was never made "law" or "fact" not a very good example except to those who conformed to believing Einstein was right.
      • thumb
        Oct 29 2011: "Life is pain, Princess. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something." paraphrased from Princess Bride.
        • thumb
          Oct 29 2011: Pain always is a sign that something isn't going well.
          It is a call for change, for finding a better balance within and without.
          A good start can be acceptance, appreciation and non judgment.
          As I saw one moment that my world reflected my inner state that same world made a shift.
          You meet what you give.
    • Oct 28 2011: Muzakir
      I really do like your #'s 5 & 6. 5 is a great insight with a lot of truth to it. 6 is just one of those things that people need to realize about our world. It helps make you not so final.
    • Oct 29 2011: An idea is by definition an infant but may grow if cultivated hopefully never to reach full maturity because ideas can build on one another indefinitely. The only fully matured idea is that which is abandoned or neglected.
      • thumb
        Oct 30 2011: Out of 106 billion people who have ever lived, there are less than 100 people who had changed the course of mankind's history, i believe all of them had a fully matured idea in their minds, be it in the form of religion, some scientific equation or a philosophical thought.
        • Nov 1 2011: I was just trying to point out that an idea is much like a link in a chain which always has room for another to be added, but if you don't see it that way more power to you. If we all thought alike no one would make any changes and the world would be incredibly boring. Best of luck...
  • Oct 27 2011: Thank you for this great sharing idea!
    Here's 10 things i know to be True:

    1. I love my son. Apart from being awesome and cute and all that, he is the most beautiful Soul.
    and then i need to think...real hard, because
    2. The more i learn, the more i am flabbergasted by the vastness of all things -from particles to galaxies to human awareness- and by how little we know all together!
    3. Life is change. Death, being part of life, is change.
    4. Everything is connected.
    5. There is free will.
    6. If we want to put an end to war, we need to stop fighting.
    7. An open mind learns more, and open heart loves more. Both open more doors.
    8. Every living being you meet is a door to another universe.
    9. So are books, and the internet these days -and they're always open.
    10. Training oneself' contentment as an attitude, ultimately enhances the probability for moments of sheer bliss.

    All comments welcome, but plz don't bash my semantics/english language -not native ;-)
    Also, given #3, I might have written something quite different another day – except for #1 of course.
    With love, from Belgium.
  • Oct 27 2011: Albert, feeling sorry for me would be a waste of your good time....
  • Oct 27 2011: Dear Albert,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and replying to my beliefs. Here is a brief explanation for what I summarized earlier:

    1. "Listen to your body's wisdom" - every cell of our body has wisdom else we would not have physiological addictions like smoking. Candace Pert, PhD, the Georgetown University professor who wrote Molecules of Emotion states that if you want to see your subconscious mind, then just look in the mirror. Yes, our body is its visible manifestation.

    Example 2: A gut feeling is actually a physical response to your subconscious mind weighing up all known factors and then making a decision. Your gut is signalling to you the best option. “Malcolm Gladwell”: in his book “Blink”: discusses how using thin slicing and gut feeling you can make just as good a decision, if not better than consciously seeking all relevant information.

    2. "Live in the moment". You've missed the point completely. Living in the moment does not exclude planning for the future. Elizabeth Gilbert, writes about a friend in her memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" who, would exclaim in near panic whenever she sees a beautiful place, "It's so beautiful here! I want to come back here someday!" "It takes all my persuasive powers," writes Gilbert, "to try to convince her that she is already here."!!!

    When we are one with nature, we are not greedy and the ecological problems that we are facing today has arisen due to GREED, the universe has enough for our need, not our greed!

    Often, we're so trapped in thoughts of the future or the past that we forget to experience, let alone enjoy what's happening right now. We sip coffee and think, "This is not as good as what I had last week." Instead, relish or luxuriate in whatever you're doing at the present moment—what psychologists call savoring.
  • thumb

    Da Es

    • +1
    Oct 27 2011: 1. We are ONE/ connected, sharing and feeding the collective consciousness
    2. We are here to be creative/ look around, look back, look at yourself and try to tell otherwise
    3. We are moving/ change, grow and experience my friends... life is evolving!
    4. We are the reflection of our surroundings, the context and the other/ life is a personal perception
    5. We are the world as imagined/ ...
    6. We We We/ the collective is more powerful and needs ONE to exist
    7. no ONE needs 10 of anything/ BE-GIVE-RE:CREATE
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    Oct 26 2011: Hi all. This is a tricky topic!
    1. Defining what you really "know", and how you know it, is difficult.
    2. Defining what is "true" (either for yourself, or in a universal sense) is also difficult.
    3. and I just can't resist adding this. Faith, and belief in god(s), is anti-knowledge. You might hope its true, want it to be true, it might make you feel good, but you don't know its true.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Oct 26 2011: Hey Adriaan. Spot on. Anyone who "knows" there is no god is puffing smoke and nonsense like an evangelist.
        But we're going to drown in double-negatives if we play this particular tennis game any further :) so here's truth #4
        4. not knowing there is no god does not mean you know there is a god.
        Faith is the opposite, the mirror-image, of knowledge.
        • Oct 26 2011: i don't know that there is no god, but i know that THE god dosn't exist.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: QUOTE: "Faith, and belief in god(s), is anti-knowledge. You might hope its true, want it to be true, it might make you feel good, but you don't know its true." - Mike Kelso

        QUOTE: "A belief that god(s) do not exist, is anti-knowledge. You might hope its true, want it to be true, it might make you feel good, but you don't know its true." - Adriaan Braam

        And only one of these assertions can be falsified.
        • thumb
          Oct 28 2011: Every thing can be falsified is that a good measure? People still believe the earth is flat in some places, some people believe that we never landed on the moon and all those groups can falsify things.
    • thumb
      Oct 28 2011: Hi James,

      No, I mean falsify in the "scientific" sense. We can falsify the assertion there is no God by meeting God (if He/Shei/It/Ta exists.)

      We cannot falsify the claim God does not exist because, well, we might meet Him/Her/It/Ta, tomorrow.

      That is ONE reason religious belief will likely be with us for a long, long, time.
  • Oct 26 2011: 1. No Brain, no pain
    2. Thinking is everything
    3. The mind is the brain's child
    4. If I change my thinking I change me
    5. Love covers a multitude of wrongs
    6. Learning is the method life uses to live on
    7. No one can have a thought for me
    8. No one knows what I am thinking or feeling unless I communicate it
    9. One question answered equals two questions
    10. TED is a fantastic educational tool
  • Oct 26 2011: I am wondering if a list of "Ten Things I Believe" might be different from a list of "Ten Things I Consider True"?
  • thumb
    Oct 26 2011: 1. If everyone do their roles to their best, they are making this world a better place. (rather than emphasizing on rights)
    2. Everyone has at least one talent.
    3. Most teens spend their time on useless activities. (including spend too much time over the internet)
    4. Journalism today contains manipulation, untruthfulness and has lost its real value.
    5. Sharing ideas through is one of the most effective ways.
    6. Not all people who do good at school also do good at life and careers.
    7. Everyone can be saved through a true God who exists if they want to.
    8. Everyone who follows his/her passion has higher chance to succeed.
    9. Education and its curriculums are growing rapidly causing children to suffer and lack of creativity.
    10. Michael E. Russell's opinion is true. (And this is my opinion that I believe to be true)

    There they are :-)
    • Oct 27 2011: You had me up to #4, after that is up for discussion. I agree that TED is great, but are you an ad? Yes to 6, then 7 you go back to God? huh. Some people follow passion blindly(8). Education comes in many forms: 1!Parents!, teachers, peers, schools, self....
  • Oct 26 2011: Here are my 10 things I know to be true:

    1. Never stop learning.
    2. Life is short, enjoy every minute of it.
    3. You are only as old as you let yourself think / feel you are.
    4. Evil exists in our world. So does good.
    5. Laughter is an incredible medicine.
    6. The sun always rises in the east.
    7. Respect must be earned.
    8. Happiness is a state of mind.
    9. A society without morals will destroy itself.
    10. Love, family, friends are more important than money, possessions, success.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: Evil = the knowing destruction of sentient life. Good is the opposite.
      The sun doesn't rise, we spin.
      I like 7
      Most morality is irrational and ultimately destroys society.
  • thumb
    Oct 26 2011: 1. Small actions can have huge impacts.
    2. It's all about the way you think.
    3. Some days are just hard, and that's okay.
    4. Nothing is perfect.
    5. Life isn't easy.
    6. Aliens exist.
    7. If you want to change something, you need to change something. The first thing to change is the way you think.
    8. Changing the way you think is not easy.
    9. Our reaction to events is more important than the events themselves.
    10. Our lives are what we make of them, we've just got to always keep trying.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: How do you know 6?
      Our lives are what we make them, within the limits imposed upon us by nature and society. We can't change nature, we can change society, but it may cost our lives.
  • thumb
    Oct 25 2011: 1. Everyone loves polite people.
    2. Human evolution theory is wrong.
    3. There are many secrets in the world which are known to only few people.
    4. One single invention can create millions of jobs around the world.
    5. The most intelligent human era has passed in history.
    6. Computer will control human in future.
    7. Music has profound effect on brain.
    8. Everyone has fear of something.
    9. Human will never think about health until gets ill.
    10. Money makes money and the money that makes money make more money.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: I hate polite people
      every theory is 'wrong' in the sense it is incomplete, but evolutionary theory is more complete than most.
      these are truisms not truths
  • thumb
    Oct 25 2011: 1. When people talk about God everyone has a different conception of "It" in their head.
    2. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and no democratic consensus or referendum will change that.
    3. When someone says, 'No one could have foreseen this!", someone else has foreseen it.
    4. When someone says, "Everyone agrees that...... ", someone will say, "I don't agree with that!"
    5. The statement that "the grass is greener" is sometimes true (but it's hard to know when it is true....).
    6. I am never lost; whenever I check I'm still right here. (Children in malls know this when they say, 'I'm not lost; my mom is lost!' Foolish adults lie to children and teach them otherwise.)
    7. When one man decides to change the world the first place to start is with himself. The odds of changing 7,000,000,000 fellow human beings is exceedingly low.
    8. Time travel is possible (just wait and you'll see). Time travel into the past, however, requires books.
    9. A great way to learn humility is to walk through a cemetery and think how many folks there thought they were the height of creation and incredibly fantastic examples of humankind.
    10. Folks worry a lot about death, but they don't seem at all concerned that they weren't around (basically dead) for the first 13,750,000,000 years of the universe's existence.
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    Oct 24 2011: Yes, what I call my mantra is explore, play, appreciate. I use this to guide my experiences as I practice what I know to be my Truths. You are an inspiring example of practicing your truth.
  • thumb
    Oct 24 2011: I have a lot of beliefs and unbeliefs and filtering to 10 will be an exercise in supressing meandering and other playful things. letters are a waste of time; they wear out the shift key and slow typing down... one has punctuation and the 3 dot row... i believe there is'nt need for captitals.

    2..human life is a balancing act affected by our emotional stability: one can walk the rope and feel secure; suddenly the rope shakes reminding us of our precariousness...some modify their reactions to the imbalance, some master the tightrope, and some walk the floor but miss the view... we are born with different brands and qualities of tightrope; then our carers modify it before we are tall enough to claim the rope for ourselves.

    3..inventing,designing and building at any level is a theraputic thing...its all joining up is in our nature to try to make sense out of put things in order, find patterns...use our imagination ...and to believe we are the center of OUR universe: the last statement i disbelieve...its understandable that when an occurance of nature interfered with our survival we thought "why me what have i done" that the first myth arose. our awareness of our own mortality gave rise to the second myth

    5..most food comes from the sea or the dirt on the land in most countries... not primarily the supermarket..less people know that these day

    6..satisfying suppers don't come from a take out or a is design, tecnology art, biology, botany history, culture, caring..and so much more..and the same applies to gardening interest in and experience of mostly everything is helps to join up the dots... sometime jack of all trades is better than a master of one...unless the autism gene is swirched on then focus is the key for a happy life :~}

    8.. basic listening / communication skills would help everyone of all ages

    9..all our range of feelings have a purpose.

    10..atheists have beliefs
    • Oct 24 2011: Thank you for your 10. You came at it from a very different direction than did I. Now I'd like to see the boundary of ten broken but I'll resist for the sake of the thread author. :)
  • Oct 24 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1. Music has the power to change my mood.
    2. Susan Striker’s Anti Coloring Book is genius.
    3. I need a lot of sleep.
    4. If I give in to my temper, I always regret it.
    5. You don’t run out of love to give.
    6. It’s dangerous to grocery shop when you’re hungry.
    7. The real art of conversation is both to say the right thing at the right time and to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
    8. TED quickly becomes something of an addiction.
    9. Embrace the power of the AND.
    10. When it all starts to feel a bit overwhelming ice cream or flying trapeze usually help.

    @Cleo thanks for the engaging question! Fun both to creat one's own response and read all the others.
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    Oct 24 2011: 10 Things I Have Discovered to be True as a Father:

    1) Each of my faults, failings and hypocrisies are vividly revealed each day through what I do and what I don't do.
    2) I often feel in awe of my children's innocent kindness and I wonder when I lost that innocence.
    3) I often feel not worthy to be my children's father.
    4) That feeling motivates me to improve myself - but it's a very long and protracted journey.
    5) I remember the day when it dawned upon my son that I could not protect him from the bad in this world. I had dreaded that inevitable day. Prior to that day, I had consoled myself with the delusion that it would never come. I recall the day when I made the same realization about my own father.
    6) I don't have a favorite son but I also don't love them the same way. But that doesn't mean I love one more or less than I do the other, just differently. They are at different stages in their lives, have different personalities, and have different histories with me.
    7) All the frustration and misery of raising two boys dissipate quickly when I see them show kindness to each other and to others.
    8) I am most proud of my son's kind hearts and their will to use their gifts to serve others in need.
    9) Being a father has been one of the most rewarding, meaningful, beautiful gifts that I have ever received.
    10) The other such gift was the gift of my wife who loves me despite all of my faults, foibles, and failings.
    • thumb
      Oct 24 2011: Nice list.

      And you (probably) haven't lost that innocence ... you (probably) just learned some other stuff you covered it up with.

      And some of the "other stuff" is (probably) really cool too.

      Some of it ... maybe not so much.



      I've been told, and I believe it to be true, we all have the heart of a child.
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    Oct 24 2011: 1. There is no indication that there are, were, or will be one or multiple Gods.
    2. We rarely, if ever, grasp how much we are ignorant of.
    3. Our own happiness can be significantly influenced by our own actions.
    4. It's is worthwhile to try and love life.
    5. Money can't buy happiness, but it can remove a lot of factors that promote unhappiness.
    6. Good habits make life a lot easier and enjoyable.
    7. Good friends make life even easier and even more enjoyable.
    8. We have a lot of words for Utopian concepts - such as "fairness" - but tend to forget that what they stand for does not really exist.
    9. Some people are more valuable than others.
    10. There is not enough fossil fuel to continue to support our life style for as long as we would like.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: no.5 agreed
      no.8 should be a topic post for discussion
      no.9 also
      no.10 agreed, i will also throw in " let alone for the support of the rising population"
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: Anna I agree with your number 9.
      It is interesting the many ways we can define value in this application. Some people in our lives have a degree of importance that is impossible to measure. One might say there child has the most value to them, in terms of emotional need. In a different way though, ones employer has a tremendous amount of value to them in terms of financial need.

      There could also be a person who you seemingly have no relationship with that has a great deal of value to you, but you are unaware of. An example might be a doctor who makes a great breakthrough in cancer study leading to a medication that alleviates major symptoms of a disease you may suffer from.

      The branches of this value web are innumerable and complex, and very intriguing. To us there is no question though, some people are more integral to this web than others, and some of those people happen to be attached to many more webs than others also.
    • thumb
      Oct 26 2011: Fairness exists, justice is an ideal.
      The world is unfair, but it is we who make it unjust.
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    Oct 24 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1. Happiness is what you believe it to be.
    2. The universe is amazingly beautiful and complex.
    3. The universe is unfolding as it should.
    4. Age does not define you.
    5. You can get older, but it is up to you grow up.
    6. Perfection is unachievable, but that does not mean you shouldn't strive to achieve it.
    7. Inspiration can be found in everything
    8. We all have a right to be here.
    9. As adults we can learn a lot from children.
    10. To love is good, to be loved is great.
    • thumb
      Oct 24 2011: Hi Eddie,

      You say, "Perfection is unachievable, ...."

      I used to believe this to be true too ... until someone redefined perfection for me. The standard definition is something like, "without flaw or blemish."

      A hard goal to reach, especially if one has already made a mistake.

      One day, I was listening to speaker at a conference and he said his definition of perfection was, "everything in its proper place."

      I liked that because there is room, within that definition, for everything - including flaws, mistakes, misunderstanding and so on. For example, a "perfect" human being would make mistakes because that is what human beings do (amongst many other things.)
      • thumb
        Oct 24 2011: I understand what you are saying. To me perfectionism just means a need to try your hardest at something. It doesn't mean you are perfect, or that you do 'said thing' perfectly.

        If you were to know me, you would never peg me as a perfectionist, but I know I am because I really do try to do my best even if it doesn't turn out how I wanted. (I make lots of mistakes!)

        I was relieved to find out perfectionist need not be perfect. lol
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    Oct 23 2011: Cleo - such a beautiful post!

    1. I have an unconditional love for, and trust in, my mother, father and sister.
    2. One day, I will die.
    3. I can do my best to live a healthy life and make decisions that will keep me healthy (physically, spiritually), but I do not ultimately have control over when my death will come.
    4. Because of #3 and #4, the time I have now is a sacred and precious gift and everyday I make decisions as to how I want to use that time.
    5. Everyone has a story that can teach you something if only (a) you give him/her a chance to share it and (b) allow yourself to receive it openly.
    6. And somewhat conversely- everyone also has the potential to do something significant themselves, to create something new and good with the time they are given.
    7. Significant things are things that bring joy to at least one person other than you.
    8. Engaging with people and worldviews different from your own is essential to growth. In fact, it is quite possibly the only way you can grow.
    9. The earth does not belong to us, rather we belong to it.
    10. Hence, as Alice Walker said so eloquently, “Activism is my rent for living on this planet.”
  • Oct 23 2011: Dr. West loves us and gives me possitive vibes to face the stuggle.
  • Oct 23 2011: I define God as everything, not a particular person or entity. The older Einstein got, the more he came to believe that there was something intrinsic in the universe that could not be explained by mere science or physics. There is an underlying force in the universe that gives particles mass and gives mass weight. God is in the WHY? I did not give "a person in the sky" some kind of creators credit for the universe. God is the universe and everything in it, including those tiny bits that make up you and the arrangement of those tiny bits that allow your self-realization that you exist.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: Then why call it god? There's nothing wrong about saying: "there are things about the world (or the universe) that I don't understand" It's ok to have unknowns, but saying goddunit prevents you from further inquiry. Not knowing something leads to discovery, thinking you know the answer leads nowhere.
  • Oct 23 2011: Ten things I find to be true ... At this moment.

    Ten things I know to be true

    1. You can love another person unconditionally
    2. If something looks different, it is.
    3. Truth and right are relative terms.
    4. Life will teach them (us).
    5. Children will cause you to have the highest highs and lowest lows in your life.
    6. People will surprise you.
    7. Spending quality time with your grandchild heals you.
    8. Music can take you there.
    9. There are just enough good people in the world to make it worthwhile. But it's close!
    10. It is possible to be so open minded your brains fall out.
    • thumb
      Oct 24 2011: 1. You can love another person unconditionally

      This is one of those fuzzy ones (which ones aren't?)

      As soon as we add an object of affection the the statement, "You can love ..." it becomes conditional. The object must be present (if only representationally ... as in an idea (God, a beloved, an ancestor, etc.))

      Unconditional love (if it exists) can be experienced only as love. Not love for ... [something.]

      So if unconditional love does exist, if all else disappeared what would, by necessity, have to remain is love. (If unconditional love does exist.)

      Splitting hairs, I know, but there you have it.
  • Comment deleted

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      Oct 23 2011: Music can take you there. Dang, I wish I would have said that one.
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    Oct 23 2011: What I know to be true?
    1) There are always 2 sides to a story and there is the truth
    2) My rules regulate my experiences
    3) I can change the rules I live by
    4) Everything I have experienced is not all there is to experience
    5) If I do the thing, I will have the power
    6) Forgiveness will set me free
    7) The only thing that is certain is change
    8) There are no guarantees
    9) The mind can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell
    10) I can change my P.O.V. (Point of View) to LOVE
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    Oct 23 2011: Here are 10 Things I Know to be True:
    1. Our last act on earth will be to shit ourselves.
    2. Nexcare is preferable to Band-Aid.
    3. Louis C.K.
    4. People often give terrible, delusional advice.
    5. The future does not exist. There is only now. And now. And now.
    6. Faulkner.
    7. Anderson Cooper.
    8. Orphaned baby birds are difficult to save.
    9. We can learn a lot about human nature by watching zombie movies.
    10. Ira Glass is a douche.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: This rocks! on so many levels.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: 8 and 9 are your best. Baby birds are a b#@ch to save, and my wife said I was crazy when I was preparing my Zombie Survival Pack. She said, there are no zombies! I said, that's not the point, there's always something...
      What's wrong with Ira Glass?
  • Oct 23 2011: 10 things I know to be true

    1 "Masakatsu Agatsu" - (The greatest victory is self mastery)
    2 Clinging is the source of suffering
    3 "Fear is (a) Mind-Killer"
    4 The path to true joy is doing good things and knowing self.
    5 Learning is living
    6 Laws can be manipulated, the source of one's true intent is the measure of one's honor.
    7 We all die, what we do in This Life, Now is what matters most.
    8 Intelligence is how effectively one can learn. Knowledge is what one learns. Wisdom is how effectively one will make use of the first two and understanding the consequences that use might create. Wisdom is what we lack most.
    9 It is better to live in the question than to force an answer.
    10 "With great power comes great responsibility."
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. No matter what happens in this life, I am never alone. I take every step with the confidence that comes from knowing that the Lord my God will be with me wherever I go.

    2. Though we have been taught that truth is indeed universal, it is not. We have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to decide what truths we shall live by.

    3. My truths are the things which connect me to others but also the things which separate me from others. We build relationships on shared truths. Unfortunately, we also use our truths as a means to belittle others and as a malicious attempt to control others.

    4. People are cruel...but they are also kind. They are harsh...but they are also gentle. They are naive...but they are also wise. People are immensely more than we sometimes like to admit. No person can be defined entirely by negatives but so often we entrap them in their mistakes. No person can be defined entirely by positives but so often we place them on a pedestal and expect them never to slip from their alter. People are both good and bad, kind and cruel, harsh and gentle, naive and wise. People are simply that...people.

    5. As we grow, we change. As we change, our worldview is altered. This will put our friendships and relationships to the test. Strong, mature friendships evolve from a shared understanding that we will change over time and a shared intention to continue loving one another as we change.

    6. Life ends. Sometimes peacefully...sometimes tragically. But we cannot possibly know how our lives or the lives of those we love shall end. This means that we should live with intention. Intention to live, to laugh, to love endlessly. We should always leave others with a smile on their face.

    7. Traveling is education. The world itself is a teacher as are the many people we meet throughout our travels. If you haven't traveled, you should start now.
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: I hope that people will not overlook the wonderful ideas here because of their prejudice about the personal belief you express in #1. I like your first statement in #3. I am not sure about the second thing. I don't think that a truth belittles people. People use fear of the truth and lies to belittle people.
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    Oct 23 2011: I’ve learned that we don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

    I’ve learned that no matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

    I’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. The same goes for true love.

    I’ve learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

    I’ve learned that it isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.

    I’ve learned that it’s taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

    I’ve learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.

    I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you can’t.

    I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

    I’ve learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. People are what they are, and respond, through their experiences and abilities.
    2. Everyone has their own perspective
    3. Self pity is not valid - it is how you react and respond to your circumstances .
    4. Procrastination is the bane of the world
    5. We are more emotional than rational beings
    6. Critical thinking is important for those you value truth and reality
    7. Contentment and Happiness is in acceptance, not desires - want what you have.
    8. Things don’t happen just because you think they should
    9. We are inconsequential specks in the scale of the universe
    10. Sh*t happens.
  • Oct 22 2011: Ten things I know to be true (at this moment)...

    10. A little empathy never hurt anyone.
    9. The world will be a better place when people--all people--venture to adopt, or at least consider, new perspectives.
    8. Stories are good. Good stories are better.
    7. We are all stitched from the same quilt.
    6. Simplicity is good.
    5. Music and colours provide much of the spice of life.
    4. Nature deserves to be.
    3. Family, friends, lovers, passion, and laughter are all good things.
    2. It is difficult but not impossible to change habits and patterns of behaviour.
    1. We will encounter challenges when we do not expect them.
  • Oct 22 2011: Ten Things I know to Be True
    1. "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans," John Lennon
    2. I'm getting quieter as I get older.
    3. Who ever was the first person to claim a space of land and called it private property, made things complicated.
    4. People in our culture are very important, too important to listen to each-other.
    5. We continue to remember what were forgetting to remember.
    6. Loving yourself is key to self actualization, too many times I've last my key.
    7. Love is only love if it comes without conditions.
    8. To service those in need I cannot have pity in my thoughts, heart, or eyes.
    9. “I’m a bluesman in the life of the mind,” Cornel West
    10. The dude abides.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. The past can never be fixed, the only release is to choose to stop caring about it, and no, that doesn't make one a bad person.
    2. The more one's mind is like a child's, the faster one will learn.
    3. All states of mind are a conscious choice.
    4. Inner strength begins with knowing who you are, being proud of who you are, then becoming absolutely uncompromizing on your values.
    5. Empathetic people are at risk of becoming manipulative and corrupt once they start to understand other peoples feelings a little too well, and how easy it would be to control them.
    6. The true test of a leader is not to become cynical after you realize how stupid the world is.
    7. One should not believe anything in it's entirety unless they are themselves the witness, and even then, one should reflect upon it and criticize ones judgement before making a decision.
    8. To claim ones faith is correct is a paradox. One does not have faith unless they accept the possibility that they could be wrong. If there was no possibility of it being wrong, then it would simply be fact.
    9. Families are more successful the more they act as a single entity, financially, emotionally, and otherwise.
    10. Money has no real value, and its purpose has been heavily perverted over the past 200 years. (probably longer)
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: QUOTE: "3. All states of mind are a conscious choice."

      I've met a few people with mental illnesses who might not agree with this one. They would gladly choose another state of mind, if they could.

      And I don't think we can choose our genes - for example, our serotonin-transporter gene can come in two "flavours;" one with long alleles or one with short alleles. We could have two long, two short, or one of each allele. All else being equal, if we have two short alleles, we are twice as likely to experience depression than if we had two long alleles.

      How about, "Most states of mind are a conscious choice?"
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I think you are confusing a state of mind with a condition of mind sir.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: That is a possibility. How do you make the distinction?
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: A state of mind is a variable that falls inside the boundaries of ones mental condition.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: So are you saying if my friend Stephen, who is schizophrenic, is agitated by the voices he hears in his head (which he is from time to time) he is in control of his state of mind to the extent he can, say, choose which voice he listens too, how agitated he will become, and whether or not he will physically react to it?

          He can't, not yet anyway, it's a hypothetical question.

          It's your list of course - and I would agree most of us can choose our state of mind, most of the time - but I am not convinced all states of mind are a choice.

          Maybe we can pursue it, in more depth, at another time.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I would say that your friend cant control what voices he hears, as obviously thats his condition. I do however believe that he has a choice to let those voices bother him. unless of course he has another condition that inhibits him from tuning it out, like autism. As for his physical reaction, most likely that is triggered by involuntary motor controls of the brain, which I would say is a condition of everyones brain. I'm honestly just trying to explain the difference, I know its not as simple as most people think lol.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: QUOTE: "I do however believe that he has a choice to let those voices bother him."

          Again, it is a possibility but, if he does have a choice, he has yet to discover at what level the choice is to be made and applied.

          A long time ago, I engaged in a kind of "magic thinking," and I used to think, we could choose our way out of mental illnesses - and the concomitant states of mind they engender - I don't think that anymore.

          Thanks for the clarification of your point.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: no problem, I added a bit to the above comment. The simplest way I can put it is, if it is impossible for someone to control and will always occur regardless, that is a mental condition. If it is changable, then it is a state of mind. My original point on my list "all states of mind are a conscious choice" was simply to clarify that if it's possible to change your mood or state of mind at all about something, then it is possible to change your mood or state of mind completely about something no matter how difficult. It more directly relates to emotional reactions than anything else.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: If you want you can replace "state of mind" with "mood" or "feelings toward" if that makes more sense. State of mind is the same thing though. "state of mind" is only a temporary psycological condition by definition. Mental condition is a where the factors of the problem (or "difference" as I like to put it.) are constant.

        The best analogy I can give you is to think of a persons mental condition as rocks in a stream. A state of mind would be the water flowing down the stream. When the water hits a rock, it has no choice but to flow around it. But on its own, its free to choose where to go.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: Good analogy.

          There is a phrase I like, "Good enough parenting." As in kids will turn out all right if they get "good enough parenting." I forget who said it. (Maybe Marshal Rosenberg???)

          Anyway, I think if our mental health is "good enough" we would, in virtually any situation, be free to validate Victor Frankl's famous dictum:

          "Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

          And the latitude of "good enough" does seem to be broad indeed. But on those rare and distant parts of the chart where the cartographer inscribes, "Here Be Dragons," choice might be curtailed considerably.

          I expect we are in general agreement.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. There are many shades of blue
    2. If you don't wear sunscreen, you will get burned
    3. Even with sunscreen you can get burned
    4. A bad mood probably means you're hungry or tired or both
    5. Science can only help understand possibility or improbability
    6. Kids are intuitively creative; too much rigor and discipline kill creativity
    7. Diversity and variety are the best spices of life
    8. Sleep is more important than working late
    9. Laughing helps
    10. Life happens whether or not you think you're ready-- there is no pause button
    • Oct 22 2011: Your number 2 does not apply in Seattle ;)
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. My voice is small and hard to hear.
    2. Religion is a con game, but it is not the only one.
    3. Chess matters, but I don't know why.
    4. Animals have feelings, we should consider those feelings when we raise them for our own benefit.
    5. I will work my whole life.
    6. Children are not here to fulfill their parents fantasies.
    7. The decks are stacked, the dice are loaded, do not depend on the game.
    8. Business and profit are a con game, but they are not the only one.
    9. People matter, but I don't know why.
    10. I will never know the answers.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. Humans tend to talk in generalities and grandiose ideas.
    2. Any idea that is not reducible to every day doings has no worth (George Santayana).
    3. There is not truth, only opinion (some opinions are more widely accepted than others).
    4. Many people will disagree with your truths.
    5. Opinions can be informed or uninformed but they are still truths to the people that hold them.
    6. Even when you're wrong, you're right.
    7. An ass that travels does not come back a horse.
    8. "Yes" is the answer.
    9. Humanity is a cess-pool of talent.
    10. Ignorance is bliss.
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    Oct 22 2011: 10 Things I Know to be True

    1. Laughter heals the soul.
    2. Knowledge is limitless.
    3. Success is a result of ones decisions and ACTIONS.
    4. Music brings people together and tears them apart.
    5. We are all the same, flesh and blood.
    6. Our differences are reliant on our experiences.
    7. Fear prevents dreams from coming true.
    8. If you fail, there is another way.
    9. Do something you love.
    10. Exercise produces happiness.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. It's not where, but who you are with that matters
    2. I can take a walk and appreciate every falling leaf, be delighted by every child's laugh, bask in the warm sun upon my face, and still be profoundly sad.
    3. It's okay to say "I'm Sorry" even if you are not. It doesn't hurt you and it always makes the other person feel better.
    4. Joy and Happiness are not the same.
    5. As it turns out, most nerds aren't any nicer than the jocks who bullied them. Their condemnation is just more clever.
    6. Not caring about what other people think is not an attribute. It leads to narcissistic behavior and will ultimately be detrimental to you and those around you.
    7. People will rarely remember what you were wearing or how your hair looked. They will always remember how you treated them.
    8. A good song at the right time can change a day.
    9. In the immortal words of the Indigo Girls "The less I seek the source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine."
    10. "Why?" might be the single most important word in the world.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Kindness is important.
    2. Being of service to others makes you feel good.
    3. Make decisions promptly and then direct your efforts to making them work.
    4. Course corrections in life are to be expected.
    5. Apologize promptly and sincerely.
    6. Be there when people need you.
    7. Fill your mind with interesting questions.
    8. Find wonder in the everyday.
    10. Cherish the people in your life.
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    Oct 22 2011: My 1-5 List of Ten Things I THINK I Know To Be True....

    1.) Life can sometimes be really, really hard BUT we always have the capacity to either make it harder or to turn the hardness into something else-- something powerful and useful and beneficial... maybe even beautiful.

    2.) It's not enough to just be smart, talented, fun, educated, sexy, funny, or interesting. Without cultivating relationships with others, one's own qualities can never blossom into their full potential. It's a Relational universe, where "relationships" (i.e., connections allowing for different types of interactions) can trump "things" like talent. I think this is where the truth in the truism, "It's not what you know but who you know that matters," comes from.

    3.) Fear is the mind-killer.

    4.) Kindness is important. Consideration, tact, respect, tolerance, altruism..... they are all variations on the same theme. It's about enlarging one's "self" model.

    5.) Self-control is what we should all be working on, and teaching our children. It's what prisons ought to be teaching prisoners, too, so that eventually prisons are not necessary in human society, anymore. There is no way to build a truly free society without every individual exercising self-control. And, without self-control... external controls become necessary. Who really wants to live in a world like that?!
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. I know that my list would be different had I read the other posts before making my list.
    2. I know we can make a difference in someone's life by the simple act of really listening.
    3. I know that there is more love in the world than it feels some days.
    4. I know that if we had the will to understand and accept our personal differences that we would be better communicators.
    5. I know that we have an inherent need to create beauty.
    6. I know that with encouragement and direction, apathy can turned into enthusiasm.
    7. I know that our planet is continuously recycling itself.
    8. I know that I love that we are more than our physical bodies .
    9. I know that there are many things that we don't know we know till someone else points them out.
    10. I know that Ted Conversations are a wonderful idea.
  • Oct 22 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1. Change is always happening. The status quo does not exist.
    2. Every person is unique.
    3. We cannot waste time, we can only waste ourselves.
    4. Self-dignity + compassion = peace.
    5. Learning and growing is a natural process.
    6. Simplicity is a great thing to have in your life.
    7. Death is inevitable.
    8. All life on earth can thrive.
    9. Everyone is entitled to live in a healthy manner.
    10. Only you know what you are thinking right now.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Admitting your mistakes make you a better human being.
    2. Win or lose, doesn't matter, what matters is how you played.
    3. You'll loose everything one day when you'll die, don't live life with fear of losing them everyday.
    4. A good listener is more valuable than a good speaker.
    5. Prejudices never let your minds and relationships grow.
    6. If life is easy, you are moving down the hill.
    7. Honesty saves from embarrassment.
    8. To achieve huge tasks, set small goals, celebrate them and keep moving with persistence.
    9. If you are alone in life, even greatest achievements mean nothing.
    10. Read, learn, act.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1.If you express your true feelings publicly, you will usually offend someone.
    2.Your assumptions about other's beliefs are often incorrect and the realization, startling.
    3.Your children may grow up to be completly different that what you had imagined, or even wished.
    4.Any terrible thing can happen to anyone.
    5.Life's continuity resides in nature.
    6.Most humans are remarkably resilient, but less so with age.
    7. It is important to stay current as we age or we will lose connection to the present.
    8. The greatest true love is that of parents for children and vice versa, if the parents are loving and kind.
    9. Cliches are one of the great intellectual disappointments.
    10. Treat others as you would like to be treated is a good rule of thumb.
  • thumb
    Oct 22 2011: 1. I know the probability of me ever existing was lower than me winning the lottery every single week for decades
    2. I know existing is better than winning the lottery every week for decades
    3. I know everyone will die, including myself
    4. I know i don;t know when that will happen
    5. I know every little thing we do, and everyone does, has that butterfly effect
    6. I know "what if" is unimaginable precisely for that reason
    7. I know life is not fair, and doesn't need to be easy, but it must always be fulfilling
    8. I know everyone can be great company if you adapt to the best that they have to offer
    9. I know moments don;t live in the past, but in our minds
    10. i know love is something i will never truly understand, and will always surprise me, for the way it can be born inside us, and the incomprehension of how it evolves without us ever being able to control it
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Things have a way of working themselves out. There is a reason for everything. 

    2. You will float better if you don't panic. 

    3. There are two sides to every story. 

    4. At the root of most bad behaviour is fear. 

    5. Ego has too strong of an influence on the lives of most people, and can also be at the root of bad or illogical behaviour. 

    6. All religion is one religion. 

    7.  It doesn't matter if you find true happiness in your job. Find a job that you can tolerate, that allows you to live the life you want. 

    8. Fate exists, but not as a single pathway. There are many different options to how your fate can turn out based on the choices one makes. Like a choose your own adventure story book. 

    9.  There is someone out there for EVERYONE. The question is whether or not people are open minded enough to see it, or whether their ego gets in the way. 

    10. There is nothing more worthwhile than being kind and compassionate towards one another. 
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Having faith in something doesn't mean you must make others believe in what you do.
    2. So many times we're offended by people who don't seem willing to do for us what we would give willingly to them. But we fail to remember that it's better to give than to recieve. one can "complete" me. But, if I'm complete to begin with then, someone CAN compliment me. Although it pays to compliment first!
    4. Your lineage, ancestory or parentage has no bearing on the type of person you can become.
    5. IQ is about how much you can learn, not how smart you think you are. We can always exceed the expectations and preconceived notions or even limitations with hard work and dedication. But you've got to have passion.
    6. You don't have to have an idol or hero to know how to be one to someone else.
    7. Always be gracious and kind. I've learned that too many times the last conversation you have with someone isn't the one you would've chosen to be the last if, you knew it was going to be the last conversation you were going to have with that person.
    8. There is no other valid reason to have children than to want to watch someone become an individual.
    9. If your life makes it difficult to extend your hand to people, you may never know who would be willing to take it.
    10. NEVER let someone or something intimidate you into giving up your core belief.

    I have fat fingers and bad eyes so please overlook the typo's
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: QUOTE: "10. NEVER let someone or something intimidate you into giving up your core belief."

      Not that we can actually convince anyone to give up a core belief but what if our core belief is fallacious or harmful?
      • Oct 23 2011: Convincing is not the same as intimidation.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: Ah, I see.

          Yes, you are probably right.

          But still, what if our core belief is harmful; and someone's intimidation helps us see it?

          Do we hold on out of principle or do we let it go?
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    Oct 22 2011: 1) No one's truth applies to everyone.
    2) You always get back what you give; start with yourself.
    3) A happy heart makes better choices.
    4) No one is indespensible - with or without you, life goes on.
    5) "To each their own" means just that.
    6) The only thing in life that you have any true jurisdiction over... is you.
    7) God created coffee because she loves us.
    8) Everything is happening for your highest good and well being -- even if sometimes it seems otherwise.
    9) "Follow your heart" is a misnomer; instead, Follow your happy.
    10) SEGGATI (TM) always says "Yes!"
    (Source Energy, God, Goddess, All That Is)
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. People often view each other as objects, like furniture, rather than as human beings, and treat them as such.

    2. Though many act as though they do, people will never fully understand either the universe within or without, though they should never stop trying (because it's fun!).

    3. Everybody you have or will ever know will do something to both discourage, encourage, and to disappoint or delight you.

    4. People seek power from the day they are born, beginning with the first cry that commands mother to, "Feed me now!"

    5. Having things, though sometimes nice, does not make us better people; rather, things may further complicate us. Letting go of things is also nice.

    6. My mother and father love(d) me, so did Mom's mother and father. I never really knew my father's parents.

    7. Practicing moderation keeps me healthier.

    8. Writing is my life's passion.

    9. Romantic love is fleeting; the close friendship is more important and what determines whether or not the relationship lasts. (Correlation: A long, loving relationship unto death is possible-- I've borne witness to many).

    10. The works of Van Gogh, like no other, make me cry, in both sorrow and joy.
  • Oct 22 2011: 10 things I believe to be true - and the evidence is with me

    1. Truth matters, is independent of our beliefs and perspectives, and like nature it doesn't care about us
    2. Not all things are equal
    3. Not all perspectives are right, valid or sensible
    4. Happiness is partially what we bring to the world, part of what the world brings to us
    5. The fastest path to emptiness and want is unbridled selfishness
    6. e^i pi + 1 = 0
    7. Morality comes from game theory and sociobiology. Trade and a full refrigerator help. Your god is false like the others.
    8. We are mortal and material, and there is no ghost in the machine
    9. Evolution and humanity do not progress by the lifting of all boats. Extinction and cohort success is the pattern
    10 . Too many arts majors post on TED, and vacuous platitudes are neither knowledge nor truth
  • Oct 22 2011: A few things:

    1. Many things people think they know to be true are not.
    2. Many truths are not common sense and are counterintuitive.
    3. Generally, less intelligent and less educated people are more convinced they are right than more intelligent people.
    4. The universe is, relatively speaking, big.
    5. 5 is only 50% of 10.
  • Oct 22 2011: Things I know to be true:
    1. Love
    (2. Love is not a thing)
    3. ...
    4. ...
    5. Yep, Love
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    Oct 22 2011: 1 The things that make me the angriest are usually my fault.
    2 Wisdom comes as energy goes.
    3 I do better when told I can't do something.
    4 The people who try the hardest to show they are smart, usually aren't.
    5 Listening is the best and hardest way to learn.
    6 Strength is best shown through weakness.
    7 Everyone has good and bad in them.
    8 The busier I get the more I need to slow down.
    9 My kids are often wiser than I am.
    10 When I need love the most is when I need to give it.
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    Oct 22 2011: My 10 things I know to be true
    1. An impossible thing today can be a possible thing tomorrow
    2. Each person is special
    3. Dreaming is important to achieve something as it provides vision and visuals to what you wanna achieve
    4. There is always other side to a story
    5. Creativity is thinking, acting and doing the same thing in different way
    6. There is a positive and negative argument for every topic
    7. There is no end to this world
    8. TV is an amazing invention
    9. I will never know what happens after my death
    10. Time never comes back.
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    Oct 22 2011: Here is my list, a bit eclectic but it's what came to my mind:

    1) We always forget that we make mistakes
    2) I can learn something even from people I don't like at all
    3) Hard work is the best "business card"
    4) Astronomy was my portal to science
    5) Science is the only way for the human beings to survive
    6) We are so tiny in the Universe that our problems shouldn't bother us that much
    7) Humans are not the "pinnacle" of evolution
    8) Everything around us evolved from helium and hydrogen atoms
    9) Learning and understanding give pleasure to our brains
    10) We all are made from star dust
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. Ignorance is the antagonist to wisdom, pursue one or the other and you shall get a different result
    2. Psychopathy is the root to human evil as we perceptually conceive "evil"
    3. We constantly underestimate our children
    4. We underutilize our abilities to live a meaningful live (read stimulating all our senses at optimal levels)
    5. Never be afraid of your own thoughts, only actions has consequences
    6. People that consider all drugs bad clearly has not understood why we take drugs in first place (ref dopaminergic system as learning device)
    7. Drugs are not the enemy, the surrender of the will to manage drugs featuring ignorance IS.
    8. People tend to think their time on earth is of the most crucial, vital and changing role played in the history of mankind. Its not. Mathematically you are really unimportant for the survival of mankind. Make the best of it.
    9. People should strive to find something that thrives their experience in life
    10. Knowing that the above is true creates joy in my life and the will to life optimistically (I now know what to fix and what to watch out for=)
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. Fiction is not fact.
    2.One person with a good idea is not enough to change the world.
    3. We are understanding more and more about our universe.
    4. #3 happens because we seem to love to discover things.
    5. Some people's stories are banal.
    6. Their story is often skewed
    7. The answers to questions teach us.
    8. Its best that parents teach their children
    9. Everyone does travel, some simply go further than others.
    10. There are universal truthes.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: Thanks Phillip! Your answers definitely made me think about mine more critically. I especially love #s 3 and 4.
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        Oct 24 2011: You are lovely and i was michievous. Sorry.
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    Oct 22 2011: Great subject
    1. Gravity exists - I know from falling off of a bucking horse more than I like to remember
    2. Students often pretend not to learn but really do
    3. Students can learn from video presentations
    4. We need to figure out how to do school better in the US
    5. Each person is a unique gift to the universe
    6.Commercials get longer than the program near the end of a show on TV
    7. Education is over rated after high school
    8. If you had only two people on earth and they talked about politics they would probably have a war
    9. Mankind is an integral part of the universe
    10. We all need to grow up a little a times
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: Hi James,

      I'm bumping your comment to the top (and mine too!) ... it's lonely down here on the bottom, being first (and second responders.)
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: 1. Gravity exists - I know from falling off of a bucking horse more than I like to remember

      I've heard this is NOT true; the real explanation is the world sucks.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: That is certainly another bumper sticker theory of physics and might be a way to analogize gravitic theory!!
      • thumb
        Oct 26 2011: I'm reading a book about anti-gravity.
        I just can't put it down.
        • thumb
          Oct 26 2011: It sounds very uplifting; you had best not let it get away on you!
    • Oct 23 2011: I question the idea that education after high school is over-rated. A HS diploma barely qualifies an individual for menial work. Some type of post-secondary education is necessary to survive in this country...whether it be vo-prep, apprenticeships, or a 2 or 4 year degree program.
      Not to mention that all learning is experiential in nature and one therefore cannot avoid getting some kind of education. However sometimes it's an education in how to break the law to survive rather than an education designed to improve one's own circumstances as well as those of society.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I have two masters and a doctorate both in useful fields of learning. They have been of little use in finding jobs or getting jobs. What gets jobs is connections with people. The degrees post high school have been in my opinion devalued to the point you need a BA just work at a burger flipping place. If you know the right people or are politically connected then you can get a good job even if you have a GED.
        It's really all about who you know has been my experience. Many do not consider apprenticeships, vocational prep as education. Many high schools are all about getting students ready for University. Universities are about research and I think if we are honesty do only a fair job of preparing students for finding jobs. There are degrees up to doctorate that have little if anything to do with the work world. Thus, huge amounts of money are spent on information that has no market ability. Information one could teach themselves. This is my experience and should not be construed to be applied universally.
        • Oct 27 2011: 100% agree, finding a job is --and has been for a long time-- all about who you know; it is so difficult for well educated people to get a job in relation to their qualifications (salary wise)... I do feel for you James, and for all the talent out there that can't find a suitable place to work at (although you didn't say if you are working now, I hope you are)
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I appreciate the sentiment, that we need some type of post-secondary ed. I respectfully question that it is necessary for survival. I think learning welding would take you far these days. College shouldn't be about finding a job. It should be about people having deeper conversations and relishing whatever it is they can discover about the world.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: I agree with you about college and it would be good if it was true. Yet, as I perceive the reality many businesses are requiring college degrees to get entry level jobs at low pay. My father was a welder and my younger brother is a welder. I teach school we make about the same income and I have my post high school degrees. At a basic survival level I agree college is not required but talk to business owners and the degrees are so plentiful that they can require them for the most menial of jobs. Maybe the answer is tougher college entry requirements so that those that go through are qualified for better jobs and more tech type schools for the bulk of people. I remember being told in my master classes that ROP high schools are limited because the comprehensive high schools would get very low attendance. As I understand it this is what happened and why they limit ROP high schools in California. This discussion it taking place on line and without the need of a college.The positive thing is it can be commented on by the whole world. Maybe for deeper discussion we need more sites like ted? Sorry if this seems lame but ROP is regional occupancy programs in case it is not a common set of initials in education.
      • thumb
        Oct 23 2011: I dropped out of college after three years and I've done alright. In fact, aside from learning how to read, I have never used anything I learned in school to make a living. What has been most profitable, in many ways, have been the things I learned on my own or as a volunteer.

        But I still think an education is a good thing. I might go back and get a degree after I'm finished playing around in the world.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: I re-posted this from elsewhere. It didn't end up in this thread when I posted this, but I think it applies.

          Of course, what you say is true in that it is the reality of the situation. I would still argue that college was not meant to be a means to an end of getting a job. A college degree became a valued credential because of what college gives people, because it signifies the ability to complete objectives, and because it is a rite of passage. Somewhere a long the way, it became a mere credential. The value was placed on the end rather than the means. Acknowledging at least part of this as true (as I am limited to adequately express it, perhaps) may lead one to another truth: We are going about measuring the success of institutions in inadequate and impertinent ways, and we are diminishing the actual function of the institutions because of it.

          While I also absolutely agree that there are plenty of deep conversations without benefit of a college education, it sure helps. In Good Will Hunting, it is said that someone could get the same education with a public library card. That helps if your public library is in Boston, and you're a genius. As for me, I am grateful that I got to do my research on the backs of those who had already sifted through and could point me toward relevant, up-to-date information.
        • thumb
          Oct 25 2011: Good for you Mr. Jones and if you need a letter of recommendation let me know.
          Quote from Mr. Charles Williams "Of course, what you say is true in that it is the reality of the situation. I would still argue that college was not meant to be a means to an end of getting a job. A college degree became a valued credential because of what college gives people, because it signifies the ability to complete objectives, and because it is a rite of passage. Somewhere a long the way, it became a mere credential. The value was placed on the end rather than the means. Acknowledging at least part of this as true (as I am limited to adequately express it, perhaps) may lead one to another truth: We are going about measuring the success of institutions in inadequate and impertinent ways, and we are diminishing the actual function of the institutions because of it." I agree with this statement and the more mere it becomes the less value it has.
      • Oct 27 2011: Confucius' idea of education is not passing on knowledge or making one employable. Education is about developing a person's character and potential - that's why it should be lifelong. Unfortunately, modern education has it all wrong. :-)
        • thumb
          Oct 27 2011: Yes, and no. Confuscius lived I believe in the time when the classic education for government service required poetry and painting as part of getting a job. Education was reserved for the rich only and those in political power. Character is built on way more than education. It is built to one degreee or another on life experience and how you react to it. Your moral code, your choices etc. Character seems to go way beyond just education. There are many very educated thieves, liars ( politicians), con-men, hucksters etc. Education can be the basis of character but not the sole provider of character if you get my drift.
    • Oct 25 2011: Like you 10 James!! Bravo!
    • Oct 27 2011: re: 5

      There are too many human on Earth, we are pest. :-)
  • Nov 21 2011: i could write a lot on the subject, but here is my view:
    -Through challenges and experience we grow as persons
    -Now everybody is for that, but that is their choice and you cant force it on them
    -"Prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will grow old" (a quote from "use sunscreen" video) -the first two are society determined, the third is universal
    - We are automatically afraid of what we want the most because we could loose it (although we are not always aware of it)
    -Learn how to enjoy the little things, they fill the wast empty space between your lifes biggest events.
  • Nov 21 2011: 1. Learn to take an insult the same way you take a compliment. Both are words, another person’s words do not define you, good or bad.
    2. Respect always has been and will always be something I value.
    3. Whatever the emotion embrace it and learn from it. Its what it means to be human. So, feel it and feel it strongly, because you’ll never have a second first time.
    4. I believe in Country like some believe in their God.
    5. Technology is to enhance life, not rule or ruin it. We will not die if Facebook stops working.
    6. Absolutely and I mean ALWAYS have a plan B.
    7. The world is waiting for you in your own backyard. Life is happening every moment we are in existence. Live for lazy Sunday mornings or deep conversations. Excitement is in the bruised blue sky one spots stuck in traffic whilst driving home from work, or accidentally waking up to watch the sun rise. It’s the little things.
    8. Everyone Dies. It’s as simple as making the decision to live, and be a force that changes the world. If you believe this, you already have made it through half the battle.
    9. There will always and I mean always will be things you should know. There will be things you need to learn. It’s your sole responsibility to learn these things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask them often.
    10. If you must dwell…dwell in possibilities.
  • Nov 21 2011: Cleo
    Thank you so much for posting such a great conversation. It has been wonderful to read so many people's comments to this question.
    • thumb
      Nov 21 2011: Thank you! I never expected the conversation to be as amazing as it has been-- everyone's answers are so interesting!
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    Nov 21 2011: Bernd, I mean all forms of art, and am one of those annoying types that would say all sciences lead back to art as well.
  • thumb
    Nov 21 2011: oh
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    Nov 20 2011: Clara, I know of no other truer things than the ones you have already exposed, with all their possible meanings or extrapolations - under the risk of redundancy, I ally myself to you:
    #1, in many instances of our lives we get to say: "if this were fiction no one would believe it", or, in a different perspective, "real life" is just the product of our mind
    #2 has been proven incessantly, for the good and for the bad.
    #3, alas, hard to accept from the heights of our inflated personalities.
    #4, whoever believes it, masters a key to unlock the gates of the unknown
    #5, if we believed it, we would never again struggle to be "someone' - we already ARE.
    #6, human beings are not "objective" beings, by virtue of their misconception of reality - the mirage of the ego lens
    #7, naturally, it is the question that comes before every answer
    #8, we need the eye of a child to see the world how really is
    #9, work has changed an ape into a Sapiens, travel has changed the tribesman into a citizen of the world
    # 10, good to remember, "not even mine!"
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: art is true.

    maybe it is even the case that only art is true ?
    • thumb
      Nov 21 2011: You could say so, yes! What is true about this world must be so with or without articulating it. It is the nature of art to make truth present. Newton did not invent gravity; he discovered it. There is also danger in articulation, a risk of covering the truth over. To put it somewhat poetically: all paths to knowledge started with a song (a cry, or a gasp), an articulation of the wonder around us, which we increasingly tried to make sense of through language and signs, and eventually the arts and sciences.
      • thumb
        Nov 21 2011: agreed with the song !
        what do you mean with "the arts" - is this not implying music? you mean visual art ?
    • thumb
      Nov 21 2011: Art is a reflection of what is true
    • Nov 21 2011: Art is one of the reflections of beauty and truth. It is such a necessary part of being human. As an art photographer I love capturing beauty for that second.

      I do not think however it is the only truth.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: Hi Cleo, Really love your points. Esp. the point 5.
    For me, it would be- every human being is essentially the same, all these boundaries and barriers are superficial.
  • thumb
    Nov 20 2011: Hi guys, I tried to "squeeze" the lists out from the 700+ comments here. It took me a whole afternoon to sort and organize. Finally, this is what I got:

    It's an interactive online document, so you can still add your list to it. ( Please excuse me for missing some of the lists, only got those that began with numbers. )

    Together we have made "The 2000+ things we know to be true." :)
    • thumb
      Nov 20 2011: Dear Retsam Zhang! What a wonderful and generous act to compile the list of everyone's truthes.

      This is great. Did you know that there was a previous discussion just like this one on TED? If you are looking for another afternoon's work and some more insights, just enter the title "Ten things I know to be true" in the search conversations box on the left hand side of the screen and it will take you to the previous discussion. There were great insights there too!
      • thumb
        Nov 20 2011: Dear Debra, you can just call me Sam. :) I am glad that you find it helpful.
        I didn't know there was a previous discussion like this one. I am new around here even though I have been watching TED talks once in a while. Thank you for guiding.

        All the best,
  • Nov 20 2011: I like that.
  • Nov 19 2011: That is true. I guess, my purpose would then be to instill the thoughts into the individual, encourage him to contemplate about it and the rest is up to him to decide.
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    Nov 19 2011: Cleo also we have to learn if we exchange and discuss about the 10 lies. ......why allways the truth?
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    Nov 18 2011: my friend Deb, one my true loves of my life because she "gets" me,

    Smart doesn't have to be complicated

    I love that.

    Have a great day
  • Nov 18 2011: 1. In everything we do we are trying to work our way back to God's original plan for us.
    2. No one on earth is qualified to predict another human's exact time of death
    3. Mid life is a beautiful time to reflect and be grateful for the time received.
    4. Youth is the time to explore all the possibilites and to gain as much wisdom as possible along the way.
    5. Life is a test filled with multiple choices we should listen to the wise and learn from their voices.
    6. We should slow down and enjoy our food with a grateful heart.
    7. Being kind will come back to reward you everytime.
    8. A long good marriage is a blessing!
    9. When you have a child after having infertility issues you will love that child like a cherished gift indeed!
    10. I have lived a good life and I am so grateful!
  • Nov 18 2011: 1. Failure is inevitable
    2. Inevitability is not an excuse for acceptance
    3. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take (Thanks Wayne Gretzky)
    4. Ideas are like cancers
    5. Structure usually means function
    6. You live and let learn
    7. You have not failed, you've just found 10 000 ways that don't work ((Thomas Edison)
    8. Destruction is easy, creation is hard but its more rewarding
    9. Brick walls are not there to stop you, they're there to show you how badly you want something (Randy Pausch, RIP)
    10. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself (Eleanor Roosevelt) [and this is why I am re-quoting others but I've found most of them to be true in my life experiences]
    • Nov 18 2011: Thank you Andrew and Mr. Gretzky, Mr. Edison and Mr.'s not that I am leaving out Eleanor, but today, I need the other three..
  • thumb
    Nov 18 2011: 1. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
    2. One of the best things in life is to find meaningful work and to work hard at it
    3. Take care of your health, few people are happy when they are sick
    4 Marry carefully if at all. Few choices have such extreme consequences
    5. Avoid debt at all costs.
    6. Live consciously at all times. Work to be awake and aware even during the difficult times
    7. Listen to others, learn to hear their stories
    8. Take good care of your primary relationships
    9. Simple things like saying thank you and please and you look nice matter more than wealth
    10. Learn to focus on others, not yourself. Few people who are self-absorbed are happy
  • Nov 18 2011: I believe we can learn more if we focused and discussed about what we didnt know rather than what we thought we really knew...when you say on your number 10th truth "No ones truth is unirversal" you basically make the point that one shouldnt focus on truths but rather on what is true for each person, what makes them evolve besides what others think or feel. The secret to learning is to focus on what we need, on what we see and feel, not what others do. The problem is that we focus too much on everyone elses opinion instead of creating our own, how many of us when asked how they felt, or what they thought or this or that have no idea what to answer or give someone elses answer? I say exchange stories, listen to what other people have to say and then make your own judgement and truth of it all. Only then will you learn something.
  • thumb
    Nov 17 2011: I've never put these ideas into list form before now, but here's what I came up with:

    1. The only things in life we truly own are our time and our effort.
    2. How we use our time and apply our effort sets the stage for what happens to us.
    3. Every action has consequences.
    4. We cannot predict all of the consequences of every action.
    5. How we respond to unforeseen consequences goes a great way toward defining who we are.
    6. Learning is the only way to make the best of the life we have.
    7. If we are not growing, we're dying.
    8. We cannot improve one person's life by making another person's life worse.
    9. Charity is an individual act that cannot succeed if compelled by force.
    10. The best thing we can do in life is leave the world better than we found it.
  • Nov 17 2011: 1. the speed of light is the only constant
    2. the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s
    3. this truth is universal
    4. no other truth is
    • thumb
      Nov 17 2011: Isn't the constantcy of the speed of light now in question?
  • Nov 15 2011: there is so much truth in #4!
  • Nov 15 2011: 1. People are inherently lazy (spiritually, emotionally, etc.)
    2. You should strive daily not to be #1
    3. Karma does exist
    4. “He who dies with the most toys wins”, is not why we are here
    5. Physical Fitness and Nutrition are crucial to a happy life
    6. If you don’t truly understand yourself, you have no chance of understanding others
    7. Balance in one’s life is crucial (work, home, etc.)
    8. We should all strive to be unselfish
    9. Children are innocent
    10. Life is supposed to be hard
  • Nov 13 2011: 10 thingq i know to be true

    1- i'll never stop dreaming and sellting goals
    2-no one holds the hole truth
    3-hapiness is just momentary situation
    4-life is never meant to be fair
    5-with the foolish ideas can the extraordinary acheivement
    6-life would past whether we live it or leave it
    7-not all things that exist can be shown
    9-despair is when the mind is loo lazy to think
    10-changement is a matter of time
  • thumb
    Nov 13 2011: 0. Life can be wild.

    1. Feedback loops inform, both naturally and geopolitically.

    2. None of us will ever know if there is a God, until we do.

    3. Asking the right question matters, as does love, forgiveness, and listening.

    4. Change is to be expected, and when it is predicted: surprising, if questionable.

    5. Smiling is easy.

    6. Ageism does not serve humanity now with a surging under 15 global population.

    7. Playing it safe can cause great long term damage.

    8. Nature needs half.

    9. Glocality, a word I crafted, is where local action creates global good.

    10. We are connected. Now to find how...?
  • Nov 13 2011: all i know is that there some amazing replies to this question.
  • thumb
    Nov 9 2011: I agree with u Jim , but not disagreeing with Tania.
    Yeah , i agree that we have a system that is preventing us to achieve real-deep-honest. Thoughts just changing from time to time. We always Hypnosisize ourselves in different degrees.
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: Even on TED I find it challenging to write what I think. There seem to be currents of agenda.
  • Nov 9 2011: This is my first attempt at participating in something like this.....But I found myself excited by the challenge of counting all the way to 10....

    1.Everybody has a calling......
    9. It's not enough to just live....we need something to live for....
    7.There are 2 things you should never set on a bed..... a hat, money.
    5.Homosexuality is Mother Nature's kindest , some would say - creative, answer for controlling the population.
    7. The Sumerian Tablets are telling the truth.
    9.Joseph Campbell is one of the 10 most amazing people to ever live.
    10.Oprah - is one of the top 5 most amazing people alive today.
    6. It isn't whether our beliefs are right or wrong, it is if being emotionally attached to them will benefit us the most.
    4. Yoda will never defeat the Emperor, nor the Emperor defeat Yoda. ( if either won, they both would cease to exist.)
    2. This all has happened before, and will continue over and over....
    • thumb
      Nov 19 2011: Re No. 9. I cannot answer this riddle, but in my seventh decade, I'm beginning to think we are living to discover our personal preferences during our personal 80-year wave during humankind's 2 billion to 6 billion year's progress involving some 100 trillion "people."

      Wow! What insignificance we can seem.

  • thumb
    Nov 6 2011: 9. The greatest problem the US economy faces today is overly tight credit. American wrongly believe the 2008 residential real estate bubble was caused by easy credit, so the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Tight credit markets are causing economic contraction. The US should create a non-profit national bank for home mortgages, that charges 4-10% on home loans depending on the credit worthiness of the borrower. For every dollar the US puts at risk, such a bank would put $10 back into the US economy. A trillion dollars would grow the US economy by 10 trillion. Property value would increase making loans a safe bet. First, though, the US would need to force banks to sell all the properties they are holding, take their losses, and clear their books.
  • thumb
    Nov 5 2011: These will likely change by tomorrow:
    1. The Three 'R's' are Respect, Responsibility and Right Choices
    2. Right choices are made through the filters of Respect and Responsibility to self and others
    3. Empathy is what creates true connection with others
    4. Through empathy we become less judgmental
    5. Don't take things personally, don't make assumptions, be impeccable with your words, always do your best
    (Four Agreements-don Miguel Ruiz)
    6. 300 friends on facebook are too many
    7. Not everyone thinks like I do, and that's ok
    8. Everyone is intelligent; learn from everyone
    9. Our current relationships (friend and foe) are a mirror of our current state
    10. There are no 'bad' emotions
    11. That it's hard to narrow the things we know to be true to 10
  • Nov 4 2011: Steven-
    We act and language our state as if it excludes our being animals--as if we are above this "lowly" state, and our motivations so refined. My grandson, Kai, has called people "human animals" since he was 3. So, perfect!
  • thumb
    Nov 4 2011: What I Know to Be True is that I LOVE your list! My list is too long to include here as it comprises a book and teaches what you are sharing: that when we tap into our own Truth, we can live in integrity and clarity, regardless of the response of others! Keep the dialogue going...
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: I think that even when we trap into our own Truth we cannot live "[...]regardless of the response of others" because it may happen that someone else's Truth may lead me to discover that I was wrong and that my Truth was False...:)
      • thumb
        Nov 19 2011: I appreciate your rsponse and time to offer it.

        • thumb
          Nov 19 2011: Thank you very much Phil for your feedback. Giusi
  • thumb
    Nov 3 2011: @Michael: well, #6 is practically true... and #1 I'm sure you will definately find one just consider what Giusi mentioned above :)
    @Debra: true story :)
    @Giusi: well said!
  • thumb
    Nov 3 2011: Hi Cleo
    Here's mine:

    1. What it is true today may not be true tomorrow
    2. Trust and respect are the base of any kind of relationship
    3. No one will never know us for what we really are
    4. The more one knows, the more one suffers
    5. An empty sack cannot stand upright
    6. Wishes upon a shooting star don't usually come true
    7. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    8. Sometimes silence gives more answers than words
    9. Corpus sanum in mente sana
    10.It is better to be a black and white thinker than a dalthonic one

    I agree with all your statements.
    • Nov 3 2011: Giusi
      #5 is intriguing and I want to think about is some. It appears to be a nice image of a truth.
      • thumb
        Nov 3 2011: hi Michel. It could be the image of several truths I guess. Think about and let me know!
  • thumb
    Nov 3 2011: You know what Cleo,it is funny but we have four similar things on our lists which are;
    1-No one's truth is universe
    2-there is always another side of the story
    3-Everyone has a story worth hearing
    4-One person with a good idea can change the world.
    AND the rest on my list
    5-Love is the key to everything in the world
    6-We are all the same in the world,just look inside your self,you love,you hate,you forgive however much you try to resist it and we all have blood right? which is red in color
    7-children are the most genuine and understanding people i have ever know especially from the age of 5months-8years old.
    8-No one knows anyone better than themselves
    9-We are like a body,we need each other to be complete (no man is an Island)
    10-It is all up to you to be happy or not,none cares about you more than yourself
  • thumb
    Nov 3 2011: 1) Love above all else is what the world always needs.
    2) You can always learn something from someone, from the bum on the street to the CEO in his ivory tower.
    3) No one is going to remember anyone in 1000 years, so do the best you can for all that are around you now.
    4) Don't make any assumptions, about anything. Strive for understanding.
    5) Telling the truth always saves you from having to remember made up stories for later. Always tell the truth.
    6) Family will always accept you for who you really are.
    7) Immersion in culture is paramount to understanding our world.
    8) All cultures are beautiful.
    9) Beauty can be found everywhere.
    10) Always strive to love life and balance of life.
    • Nov 3 2011: Sam
      I really like 7, 8, and 9. We need a huge dose of cross-cultural understanding and a huge dose of beauty. Those truths will take us a long way.
  • thumb
    Nov 1 2011: 1. nothing
    2. nothing
    3. nothing
    4. nothing
    5. nothing
    6. nothing
    7. nothing
    8. nothing
    9. nothing
    10. Truth is subjective?
    • thumb
      Nov 2 2011: You should probably make something up. ;) Just gonna throw that out there.
    • Nov 2 2011: Ali
      All truth may or may not be subjective. But at at least you know that you are trying to figure out the nothing. I sorta agree with Jacob.
    • thumb
      Nov 2 2011: Nothing is all we have.
      It's where every creation starts from to become something we love.
  • Nov 1 2011: 1. I didn't try that hard when I was younger.
    2. I'm happy where I am just now and can always try harder from now on.
    3. Religious & non-religious views are just based on faith, and I respect any view that's argued without aggression.
    4. When I lie down and/or think that everything is still, I like thinking that I'm a tiny individual on a planet that's travelling at 490K mph.
    5. Life is hard.
    6. Life is beautiful.
    7. You never stop learning.
    8. Things you read and hear might not be true.
    9. Happiness is friends and/or family.
    10. No one's truth is universal (had to steal this one from Cleo Abram)
  • Nov 1 2011: Great question, here is my top 10 list;
    1. I am; is a complete sentence.
    2. Sometimes you slide further on dung than dirt.
    3. Set your goals for the stratosphere, that way if you only get half way you will be further than you ever thought possible.
    4. If you’re not the lead dog the scenery never changes.
    5. Why? Is the most powerful question I know.
    6. Over the long term hard work beats IQ every time.
    7. Laugh lots and give freely of yourself to others.
    8. Have an open mind as a life long learner but don’t be swayed from your own informed opinions.
    9. Mud thrown is ground lost.
    10. Character; is the ability to follow through on a commitment long after the mood in which the commitment was made has passed.
    • Nov 1 2011: Brent
      I like your # 9 and have never heard that expressed like that. Great phrase.
    • thumb
      Nov 4 2011: I agree with; #4, 5 and 10
  • Nov 1 2011: I t's very interesting!! I think we can talk with each other about this question!! Best wishes!!
    • Nov 1 2011: I would like to share ten things from my experiences.
      1.never leg in others personal affairs. If he/she is noone of yours.
      2.sometimes silence has a power to stop the storm.
      3.evryone should atleast think of mother nature n help conserve natural resources like saving electricity and fuels for vehicles
      4.its better to question than to reamain silent when someones explaining and care are such things which can melt even the rudest person
      6.we should never ever give up .weshould try till our last breath is short,enjoy it
      8.good behave rules
      9.proposing a plan for charity is much better than donating to temples,etc
      10.ignored,uncared,unloved is the greatest poverty than homeless naked wanderrers.
  • thumb
    Nov 1 2011: 1. If you don't put your best foot forward in your actions, expect to live in regret.
    2. Violence is never the answer. Both sides lose mentally.
    3. Don't take criticism to the heart, people will try to damage your spirit without reason.
    4. Never say, "that will never happen to me"....things happen everyday so you can never be too safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Don't embrace your enemy with love, but understanding. Maybe you'll both catch new light.
    6. Keep healthy family relationships..(even with family friends)
    7. Respect yourself
    8. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's ok to be overweight.
    9. Try to stay away from the doctor. They lie for the big $$$$$. Take care of yourself.
    10. Talk to yourself!!
    • Nov 1 2011: Thanks Kent for your list. I think # 3 is so very true, but so very hard. I have learned and relearned that lesson many times.

      I like #10 also. My only problem is sometimes I don't get an answer to my own questions!
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Hi Kent, a corollary to# 4 is "I would never do that!" A long life leads you to realize that never is just around the corner!
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: #3 not so easy, in particular when critics come from 'destructive narcissus"!

      #10 and if myself is bored of listening to me??
  • thumb
    Nov 1 2011: 1) If there is one door closed for you, there is another open. You just have to look for it
    2) Any failure or any bad experience can come with a good achievement. Learn from your mistakes
    3) Sometimes you should be thankful for those who think you are a bad person and do bad things to you. Because, without them you never can show that you are actually a good one
    4) Eyes can mean more than words do
    5) Most boys love their moms more than their dads, while girls love their dads more. That's how they share love
    6) You may not eat, drink or sleep for the sake of what you are addicted to.
    7) Women talk much and they do more than one things at a time, while men can only do one thing at a time. Women, you RocK!
    8) Give a random question to your friend and watch his/her funny reaction ;)
    9) Much free time makes people more lazy
    10) Never rely on the smile on the face of someone... that may be thinking about to kill you inside of his/her mind
    • Nov 1 2011: Ulugbek
      These are some great insights. I really like #'s 1 & 6. I am looking for that open door right now. Understanding and practicing #6 could change a lot of things in Western society.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Ulugbek! #7 made me smile!
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: #1 sometimes the problem is the key for the new door
  • Oct 31 2011: Writing these made me realize what a messy mind i have. I should clear up more often.

    1. The most powerfull thing is love.
    2. Something pushed, pushes back.
    3. Life is growth.
    4. There is only one universal truth, everything else is subjective.
    5. Being wrong very likely leads to being right; having no opinion leads nowhere.
    6. Life is a string of moments that have to be lived individually.
    7. Something is worth doing if perfecting it takes a lifetime.
    8. Everything is connected.
    9. Any traits a person possesses can be used for good or bad, depending on one's choice.
    10. Man is part of nature; forgetting this doesn't mean nature will forget man.

    At the moment I know these to be approximately true. I hope that who reads these gets what I meant to say in each one as close to how I meant it.
    • Nov 1 2011: Andrei
      Messy minds are much more fun. You have a great list. Life is growth. You learn that lesson every time you put a seed in the ground or an idea in your mind.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: Andrei, Yours is fun to read.Thanks. I love #2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 very much.
    • thumb
      Nov 3 2011: I like very much with #2, 5, 7 and 9
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: Truths I believe in:
    1. One truth is that not all of us stay out the box every time.
    2. Not All of us express 100%, its in single DIGIT.
    3. eyes always speak truth, its all on perceiver.
    4. We always enjoy past that was once present.
    5. Regret repeats same u r Regretful to.
    6. Hate is Flip side of Love.
    7. Emptiness caused by tends to fill by the same in ur loved ones.
    8. Afraid never lets u off.
    9. What u call attachment is meant to detach.
    10. For All, Ambitions makes happy, but happiness is none's ambition.
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: 10 chapters Of my life that i have learnt through my experience.Hope its useful.
    Chapter 1: Enjoy
    Enjoy playing a game and more are your chances to win it. This holds true to the biggest game that you would ever play that’s life. Play well.
    Chapter 2: Powers of Brain
    Brain is the most powerful Tool, very hard for a man to understand. Time Travel, Isolation, Moving outside your body, healing without any treatment is possible if you know how to use it. Very less is known about it. So use it well.
    Chapter 3: Positive Energy
    Use Positive energy to the best of your knowledge. Use as less Negative words you can cause this world has a knack of eating up negative words; they like it. Tell your mind "You are not going to lose this match”. More often than not you would lose the battle. I have seen it. World takes out not (negative word from it.) which leaves you with "You are going to Lose the match”. It is surprising but it really helps if you tell your brain "I am gonna win this match “Because u are thinking about winning and not loosing. It helped me big time. Hope it helps you stay positive.
    Chapter 4: Live each day as if you’re last
    Doomsday: Don’t know really if it’s true...So as it says True things. "I know someday I am gonna die so is any Living thing in this world. You have very limited time on earth. Use it well. Bunk a few classes. Fall in Love. Dance Like a fool.Dont care about embarrassment. You know no one remembers it after you are gone so experience wateva you feel like and forget about embarrassment. Japanese Proverb “ We all are fools anyways so rather dance and become what we already are.
    Chapter 5:Don’t be judgmental about Failures
    Try to learn something from your failure. Remember every failure tells you what not to do to become successful. This stands true to your outlook on your kid’s Failure. Let them fail. Don’t punish them for trying. Punish for not (Negative energy Don’t use it) trying or rather motivate (Positive energy) them to try.
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: Chapter 6: Duality of Life. Experience or know both.
    I believe in duality. Good and bad. Your deeds can make you aware of your good side. If searched and looked deeply you will find evil within yourself. If you have not found any; you have not still attained enlightenment. Or probably not faced such a situation to see it. It’s important to know both sides of yourself. Cause that’s the truth everyone has good and bad.Evil is within u if u r alive don’t believe me. Spell LIVE backwards and u wud knw what I am talking about.
    Chapter 7: Try Try till you succeed
    "Try and Fail but never fail to try" holds true for every situation you are in. There’s always hope at the other end. Just have to wait for the story to unfold. If it isn't happy then you are mistaken that to be an ending.
    Chapter 8: Big Difference between knowing a thin and using it.
    Intelligence and Knowledge are two different things. A knowledgeable person may not be intelligent. And an intelligent person may not necessarily have enough knowledge to make good use of it.
    Chapter 9: Antonym’s are usually connected. Hard to find the connection.
    Hate always has some love hidden behind it.
    Chapter 10: Be with yourself: Doing nothing is also big thing. Most people don’t know how to do it.. 
    Take some time off for yourself. The biggest gift I have ever given to myself. It gives me joy which is why people around me remain happy. Joy spreads.
  • thumb
    Oct 31 2011: 1. If you don't believe in success, you deserve to fail.
    2. Everyone is a genius, but by being judged, cannot discover that genius and full potential
    3. What we know about Ocean and Universe is like a drop of water.
    4. Truth always comes out, no matter how hard you are trying to hide it.
    5. One person can change the world.
    6. Smile is really the cheapest medicine.
    7. If you cannot explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
    8. Karma and Evolution are real, witnessed them both.
    9. If you learn something new every day, you start thinking much more clearly.
    10. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift.
  • thumb
    Oct 30 2011: Interesting exercise, Cleo. Thanks for posting!

    1. Striving for balance is paramount.
    2. Busy is not always better.
    3. Creativity can be extracted from just about anyone.
    4. Challenges present opportunities, re-set to find them.
    5. Collaborative effort can be invigorating.
    6. Failure, without a lesson learned, is not an option.
    7. If something doesn't feel right, don't run. Pay closer attention.
    8. If you don't know something, learn before you speak.
    9. Mom knows best (sometimes).
    10. Explore the world whenever possible.
  • Oct 29 2011: Ten truths I know: ( I had to try and weed out my opinion but since truth is relative it may have crept back in)….

    1) You know you don’t know, then you know you know, then you don’t know what you don’t know, then you know you don’t know enough….

    2) Animals are more compassionate than humans.

    3) Nature is awesome and consumerism is destroying nature.

    4) Free, independent thought is rare

    5) Housing, health care and food are basic necessities

    6) Unprocessed food is best

    7) I trust my dog

    8) Walking reduces stress

    9) The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man

    10) We (people) are exhausting the planets resources

    **Ha ha, “Gravity exists”….(Stolen form another but true to me none the less)
  • thumb
    Oct 28 2011: 1. Reality is what each of us perceive. "you live in my world, I don't live in yours"
    2.There is only one universal truth and we as humans cannot yet perceive all of it.
    3. In contrast to no. 1, my perception of an event is not necessarily the most accurate.
    4. God is Love
    5. Not all that glitters is gold
    6. Death is a threshold, not an end.
    7. The universe didn't just happen,it was made for us.
    8. Meditation brings enlightenment, no matter what the subject.
    9. This world will end, another, better one, is just about to begin.
    10. The answer to the question: "Why are we here?" will be answered. Soon.
  • thumb
    Oct 28 2011: Let's start of nice and corny...
    1. Everyone needs at least a little bit of love.
    2. Sometimes optimism doesn't trump despair, sometimes love does not defeat hate, and unfortunately good does not always vanquish evil, but if you don't do anything then the result is a foregone conclusion.
    3. You share at least one interest or trait with everyone in the world, regardless of background or belief.
    4. Drawing from 3; all humans are born equal, and it is the actions of an individual that should shape their legacy and reputation.
    5. Food is good (in healthy quantities that is).
    6. Truth can and does change with time.
    7. Humanity is inherently.
    8. To me, women and love will always be complicated, call it a flaw of mine.
    9. Music can effect humans universally.
    10. I cannot think of anymore cheesy statements at this present time due to the beer pong game going on in my res invading my hearing...
  • thumb
    Oct 28 2011: You rock Cleo. Who would think such a beautifully simple request would set off such a perfect mental storm of debate !!!!! !!
  • thumb
    Oct 27 2011: 1. I know that I really do not know as much I thought I knew
    2. I experience, experience
    3. Capitalistic systems do not equate to the greatest amount of happiness/well-being of individuals.
    4. The educational system in the U.S. is pathetic (except for certain schools).
    5. Life is full of suffering.
    6. Mothers who have just given birth are the only ones who know what true happiness feels like.
    7. Children really do try to enjoy their moment to moment experiences. Every second of their lives matter and has to be fun/amazing.
    8. Anarchism does not equal to chaos and disorder.
    9. Women are indeed complicated and complex individuals (no offense)
    10. Humans are social animals and get depressed when alone (or feel alone)
  • thumb
    Oct 27 2011: Excited to share sth here, ok, my 10s...

    1) Human is a "meaning machine".
    (You cannot stop your mind producing something. No matter +/-)

    2) Making Money is training you work with mind , not your heart.

    3) Open your heart + Receiving attitude = Happiness.
    (Resistance creates pain & stuck)

    4) Human is strange with the concept of "Habits", including Thinking Habits, mostly to say.
    (if we don't have habits , everything can restart easily everyday.)

    5) No "real knowing" about your partner in all relationships.
    (Only "projections" in the mind, and both making up stories & fantasies.)

    6) "God" = most profound rules running in the universe.
    (What is God ? Who is God? ....are just different use of languages & interpretations, humanly ,scientifically or
    philosophically. I m no anti-god)

    7) Generation now is becoming ..."homeless".
    (We need to consider a new way of living... .men or women cannot expect love from forming a reliable family.)

    8) "The School of Life" is full of lessons & credits u didn't choose to take.
    (Everyone should have been honored a Ph.D. for real-life thesis.)

    9) Husbands betraying wifes....don't seems to have pain.

    10) Spirituality / Inner self ....exists.

  • Oct 27 2011: My 10 things.. (there are many actually) =)
    1.GOD is LOVE, To love and to be loved - only law of Universe
    2. All is ONE , ONE is All
    3.The Most beautiful thing in this world is smile
    4.Nobody is bad, we are influenced by the environment. Everyone is awesomely good n beautiful in his heart
    5.Kids are sweetest
    6.Understanding one"SELF" is the difficult of all, if we cud do that, no more difficulties
    7.Everything is Consciousness
    8.Science, Art, Music makes life interesting n lively
    9.true and false are right > both these has one goal. Extremes are complement to each other
    10.What ever happened, happening, will happened - its for good and everything is gonna be great =)
  • thumb
    Oct 27 2011: Hi.. I am an I.T Analyst in India.. n here is my list of things that I believe to be true :

    1. Death.. the biggest inevitable truth out there.
    2. Life.. a byproduct of point no. 1
    3. Mother nature is in more pain than ever before.
    4. We are living in exponential times.
    5. We can never be sure about God's existence.
    6. Money is overrated.
    7. As we are solving more mysteries, life is getting less interesting. Ignorance, truly is a bliss.
    8. Happiness is a state of mind.
    9. Melody hai Chocolatey.
    10. rocks.
  • Oct 27 2011: I know for sure that I don't know
  • thumb
    Oct 26 2011: Most of these people publishing "10 thing they know to be true" haven't thought through what TRUTH means. It isn't opinion, or then truth looses meaning. It doesn't mean truisms, like "the sky is blue", and it isn't about realitive truth, or truths of your religion. We are talking UNIVERSAL OBJECTIVE TRUTHS!
    • Oct 26 2011: Nice universe if you can get it. Of course the only problem is it doesn't really exist. All truths, even positively one hundred percent objective ones, probably aren't. The idea on this post is to describe the things we know to be true about ourselves and the world around us. I invite you to read mine.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: Individual truths are only relative, universal truths are true across the universe at all times past and present. Truths about people even ourselves can be universal, but those are not based in opinion or cultural contexts, they are about intrinsic relationships and the nature of sentient beings. Technically, no truth from our perspective can be objective, it rests in our context, but even that statement is an objective universal truth for all contexts. You see?

        ---- End of Original Comment
        Sorry, again, I'm trapped here because I can't reply to replies, Michael M
        To try and answer your questions, first, I don know that universal truths need mediation, that's why they are universal. Individual minds can come to perceive such truths, but the minds are not necessary for truths to be true. The idea that 'all men are created equal' will exist as a pattern of relationship long after there are no more men, and I suspect that it existed before we gained sentience. Universal truths are true across contexts, so even in a society of sentient dolphins the concept that all are equal would hold, even if they didn't 'buy it', so there is no contextual or cultural bind.

        Your last statement is confusing, if you don't think that there are truths that you do know, then why are we having this debate? Why even post or read any of this?

        -- For James Turner - Real TRUTH is neither relative nor subjective, that would render it meaningless, the whole definition of the word truth depends upon the fact or reality of the matter. Those who can not or will not accept this are fundamentally insane. Truth must correspond to objective facts, truths are unchanging, beyond distinctions of time, space, and person, truth must not be miss-belief, fictions, or lies. Just because you believe something doesn't make it true. What you describe is called falsehood.

        ---- not much room left, in sharing our subjective view we approach an objective view
        • Oct 27 2011: Michael
          Oh I see and know your perspective quite well actually. How are these universal truths mediated in the real world? Isn't only through individual minds? It is a truth that all our contexts determine the mediated version of truth. I still contend that your "objective" truths are really just mediated culturally and contextually bound ideas. Sorry but I don't buy it. And know what? I don't really have to to think there are truths that I really do know.
        • thumb
          Oct 28 2011: Michael, all truth is relative and is changed as we explore and learn more about the universe. Truth begins and ends in belief of the individual. Yes, I believe that gravity is real but to a mind that is deranged gravity may not be real but it is that persons universe. Maybe it is real only as long as we perceive it. When we quit perceiving it does it go away? It is extremely subjective. In the early years of the cars farmer thought a man would have the wind sucked out of him and die if we went over 25 MPH. To them that was truth but subjective because they only had a couple of speeds, the walk, job , run and horse back. Now we have cars with out wind screens over 100 MPH and out subjective reality is that we could not go faster with out them. It is all subjective to the persons point of view and life experience even this conversation.
        • Oct 28 2011: Michael
          You state these universal truths are true, whether or not anyone knows them. However, I am really not sure that is anything but a non sequitur. If it is "not known" then it is perhaps "true" but we really don't know that do we? All we have are the mediated truths we discover. That includes things like science, math, engineering, social sciences, neurology and a host of other things.

          I do hold to a philosophy that is called by various names, but is generally called critical realism. There is (forgive the expression) Truth out there. But we do not know it as such. We always see it "through a glass darkly." Therefore our mediated knowledge is true, but never final. The ideas of a dichotomous subjective/objective world is a purely rationalist construct that I really do not buy into.

          To return to this discussion, when Cleo asked people for 10 things they know to be true, we are reviewing mediated ideas that have proven true for people. Are they universally true? I don't necessarily think so, but they are things that people have discovered as true to help them make sense of this world, which is a very good thing. Reading through them allows us to reflect on their ideas and perhaps expand our own.

          Once again I do invite you to find my list, hidden as it is at the bottom of the conversation, and I would be happy to dialogue about what I see.
        • Oct 31 2011: James
          There is definitely a "subjective", ie: experientially based knowledge. We see the real phenomenal world and make attempts to understand it. Sometimes those perceptions do differ.

          What makes this discussion so interesting is that we can share "ten things" and we can weigh in on other's. Perhaps we can make adjustments in our own understanding along the way.
    • thumb
      Oct 27 2011: Objective and universal truth can't be both true.
      It's either objective or true which implies the subjective side.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: I don't think so, truth can't be subjective, else we can all have our own truths, and we can stop wasting time with this conversation. If all truth is subjective, or even if a sub-set of truths are subjective, then we have an impasse. Wars will be made as your truth conflicts with mine and there is no objective criteria by which to judge.

        No, truth must be universal across space and time, and as objective as possible, given the human context we inhabit. Else all is non-sense, because we all have individual experience, social and cultural contexts and languages, yep we must be looking for that which transcends our own perspective, that which is universal, or at least objective across our species, or intelligent life in general.

        Reason and logic are good starting points, science is an extension in the natural world, but for abstract concepts, like liberty or evil, any truth statement must rely on some universal relationships or objective definition, that can be tested over time in various contexts. Just like mathematics.

        ------------------- End of Original Comment
        Because of the rules of this forum I can't reply to replies to this comment, but for Frans Kellner below: Frans you are presuming that we don't have full access to the same reality, unless you have some supernatural experience or can prove that I don't have full access to the world and/or lack the ability to communicate with others who do, then your wrong. I can see the whole elephant, and I'm not thinking that it is god, the objective truth is that it is an elephant. You may think it is a tree, or a wall, or a whip, or a hose, but you're ignorant of the larger picture. If you choose to remain ignorant, that is a choice, and if we have access to all the possible perspectives via our mind, then it is simply a logical step to imagine things from an eternal perspective and that is the truth.
        • thumb
          Oct 27 2011: Your words sound logic in general.
          Yet it is as with that elephant. We can both look on the beast from our own fixed positions and agree that it's an elephant yet seeing different things.
          The truth however is that we take our vision for reality while in fact it is our vision. The reality is that we are that elephant and the one that's looking and the action itself.
        • Oct 27 2011: Michael
          "The big picture" might be great for you. It is still and always will be mediated through your own contexts. The big picture is blue.
        • thumb
          Oct 28 2011: Quote: "you are presuming that we don't have full access to the same reality" .

          I can't see where you've got this from. Of course do we have access to the same reality but each from our own perspective. If you are behind that elephant you see the tale while I from the other side watch the trunk. We can't see them both at the same moment. So we add things up in our mind to make a construct that we call our world. Every person its own.
          Communication is based on agreement which is possible because the human brain is about the same and the world we meet is about the same. If any culture is very different from ours this whole story about agreement starts to break down because they see things we can't see and vice versa.
          The brain is structured to interact with the surroundings and follows its programming for adaptation within given circumstances.

          Objectivity is a delusion. It just says that we agree on the same language to describe some process in our head.

          You or any other sentient being for that matter exists only in relation to everything else. Nothing in the universe can be defined in itself without defining everything else at the same moment. If human beings do define the things around them they're merely giving names to appearances as they appear to them and in that describing themselves as well.
  • Oct 26 2011: 1. We can never please everyone.
    2. Only we ourselves determine our own happiness.
    3. Money is important, but health is even more important. Without good health, we can't enjoy money. Without good health, sometimes, we cant make money.
    4. But many great and influential people showed us that even without good health, they still rake in millions for companies.
    5. We are scared of being lonely
    6. Sometimes, great ideas can be so simple.
    7. Listing 10 ideas that are so true is quite hard, well at least for me though i am making the 7th one now.
    8. Humour is essential in our lives.
    9. Without love and compassion, our lives would be harder.
    10. I am so happy to share what i know with people. Sharing ideas can be so powerful and empowering.
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    Oct 26 2011: I wish everyone would do this:
    1) All men are created equal
    2) Reason is the best path to truth
    3) Reason alone has limits, because faith in reason is impossible to justify rationally
    4) Existence is.
    ... 5) The only thing I know for certain is that that I know nothing.
    6) The world is round, you can't fall off.
    7) Everyone is born with certain inalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
    8) Democracy is inefficient, full of conflict, and the worst form of government, except for all the others.
    9) All great truths are expressed in the form of paradox.
    10) None of these are true.
    • Oct 26 2011: These sound like ones YOU would like to be true!
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: Did YOU read them?
        Try again.
        • Oct 27 2011: I was only echoing exactly what you said about MY truths.

          I don't dislike your truths, but (1) is wishful thinking, (3) is a nonsequiter, (4) is a tautology, (5) and (10) are paradoxes and (6) is an indisputable fact. The rest are opinions, with which I mostly agree.
      • thumb
        Oct 27 2011: If my #1 is just wishful thinking then I simply know better than you and all my truth statements are penultimate, Q.E.D.

        My understanding of the term "Non sequitur" is that it is an argument in which its conclusion does not follow from its premises, but my conclusion, that reason has limits, directly follows from the fact that belief in reason can not be rationally proven. So you are wrong about my #3, it may not be a complete proof, but it is sufficient.

        My #4 may be a tautology, a self evident fact, but it may also be the fundamental truth, as everything else depends upon it.

        #5 & #10 are indeed paradoxes, self contradictory statements, but #9 explains that. I could explain how in resolving the paradoxes the truth reveals itself, but that requires someone who can transcend the contradiction, and see how such statements can be both true and false at the same time.

        These 'things I know to be true' are true in broad contexts across time and space, and although we can quibble about the definition of truth, or other semantics, their logic is sound from any objective perspective.

        Your 'truths' seem less objective or universal, more like observations, not anything profound. Everyone feels better when they smile and move their body. Paradox is profound, Existence is profound, the fact that people change, or that stories can be false, or other qualified generalizations and obvious clichés are not so profound. If everyone knows these truths, if they don't take any work to understand, then why communicate them?
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    Oct 26 2011: There are only three things I know to be true in my life:
    (1) People who have been invited will always arrive just as the house is ready for them (whew!);
    (2) people who aren’t invited will inevitably arrive when the house is at its worst. No
    matter how assiduously I make a point of tidying it every day, knowing that this
    happens, some mysterious universal law will propel them in my direction just as the
    whirlwind intersects. Aargh. I’ve had it all my life. My sister-in-law used to call our
    house the Cango Caves when my children were small: all the stalagmites and the
    stalactites. Fortunately she then had children herself, and all such descriptions went
    (3)If I go down a narrow road, where only one car can fit in, there will be another car
    hell-bent on taking me out from the opposite direction. Similarly, (we live at an
    intersection of two quiet roads) if I want to reverse around the corner, immediately
    there will be three cars vying for the same corner, all from different directions. You
    must note I bear this all with an outer veneer of calm equilibrium; but in my soul there
    rises the cry: why?
  • Oct 26 2011: 1. you are part of nature passing into eternity
    2. being right is of little importance
    3. look at the world through your own perceptions
    4. renew the world through your creativity
    5. understand the magic of children
    6. kindness and humor make a better world
    7. learn about your personal family history
    8. dance, sing, paint, take photographs, sculpt, make pop-top rings into a sculpture
    9. look at the stars, watch the wave's endless parade, feel the wind flow, stand in the rain, watch the sun come and go
    10. help your friends and strangers
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      Oct 26 2011: Number 6. kindness and humor make a better world - really speaks to me. When I sent in my list, I realized that I did not write down humor... and yet humor is really the most crucial part of my truths as I know it and as I experience it.

      When I read Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning, I was incredibly impressed by how he writes at great length about practicing humor. He developed strategies to find one thing to laugh about. He also shared his humorous insights and taught these strategies to others at the camp so they could truly "live" better.
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      Oct 26 2011: If we are part of nature, and we destroy the world, is that natural? Isn't that passing into eternity?
      Being right is of all importance, just ask anyone who went left and drove off a cliff.
      Who else's perceptions could I use?
      these aren't truths, they are just aphorisms
  • Oct 25 2011: I had commented on a few lists but not posted mine. This is slightly revised from an earlier post after even more life experience.

    Everything is networked together in real live systems
    Us is infinitely more important than me
    Physical laws show no mercy, people can
    Life and love are not a machines
    Real, honest love of someone can make you see all the way to the end of the world
    There is something about the Universe that is not quite right
    Beauty exists whether or not I ever behold it
    Human choice is one of the most powerful engines in history
    The world we live in is not about making sense or making love, it is about us
    Things crash

    I know these are true. There are probably other things that are also. Sometimes writing them down helps.
  • Oct 25 2011: Thank You, Noelle!
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    Oct 24 2011: Here are 10 things I know to be true:

    1. Music affects everyone
    2. Sadness is beautiful
    3. True happiness can only be experienced and remembered. You are happy when you're happy.
    4. There is intelligence, there is knowledge, and there is experience. The first comes from thinking, the second from learning, and the third from doing.
    5. Understanding something can only make it richer and more real.
    6. Children know what wonder is. Becoming jaded is a loss of childhood.
    7. We (humans) are very small, very complex, and far greater than the sum of our parts.
    8. Oceans make me feel alive.
    9. Nothing is better than being alone with someone you love.
    10. Move on.
  • Oct 24 2011: Just in the interest of being clear...I believe all benefit from education. Education helps create shared values without which a community cannot exist. But I am not saying that a 4-year University degree is for everyone. One person posted something about welding. You need education to become a welder, which by the way is an honorable and well paying profession. But the contention that post-secondary education--which includes vocational prep study like welding--is not valuable is one I could argue all day. All learning is experiential and all experience creates learning opportunities. It is up to the individual to make the most of the opportunities education makes available.
  • Oct 24 2011: 1. Chocolate makes the world a better place
    2. This post-modern idea that people have to "like you for who you are" is bullshit. Some people are just bad people or have bad habits, and everyone should always strive to be a better person instead of settling for who they are at the moment and putting it on other people to like them for they are.
    3. No matter how bad my luck may seem at times, the fact that I am sitting in front of my laptop typing this serves to remind me not only that I'm alive and that life is precious but that I have an immense amount of privilege compared to a majority of other people in the world.
    4. People say you "can't prove God doesn't exist," and I say you can't prove unicorns or leprechauns don't exist either but that doesn't mean we should all believe in them.
    5. There is still hope, so long as people continue to fight injustice and not sit passively aside.
    6. Music is the great unifier. Every culture has it and I have never met a person in the world who dislikes music.
    7. Money is freedom but stuff just chains you down. Unfortunately, people do horrible things to each other for both.
    8. If people (myself included) spent the numerous hours we spent watching TV (or YouTube, etc) being productive members of society, the world would be a much better place.
    9. Laughing is one of the best things for you.
    10. People who don't feel warm and fuzzy when they see a puppy are sociopaths.
  • Oct 24 2011: My eight truths (my life is a work in progress so haven't realized the other two yet but learning lots from reading others' truths, thanks!):

    1. Life is to be lived; it's not a dress rehearsal
    2. Human beings are most truly happy in a life of service
    3. You can try to separate your life into categories but your life is all related and life is all about relationships
    4. The toughest thing in raising kids is to let them make their own mistakes
    5. There are differences between data, information, education, knowledge, and wisdom – strive for the latter and never give up
    6 Walking beaches at any time of year, in any weather, revives the soul
    7. “In all difficult circumstances, it is the Lord and the Lord will be to you a strong helper” sustains you through hardship
    8. Everything is better with chocolate and a cup of peppermint tea
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    Oct 24 2011: Just the continuation of 10th point
    Gravity thank God/LUCK/Energy(depending on your outlook) or Newton who found it, but if gravity wasn't on earth Newton would not be standing on it to find it..Isn't it. You all realize were I am taking this conversation into. It come backs to luck. Is it really. For humans to exist If you see our evolution you have to say we had to be very very lucky to exist. I just term it some energy that made it happen. How did it make it happen science(Logical reasoning) gives you the way. I am not saying god but some power that we feel deep inside and meditation makes us realize that power within us.
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    Oct 24 2011: You may refute to whatever I believe but it still does not change my beliefs... :D
    1. We all live in our own world. We all have our own maps of real world which is based on our personal experience, views, beliefs, values and assumptions. We act and feel based on our perception of the world rather than the real world. This gives us the license to do bad things as we don’t term it as bad.
    2. Educational System is becoming more and more Business or commercial place. Most of us only care about money making. Selfishness got us following the wrong direction.
    3. Value of human Life is a few 100 Dollars. People killing, people dying. I thought it was for population control.
    4."Learn how to earn and you would learn how to live" is the concept and not "Learn how to live and you would learn how to earn".Buisness has taken up human values. Being smart and using others are the criteria not being right.Infact being smart is right these days. Wrong information always shown by the media. Negative images are the main criteria which is infecting the young minds faster than bacteria. Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema.
    5.I don’t know you but still you are ready to listen what I am saying. But very rarely do you have time to listen to your friends or wife or children’s.
    6. Its more satisfactory to disagree someone and prove him wrong than to prove him right. Sometimes it does not even matter what you feel is right.
    7. Childrens are loosing innocence faster than we think they do.
    8. Technology has replaced direct communication. We remember faces of our best friends as we have seen them in Facebook.
    9. We might be another person in this world but still we might be world for someone else.
    10. Science And God (For me power or raw energy) are not against but with each other. Science always tells you or gives more of an explanations how it happens, If you ask me who placed it that way or why it happened there is something more to it isn't it. Gravity thank God/LUCK/Energy(depe
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    Oct 24 2011: 1) God exist but our definition / understanding is wrong
    2) The meaning of life is happiness!
    3) Everybody is connected, so is their happiness - hence the importance of compassion
    4) Potential is the birthplace of creation
    5) Conscientiousness exist and not just as a biological side effect
    6) The universe unfolds because it's constantly looking for a balancing point of everything which does not exist (evolution, entropy big bang)
    7) Everything has poles - light vs dark. love vs hate. wet vs dry. Yet they are the same thing of different sides of the same spectrum
    8) #7 Everything has a center
    9) The ultimate question of everything is "Whyyyyy???"
    10) The only thing you can ever know for certain is that you know nothing.
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    Oct 24 2011: When I look at my ten things I know to be true, I see that they hold a bigger truth. I will refer to this as my meta-truth. This meta-truth is true for all my 10 things I know to be true.

    My meta-truth is Life Is What You Make It.
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    Oct 24 2011: Here are 10 things I know are true:

    1) God exists (at least for me, respecting the beliefs of each person), always listens but it does not seem as though it is not always respond immediately.
    2) Democracy is not just a matter of policy, is a lifestyle that is carried inside.
    3) Traveling the spirit nourishes us and broadens our mind. But we can not deny that always miss home.
    4) If we fear something, the important thing is to not let that fear stop us achieving what we want.
    5) When one door closes we always opens another, and often turns out to be better than the last.
    6) The opportunities always come to us, you just have to take them and did not at first appear much, because just another take her for us and we will regret.
    7) There are moments in life where you'd like to be children again.
    8) We can not choose the family ... But if the friends.
    9) When we think we are wrong, look to the sides we realize that some people are worse.
    10) Love is ... every day that inspires us to continue because we love what we do, what we want, who is on our side ...
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    Oct 23 2011: What I Know to be True:

    1) Failure is not an end in itself, but a teacher
    2) No one is perfect
    3) Mistakes should not be perceived as your undertaker
    4) Make very few promises, and fulfill them
    5) The only thing that seems to be permanent is change
    6) If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse
    7) No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are at least still trying
    8) Too many people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know.
    9) Be true to yourself
    10) Don't make important decisions when emotions are out of control
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    Oct 23 2011: What I Know

    I know that love, hope and drive CAN and WILL change the world.
    I know that you must love yourself before anyone else can love you.
    I know that teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world.
    I know that teaching is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world.
    I know that my students are future doctors, lawyers, thieves, hairstylists, governors, mayors, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, killers and healers.
    I know that to inspire my students, I must first find the secret tool that engages them.
    I know that if family doesn't come first, all is lost.
    I know that today family is made up of mother, father, cousin, friend, pastor, teacher, coach, aunt, grandmother, and so on and so on.
    I know that all children have a glorious future.
    I know that not all children realize this and squander their futures.

    I know that most of what I do know revolves around kids. Hmmmm.... Something I didn't know before.
  • Oct 23 2011: *Thank you for an Excellent topic of discussion.*

    These are suggestive seeds for being successfully fit for living...

    Ten ~ *Inexhaustible* ~ Truths

    1. There is an *Infinite Energy Source* greater then mankind... call it what you will.
    2. *Air* is our connection to the infinite energy source through the practice of concentrated breathing.
    3. *Water* is our greatest resource, after air, because it cleanses our physical beings and the environment.
    4. Beyond air / water, the *Earth* supplies us with all the natural resources we need for survival: food, fuel and shelter.
    5. *Love* is our passionate expression of individuality and how we express our passion is what makes us unique.
    6. Life’s one consistency is inconsistency and *Action / Movement* are essential to life.
    8. *Rest*, solitude and sleep are paramount to recovery, healing, health and our overall wellbeing.
    9. Reflection, self-awareness, *Independent Thinking* and intelligence are vital for our positive progress.
    10. Experience helps us grow and appreciate: being grateful, forgiveness and ultimately *Compassion*.

    Five Additional Truths to Toss Around...

    ~ *Serving* a greater good, an unselfish cause is soulful and rewarding.
    ~ When we chip away at the inessentials we come to realize... *Less Equals More*.
    ~ When we take *Responsibility* for our own health and wellbeing we can better care for the ones we love.
    ~ All of us will die but not all of us will make the *Willful Choice to Live*.
    ~ We are all *Connected by these Truths*.

    Feel free to visit my website:
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    Oct 23 2011: Great topic Cleo! This discussion spurs oodles of really productive introspection. Just the kind of stimulation I enjoy. Here is my list, for the time being.

    1. The death of a loved one teaches us lessons that can not be taught in any other way.

    2. If its not one problem, its another.

    3. Most of the problems I have with other people are rooted in my own insecurities.

    4. I will always have regrets, and there really isn't much I can do about that.

    5. A multilingual woman is instantaneously more appealing to me, regardless of the languages.

    6. Absolutely everything that we do, is selfish, and this is impossible to avoid. (For example, we give to charity because it makes us feel good.)

    7. We can always give more, and probably should.

    8. There aren't enough years.

    9. Everyone is struggling with something...

    10. If someone truly loves you, the best thing you could possibly give them, is your time.
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    Oct 23 2011: Cleo Abram,

    First thanks for starting this thread. Also I like #8 on your list. I truly believe that that is the main reason why we reproduce as a species. (And maybe why we put up with all that screaming and random bodily functions).
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    Oct 23 2011: 1) The "power" of any power structure is its ability to maintain its structure, and we are all complicit in power structures.
    2) If you are pissing off people on both sides of any debate, you might just be telling the truth.
    3) The notion that wealthy people and corporations without mandate will take care of everyone and provide the services our society needs is as altruistic and delusional as thinking a truly communistic system would work, and it is impossible for the very same reasons.
    4) Saying hello to a stranger that you meet out in the world is infinitely more important and in fact more powerful than winning a political debate.
    5) One should be wary of any claims supported with percentages.
    6) If you listen to someone long enough, he or she will solve his or her own problems. Keep one from it (often by unwittingly supplying the answer), and one will remain miserable and confused.
    7) Any given social and or political situation involves prejudice (even tie dyed Dead Heads will talk about wether someone is an authentic Dead Head or a poser).
    8) People's belongingness needs will more often than not override their logic and rational thought.
    9) There is always something that perpetually exceeds the grasp of human knowledge, and it is important to our sanity to maintain metaphors to fill in the gaps and voids. A definition of an intellectual may be one who identifies the metaphors and recognizes them as such, leading to much animosity toward intellectuals (like Jesus, for instance).
    10) We waste time with cosmic debates when there are simple solutions to simple problems. The quickest way to weasel out of a debate or responsibility is to turn an argument into a cosmic debate.

    #11 After reading over many of these lists, I have to say that I know it to be true that many people are far more eloquent than I, and that there are a lot of beautiful people in the world.
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    Oct 23 2011: Virginia, that blows my mind. Where did you read that? If I believe it, too, does that mean it will cease to be true?
  • Oct 23 2011: 1) Life isn't fair
    2) Getting up after falling down can be one of life's greatest accomplishments
    3) Everyone can be a leader
    4) Anyone can be an agent for change
    5) My faith in God will always sustain me
    6) People will choose to do right as long as their bellies are full
    7) Diversity in race, class and gender make for a stronger culture
    8) I am always learning
    9) Everyone should seek greater understanding of cultures different than their own
    10) There is little difference between success and failure.but the little difference is a BIG difference. The little difference is attitude and the big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
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    Oct 23 2011: I remember in my childhood in the southern Andes of Peru. For the Andean world, earth, mountains, rivers, lagoons were populated not only for fish, plants, birds, existed with them a myriad of other "people" that our Western knowledge took them away. And one thing more, The earth, mountains, rivers, lakes that in our culture are the subjects of geography, in the Andean world existed as we exist.
    I made this initial reference to indicate a great truth:
    1. All truth is relative.
    The others are just a consequence of this relativity.
  • Oct 23 2011: Oh i see it, and there is much i don't understand, and so choose not to give it a name.
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    Oct 23 2011: Gosho, you wrote that, "explaining something why is true, does not make it more true."

    Your comment is about increasing the truthiness of truth, and it doesn't really address the focus of my previous statement, which was about communication. But, here are some of my ideas about your statement:

    I believe explanation should occur only when accompanied by exploration, and it is only by this process (exploring our ideas, and trying to explain our findings) that we can fine-tune our beliefs. Explaining requires specificity, and I believe there is power in specificity. (So did Rilke, Faulkner, Goethe, Montaigne, and William Carlos Williams, and countless others.) I believe that without specificity, beliefs are mush, ideas are mush, and our brains are mush. Our ideas are living--Give them bones. Give them names. Pound said, "go in fear of abstractions," and the only times I've not followed this advice is when I'm trying to obscure the truth, to smooth things over, to "soften" the real by making it blurry.

    My previous statement focused the troubles that arise when we try to communicate our ideas to others. Our ideas of "true things" are prone to the same pitfalls that have plagued non-telepathic human communication since the dawn of language. The question for me is always: How do I translate into words my sensations, feelings, ideas, and beliefs? The reason I ask this question is because I want to share things that I believe are true.

    Which begs the question, did you read my list yet?
    • Oct 23 2011: I read once that as soon as a "truth" is known to more than one person, it ceases to be "truth"...this is because each individual brings with them their own background and value system which informs the "truth" they see.
  • Oct 23 2011: Here are ten things i know to be true :-
    1. Life is not short its way too long.
    2. Good times go faster then bad times.
    3. Each one for themselves.
    4. Rules are meant to be broken.
    5. Politicians and actors can do the hell they want.
    6. Alcohol is fun.
    7. Trust people no matter what have to live with them.
    8. Trying is our job rest lies with god.
    9. Trust God have faith.
    10. People change always keep a low expectation.
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    Oct 23 2011: 1. No one really knows anything.
    2. We all think we know everything.
    3. Everything I'm about to list, I know, but I don't.
    4. We can't wrap our minds around existence having a beginning, but we're all sure it did.
    5. Even convinced it had a beginning, we seek to answer what started it?
    6. When we focus our thoughts too deep, everything seems incredibly bizarre.
    7. What our thoughts are, what they're "made of", and how thinking began, we haven't the faintest clue.
    8. Accepting that it's God, or accepting that it's Chance, are just two easy ways of dismissing this deep thinking.
    9. It's probably for the best, because it's safe to say we'll never be able to wrap our minds around these things.
    10. Dwelling on it threatens our sanity, so we repress it. In five minutes we'll forget this thought process completely, and get on with our day.
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    Oct 23 2011: 1. Change is constant
    2. My first impulse when confronted with change is to resist
    3. Change is almost never a bad thing
    4. Things happen for a reason
    5. Travel is important and educational, the world is a vast and fascinating place
    6. Every person has a story worth hearing, but not everyone is willing to share it
    7. There is always another side to every story
    8. Money is not as important as some make it out to be... but if you say money is unimportant, you have enough
    9. Life is finite, how I spend my time is a decision that I must be aware of
    10. Fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers make me feel good
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. we should make a compilation of all these truths and see what up..
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. Binary is cool
    10. All I believe is subject to doubt. That's what makes the world so wonderful.
  • Oct 23 2011: 8. It is really hard to pretend to be someone that you are not. A life built on lies is not a life at all. We must figure out who we are and just keep being that. That is not to say "do not dream, do not change, do not grow" that is to say "live with authenticity, speak with honesty tempered with gentleness, be secure in the characteristics which define you".

    9. Love is worth the risk. It truly is.

    10. Mistakes are not an end in themselves, they are the stepping stones to wisdom.
  • Oct 23 2011: #1. Any claim of truth is contextual.

    #2. The truth of #1 is contextual.

    #3. The truth of # 2 is contextual.

    #4. A statement of truth outside its proper context becomes a lie.

    #5. In numeric base three: 2 + 2 = 4 is false and incoherent. In base three: 2 + 2 = 11 is true and perfectly coherent.

    #6. The truth is an approximation that is correctable and mutable depending on symbolic and contextual interpretation; not a static, incorrigible, and unchangeable position.

    #7. There is possibility to observe a bare fact, without symbolic interpretation, but to do so requires first to undress all socio-cultural conditioning; do it so is neither in the reach nor in the will of the majority.

    #8. The size of my ignorance is immense.

    #9. The human mind has evolved for the search of truth.

    #10. The human mind can stop the search in #9 because of a lie.
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      Oct 23 2011: Depending on context, you may be mistaking "truth" for "accuracy."
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    Oct 23 2011: 1. Reality is divided (Separate).
    2. Actuality is oneness.
    3.. The observer is the observed.
    4. There is no subject-object split. It is an illusion of reality.
    5. Division into separateness is conflict Therefore reality=conflict.
    6 Truth is a word.
    7. Truth is reality.
    8. Truth is divided.
    9. Truth can be judged.
    10. Is an illusion and not Actuality.
  • Oct 23 2011: 1. Change is permanent.
    2. Love is caring.
    3. There are only two types of world in mankind: material world and spiritual world.
    4. Happiness of your life depends on qualities of your thoughts.
    5. Success is not key to happiness, happiness is key to success.
    6. There is nothing called useless in this world. Everything has its own role to play.
    7. Some or the other day everyone will learn their lesson.
    8. Our present is a result of our past actions.
    9. You bring nothing, you take nothing; in between is your life.
    10. Whatever may happen, world will move on.
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    Oct 22 2011: Save your lists! See what changes when you get the view from the top of the mountain.
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      Oct 23 2011: What if we aspire to be submariners?
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Planet earth will be here long after it eliminates us.
    2. Compassion creates peace.
    3. Good tools are worth the cost.
    4. Organized nonviolent resistance is perilous and invincible.
    5. Evil is a reality.
    6. Scientific discovery does not negate but rather further reveals miracles.
    7. Acknowledging responsibility - liberates.
    8. Time lapse from dinosaurs to homo sapiens = 65,000,000 years.
    9. Great cultures require great artists.
    10. Intolerance and hate is learned behavior.
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    Oct 22 2011: Here's mine:
    1. Advice offered to friends and aquaintances, is more readily accepted than advice offered to loved-ones.
    2. 1 cup of strong coffee, in the morning, is helpful. The second cup is even better. The 3rd is over-doing it a bit and a 4th is just asking for trouble.
    3. Responsibility is a learned behavior, I wish that I'd have learned it sooner, than I did.
    4. I am "Pro-Choice", but could be swayed by "Pro-Life" arguments, if it were guarunteed that every fetus/child would have the basic human-rights of healthcare, nutrition, education, shelter and safety, for their lifetime.
    5. We share so many commonalities, with cultures that we'll never even come in contact with. This is NOT proof of a God. It is God, itself.
    6. There is nothing like a therapeutic bath/soak, to make one feel more civilized.
    7. To treat the suffering of depression, rage, anger, etc., you must address all 3, of the following elements: a) The Physical cause, b) Therapeutic and c) Spiritual.
    8. Life has it's own reasons, my Gods (Nature,) put me exactly, where they need me to be.
    9. "Loving" is better than "Being in Love", but "Being in Love", is more pleasurable, than just "Loving".
    10. Being completely honest, does not mean being "brutally-honest". A person can be completely honest, while considering another's feelings.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1- A market economy is an economy of consumerism, and that is a contradiction
    2- We usually call people ignorant when we don't understand them
    2- We have to remove the curtains to let the light in (meditation)
    3- We use the muscles when the mind is weak
    4- We are the chosen species, the only one with borders, and passports needed to travel
    5- A capitalist system is a system of prostitutes
    6- We don't have a soul. We are a soul. We have a body
    7- To not think is harder than to think
    8- To love is healthier than to be loved
    9- People don't ask their banks where they invest their money
    10- We have infinite power
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      Oct 22 2011: 2- We usually call people ignorant when we don't understand them

      Or when they don't understand us.
      • Oct 22 2011: If people don't understand me is because I don't make myself clear.
        • thumb
          Oct 23 2011: QUOTE: "If people don't understand me is because I don't make myself clear."


          I obviously did not make myself very clear. ;-)

          In my observation, when someone does not understand, or agree with, what we say, we sometimes assume it is the other person who is ignorant. (Which might or might not be true.)
    • thumb
      Oct 23 2011: People who I do not understand may be ignorant or may be very wise. It i probably more logical that I wouldn't understand someone who is wiser than I, but ultimately we all wise and ignorant about various and sundry things. So, do we often call people who we do not understand ignorant? Probably in that we do not understand the meaning of the term ignorance.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1-We are all one but most people don’t know it and I still forget about it every now and then
    2-Nothing is impossible. Miracles do happen
    3-Love your parents unconditionally because when they are gone you may realise too late how much you miss them
    4-Love hurts love heals love is everything
    5-People who make me laugh lift me up and it’s the kind of energy I want to be around
    6-Expressing my gratitude everyday for the small things has changed my life
    7-Drop the need to be right and offended and you will have more peace in the world
    8-I wouldn’t have made it without my friends
    9-Life is too short – if I am not happy in any area of my life, I make changes. My happiness is my own responsibility and I take it very seriously
    10-Men don’t always pick the best moment to kiss you but it’s very cute
  • Oct 22 2011: 10 Things I know to be true.

    1. I know that everything has a silver lining (everything!); I just have to look for it.
    2. I know that since I’ve learned to love my own company, I’ve never been lonely.
    3. I know that gratitude and joy are faithful friends.
    4. I know that when I hear you judge another person it tells me more about you than the person you are judging.
    5. I know that forgiveness is powerful.
    6. I know that if I look in my pocket for something, it’s in the other one.
    7. I know that getting older is way more fun than I was led to believe.
    8. I know that though dark furniture and floors are beautiful, they highlight every speck of dust.
    9. I know that being selfish isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if my actions don’t harm others.
    10. I know that I’ll have a better day if I check the weather forecast.
  • Oct 22 2011: ~
    1} A closed mind learns nothing.
    2} Prejudice is a symptom of a closed mind.
    3} Experience can occlude insight.
    4} If you read and you think, you can always learn.
    5} There is a seperate reality for each of us. Some of these realities are mutually exclusive yet they
    are all real. i.e. Two mutually exclusive propositions may both be true.
    6} Everything is interesting.
    7} Crisis always presents opportunity.
    8} The best revenge is to live well.
    9} The most valuable thing anyone can have is friendship.
    10} If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
  • Oct 22 2011: Last spring we used this as a topic for a writing project with teens.
    An amazing topic for getting kids to grow an appreciation for their own thoughts and to feel empowered when they can connect over these things they all find to be true.

    10 things I know to be true:

    1. Picasso was right... all children are artists, the challenge is remaining one.
    2. Art is a beautiful way of life.
    3. Coffee and wine are amazing agents of communication.
    4. People are usually much more brilliant than they actually realize or are willing to admit.
    5. Our lives are a combination of connections.
    6. Life is never about how much you can own, but instead it's about how much joy you found and created.
    (the ancient Egyptians got that one right.)
    7. There are more reasons to smile in life than there are to cry.
    8. Tears are the body's way of clearing out the build up of intense emotion, and ART is the spirit's way of doing the same.
    9. Imagination is made into reality by our actions, therefore, there is NO impossiblity.
    10. The 10th truth is always the hardest one to decide on. :-)
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. If people don't like you, they've their reasons for not liking you.
    2.There are always three stories: Your story, their story and the truth.
    3. Everyone wants to know what other people think of them, but it is impossible to know what other people think about you, so stop trying.
    4. Bad luck never comes alone, neither does happiness.
    5. Tailwind is the same as going in the wind's eye if you want to go the other way.
    6. In everthing is a challenge.
    7. Don't be to hard on yourself, don't be to hard on others
    8. Never exclude anything.
    9. Love is sharing.
    10. It's good to be strong for others, they will be strong for you.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. Change is constant
    2. 10+5 = 15
    3. Karma is real = Doing good spreads goodness. Doing bad spreads badness.
    4. Death is inevitable
    5. The US Gov. is beyond repair - we need a revolution.
    6. There is no "God"
    7. Separatism in any form is bad.
    8. Power does not equal greatness.
    9. Animals have complex emotions and thought.
    10. Life is too short.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. comments tell more about the commenter than what is being commented upon,
    2. cultural health drives societal wellbeing and cultural trauma leads to social dysfunctions,
    3. irrational numbers are the best 'proof' that a God may exist,
    4. all people need validation,
    5. children are smarter and can process complex information more than we appreciate,
    6. we are all different and we are all the same,
    7. expressing love is as important to a healthy person as being loved,
    8. there is great responsibility that comes with being the beneficiary of someone's love,
    9. paradoxes exist and even help explain the world,
    9. opposites can complement and when they do they create a greater whole,
    9. everything you need to know to be wise is available all around you - if you take the time to be aware, learn and be pensive
    10. I can't count.
  • Oct 22 2011: Three great things in life: Earning, Yearning, Learning. --- Les Brown, talk show host.

    In life your attitude determines your altitude.

    “Our past poisons our present. Truth doesn’t have roots on firm ground. We’ll live with sorrow and there’s not a lot we can do about it. From a movie review of Once Upon a Time in America (1984). – Cunctator, Milan, Italy.

    A father teaches his son to balance strength with wisdom, and to separate needs from wants. In modern America if dad is present at all, his discipline, wisdom, and teaching, is overseen and distrusted by the state. Posted by: ar15, 12/6/2007 12:28:52 PM.

    Number 6: "I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own." --- "The Prisoner" (1967).

    Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag: "To learn how to find, one must first learn how to hide."

    End the psychosis of know-it-all-ness. --- Leonard Read.

    There are three kinds of people: those with no ideas, the cranks, and those that get the work done.
    --- Dr. Kennicott, Main Street, Ch. 16, page 195, by Sinclair Lewis.

    "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."- Ronald Reagan

    When words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty. --- Confucius.

    An Arab proverb states - "four things come not back: the spoken word, the spent arrow, the past, the neglected opportunity."

    Blood, Sweat, and Tears. --- “One, the innocent must suffer, two, the guilty must be punished, and three you must taste blood to be a man.” --- Sam Raimi, The Evil Dead (1981).

    Avarice, the spur of industry. --- David Hume (1711-1776) Essays On Civil Liberty.

    “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and there you long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. My family is one of the kindest, most polite, normal families in existence. They are also more open-minded and less traditional than many. They also love me. I am lucky.
    2. The hardest part about running is making the decision to put on the clothes and step out the front door. It's amazing how many excuses my mind makes. Running is truly a battle between mind and body.
    3. Cats evolved to be cuddly creatures that are always there to put a smile on human's faces.
    4. Teaching is a difficult, unrewarding job. But, it is not boring and no day is ever the same.
    5. We don't learn from ALL of our mistakes. Sometimes we think about the lesson and then forget soon after, sometime we remember the lesson forever, and sometimes we are just glad we made it out alive. Sometimes we truly regret what we did.
    6. Sex really is amazing when it's with someone you truly love.
    7. Life will not be boring if you try something new each day. It could be as simple as starting a new book, watching a new Ted talk, cooking a new recipe, trying a new restaurant, or running a different trail.
    8. Sunshine and fresh air really does make a person happier. Weekends should be spent outdoors.
    9. I can and will write a novel. It may take many, many years, but I will get it done. I will self-publish it, and maybe no one will ever read it.
    10. Even if the effects of coffee are purely psychological, it is a delicious and necessary morning ritual.
  • Oct 22 2011: Birth is not a miracle, it's natural
    Living is close to a miracle,so many changes
    Every second is a challenge
    Raising children is a blast, if only, at the moment, we could savor it
    With age, yes, comes wisdom, finally
    There is no room for the ego
    Meditation works wonders
    Yoga makes you feel happy, your mind and body strong
    Living life with an open mind
    Be yourself, it' s the only way to fly.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. I want to be taught spoken words poetry by Sarah Kay
    2. I want to listen to a live duet of Chrissie Hynde and Natalie Merchant before I die
    3. The more complex and sophisticated we get the more simple our behavior is
    4. Friday evenings smell of cinnamon and lemon when you are with the one you love
    5. Friday evenings stink when you are alone in an international hotel
    6. Music is great
    7. Books are great
    8. Movies are great
    9. We will never have enough time to spend with the people we love
    10. I shall be proud of making myself ready to writing my list
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    Oct 22 2011: Here's my list of 10 things I believe to be true (not a claim to knowledge, or absolute truth)

    1 Life ain't fair, so stop whining.
    2 All religions are the same at their core: control not freedom.
    3 Everything we do can be traced back to S&R (survival & replication).
    4 The more sophisticated we become, the more primitive our behavior becomes.
    5 It sounds cliché, but it's true... when it's your turn to be happy, you'll just know.
    6 Love your work, you won't notice all the sleepless nights and the busy weekends.
    7 Always have a schedule and stick to it.
    8 Your mom deserves more credit than you think.
    9 Being in college is like being in your mom's belly, life really begins when you get out.
    10 Clean out your closet every year, you'll notice how much you've changed in that period of time.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1) Nobody has gotten what they deserve. Assholes continue to prosper while no good deed goes unpunished.
    2) The sun will rise tomorrow.
    3) Find your joy, there is no point to any of this without it.
    4) We're here to give and receive compassion. How do I know? 'cause there's so damn little of it to be found.
    5) The truth always comes out, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it always comes out.
    6) It doesn't matter who you are, if you can't explain what you're doing to your mother, or to a 5 year old child, you shouldn't be doing it.
    7) Forgiveness does not change the past, it changes the future.
    8) The laws of nature apply to every species equally - including humans.
    9) The 'us'/'them' mythology sustained in most cultures on earth will cause our species' extinction; we are all responsible for each other. There are no 'us'/'them' - there is only 'We'.
    10) No matter how big or tough you think you are, when a toddler hands you their ringing phone, you will answer it.
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    Oct 22 2011: Here are some things which I think are true, though it's always changing and I'm never entirely certain of anything:
    1.Humans are social creatures, when we are lonely for too long we become unstable.
    2.Everyone needs alone time too, solitude is a great calming and focusing tool.
    3.Life is too short to be unhappy, ask yourself what would bring about happiness in your life and seek it.
    4.When we lose someone we love, it shows us the depths with which our love goes, the pain of losing loved ones is one of the greatest we ever feel.
    5.Finding people to spend your time with who will put up with you and all your flaws and do the same for them will be one of the best pursuits in life, you will only ever find a very few, cherish them.
    6.Science is the best way for humanity to find out what the facts and fictions are about our existence here in the universe.
    7.Dancing is a pleasure many fear, but is worth over coming, there is a certain freedom to dancing like no one is watching.
    8.It's good to follow your heart but better listen to your logic.
    9.There are so many interesting people, so much beauty in nature, so much to see and do, get out there, forget yourself.
    10.Learning something every day will increase your happiness and your thirst for knowledge.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Objective truth does exist.
    2. Recognising objective truths doesn't seem to be a human strong suit.
    3. Recognising objective truths can be so bad that some people don't even believe they exist.
    4. The truth is not a democracy. The world doesn't become flat if enough people believe hard enough.
    5. The idea that just because you don't understand it means nobody does, or that because you don't know of something's existence must mean it does not exist, is an idea that will hinder search for truth.
    6. The scientific method is one that brings us closer to finding truth than any other practice has done so so far.
    7. Absolute truths can be found in languages that define their terms.
    8. Absolute truths do not need to be found to exist.
    9. "Subjective reality" is an oxymoron.
    10. If you wish to understand more about our power to know things, the study of epistemology is for you.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Love and being loved are what it's all about
    2. Love never dies, it only changes form
    3. To love greatly is to risk greatly, but it is worth it
    4. We are not our bodies or minds but the awareness that animates them
    5. The past is only a memory and the future an imagination, neither real in this moment
    6. It matters less what happens to us than what we think about it, and do with it
    7. Having children has been the greatest gift live has given me
    8. You have to go into uncomfortable feelings to get through them
    9. Money can make good people do awful things
    10. Art is soul food
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    Oct 22 2011: I am alive
    Forgiveness is a necessity, it's the only way to free one's soul and move on in life.
    I treat people the way I like to be treated
    I have 3 lives that depend on me
    I believe there's a higher power that guides our paths through life
    I believe that unconditional love exists because I give it.
    Everything that happens in one's life happens for a reason, and not by accident.
    Science and technology will help to improve human lives but will also destroy them.
    Money does not bring true happiness
    There is good in everyone, even a serial killer or a thief.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Always trust your gut.
    2. Your memory of how things happen changes over time. But it's what you have to work with, so go with it.
    3. Gratitude is the best therapy. (Saw that on a bumpersticker.)
    4. Life is too short to do anything that doesn't have a good chance of leading to happiness.
    5. Embrace failure, learn from it, don't let it make you afraid to try.
    6. Always remain open to change.
    7. If animals and small children like you, you're headed in the right direction in life.
    8. Your shit stinks. There's nothing you can do about it. Never forget that.
    9. You're never too old to become the person you were born to be.
    10. More than 50% of the time, "Why the hell not?" is the right decision.
    • Oct 22 2011: I love these!
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      Oct 22 2011: *If animals and small children like you, you're headed in the right direction in life. * is my facebook status
  • Oct 22 2011: Here are my 10:
    1. Hard work, commitment, and integrity are more important for success than intelligence.
    2. A life spent solely pursuing materials gains will seem like a waste at the end.
    3. Living in harmony with nature is a path to inner peace. In many of life’s decisions, asking yourself “how would nature solve this problem?” usually provides good advice. Nature also provides good advice in solving technical problems and providing inspiration for artists.
    4. Learning to take pleasure in doing something nice for someone else is a way to create positive energy.
    5. Recognizing, greeting, and finding something nice to say about someone is another way to create positive energy.
    6. The more of yourself you can put into the work you do, the greater everyone will value it. Focus on the quality and the detail you want in your work. It matters.
    7. Raising your children to the best of your abilities and doing everything you can to ensure their success is a commitment every parent needs to make their primary job in life. This effort requires BOTH quantity AND quality of time. Interfacing with as much family as possible gives children insight about their parents and offers different respected adult opinions about many things.
    8. Look for opportunities to use ideas, techniques, designs, and products from one area of science in another area.
    9. Live below or at least within your means. Do not let wanting something different spoil the enjoyment of what you have at the moment.
    10. Enjoy life’s journey. Smell the roses, stop and take the picture, give lots of hugs, and enjoy time spent with family and friends. A lot more time is spent on the journey than savoring some destination.
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. the world is a whole- everything and everyone is connected
    2. everything has a beginning and an ending-you determin which way it goes
    3. never forget everything has good and bad sides
    4. never underestimate the power of the EGO
    5. honesty is not a common thing, no matter how harsh
    6. the greatest good in life is to be with someone who understands what unconditional true love is
    7.friends are determined by beeing there for you in hard times but more importantly in GOOD times!
    8. money is overrated
    9. LIVING by your standards and values is the hardest thing but are the only things that show who you are.
    10. when times come... you have to know when to let go
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. The first purpose of life is to love.
    2. The second great purpose of life is to learn.
    3. The second purpose cannot be achieved without accomplishing the first, and contrariwise.
    4. Life cannot be achieved without accomplishing these things.
    5. The evolution of life is towards love. Therefore we do not need to seek it, it is within us at birth, surrounds us always. The natural course of life will take us towards it if we are not diverted.
    6. That pleasurable tingling rush within us when we hear of a stranger’s good news, or the rescue of someone we’ll never meet, is the evidence of our soul within us. It is flexing, stretching, like the muscles of the body after exercise, enjoying being used.
    7. Beauty is the natural state of our world. All of its functions, its species, its complex ecosystems, could be accomplished without prettiness, but in fact they proceed in breathtaking splendour. Even temporary disruptions – the decaying of a corpse, the devastation of a hurricane or a volcano – eventually revert to their default setting, return to beauty.
    8. Forgiveness is easier than anger, more pleasurable than revenge.
    9. I’m a lazy hedonist.
    10. The resonance of a cat’s purr may be the closest we ever come to communicating with god.
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    Oct 22 2011: 6-10 of my list (of "Ten Things I THINK I Know To Be True)...

    6.) Diversity equals strength, health, resiliency.... therefore diversity is beautiful. Nature abhors a monoculture.

    7.) Life is a trilogy of body, mind, and soul. Health isn't really health unless it speaks to all three because the three are non-fractionable. Just one more reason why reductionist points of view, or approaches based on them, are inappropriate for life.

    8.) I need help. I cannot do everything I need to do, even for myself, ALONE. For example, I crave self-sufficiency and self-reliance... but there is no way to achieve them without help! Resiliency requires a support network (see #6). Trying to do everything alone is to become a monoculture of one.

    9.) Context has the capacity to change almost everything. Bad becomes good, light becomes dark, big becomes small-- and vice, versa-- according to changes in context. This is how relations influence the flow of causality such that a butterfly effect comes into being as a constantly repeating pattern here on Earth.

    10.) Gandhi and Kant are more useful, helpful, and beneficial than religion. "Be the change you want to see in the world," (by Gandhi) and "Can you will it that everyone could do as you propose to do? If so, then go ahead. If not, then you must not do that," (by Kant) are enough to base an entire spiritual framework on-- one that does no harm.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Life is without boundaries
    2. Spirituality is drawn from interpretation on how to deal with emotions
    3. Inspiration comes when two or more people resonate on 1 emotion
    4. For "good luck", there is a need for initiative with a strong desire for the unexpected
    5. Religion is no more then choosing perspective, unless there is access to creative thinking
    6. "Being rich" means producing any life formula which creates desirable value and is not generally accessible
    7. "Work" is for those who have not created an instrument to create value in which they can express their personality constantly
    8. Imagination is our limit
    9. Dreaming is enhancing our imagination
    10. Those who dream have access to the generally accepted unexpected
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. you'll always miss the 100% of the shots you don't take
    2. learn is a painful experience
    3. we're what we were and we'll be what we're
    4. happiness is not only a state of mind
    5. education is the future of humanity
    6. take it easy helps
    7. ideas change
    8. don't trust in "isms"
    9. travel open your mind
    10. love never dies
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Every second is a new beginning.
    2. Always give a voice to those that need yours.
    3. Adults should live by the same rules that we teach children.
    4. Where there is food enough for one, there is food enough for two.
    5. Sorrow and joy. Not expressly felt by only humans.
    6. Caring and sharing feel amazing.
    7. Sometimes, I act in ways that I thought I had overcome ( selfish, mean, ignorant ) but then I remember.....
    8. I don't have to be that person, because.......
    9. Every second is a new beginning.
    10. I love happy endings.
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    Oct 22 2011: Great list. I am in the very similar camp.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. I may not be able to control my circumstances but I can definitely develop more control over the perception of my circumstances.
    2. A mind that never stops thinking and questioning is both a blessing and a curse.
    3. Only through adding value will you gain value.
    4. Life is ...
    5. Curiosity may have killed the cat but we'll never know how he died if we aren't curious enough to look into it.
    6. Everything is a cycle, an ebb and a flow. Going with the flow is much easier than going against it but is probably less rewarding in the long term.
    7. Sometimes relying on logic is the most illogical thing you can do.
    8. Passion beats preparedness in most things.
    9. Diversity is not just PC, it's also nature being an entrepreneur.
    10. You might as well enjoy life because it will kill you in the end. Maybe.
    11. Conformity might be easier but it isn't always the best or right option.
    • thumb
      Oct 22 2011: QUOTE: "2. A mind that never stops thinking and questioning is both a blessing and a curse."

      Well, by definition, the mind will never stop thinking (until we die) so the trick is we have to "go" where the mind cannot follow.

      QUOTE: "8. Passion beats preparedness in most things."

      Unless you're a skydiver, an athlete, a brain surgeon (NO, REALLY, I CAN DO THIS!!!!) ...
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. The number in "10 Things" says a lot about the author's view of the world. "Zero", "Just One and Only One", "42" or "Infinite" would say something different.
    2. "I" (my Ego) is something I believed in heavily, but it may be an illusion made up by my mind (whatever that is then)
    3. To claim to know something includes the confession that I have given up thinking about it further, at least for the moment
    4. Truth is a feeling of harmony achieved by communication, either within myself or with a limited set of other people that are important to me
    Having said that (and only after having said that)
    5. It's great fun reading others "10 Things ..."
    6. It's great fun working on my "10 Things ..."
    7. Isn't it amazing what we're having fun with?
    8. I love the Internet, more than ever
    9. Maybe it's all about love (at least this kind of love, as there are different)
    10. (left intentionally blank)
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Perception is reality and we have 7 billion human ones on the planet
    2. Telling the truth is easier than not.
    3. We should look to children for human nature and not to unethical adults -- greed is not humanly natural
    4. History does repeat itself, even when studied and "known"
    5. Creativity is critical
    6. Giving is a joyous experience
    7. Love is all there is
    8. Practicing happiness could save the world
    9. We are enery through time
    10. Performing is a unique tool we have to create change
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. there could be such a thing as god but its not as conceptualized as religion
    2. love and lust are different but comes almost in the same form
    3. soul mates are something which exist if u feel a wanting for it
    4. education is nothing compared to wisdom
    5. art is the only science which is pure
    6. fat does not cause you to become fat
    7. sharpening your skills before the act is very important but often forgotten
    8. Conventional window must be tested, if you can't, then go for the alternative always
    9. Your parents knows you the best
    10. life is living in the present, still learning it
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    Oct 22 2011: 1. Not knowing the answer wakes up our creativity.
    2. If you don't expect to much from people it's harder to get disappointed.
    3. Anxiety is a horrible feeling.
    4. First class people sourrand themselves with first class people, second class people sourrand themselves with third class people.
    5. People take their health for granted.
    6. People have to be intelligent to be mean, envy and evil.
    7. Helping others makes us feel better about ourselves, you should try it sometimes :)
    8. Honesty can be hurtful.
    9. Knowing more makes us feel that we know so little.
    10. New York City is an amazing city, but living there can make you forget all about your feelings.
  • Oct 22 2011: it's all good
    love is all you need
    stars shine - and I do too
    surrender (let go)
    give everything (love)
    don't know
    choose anyway, say yes anyway (here, now, the next thing)
    hiccup tote bag (How could it possibly get any better than this? and it does)
  • Oct 22 2011: Here are my 10 pieces of eight:

    1. everything we know, is defined in terms others invented
    2. my family loves me unquestionably (regardless of whether they agree with me)
    3. the best laid plans of man DO oft go awry
    4. nothing is more powerful than a person or group with belief
    5. love is a double edged sword
    6. i am a social creature
    7. 1+1 is not always 2 (simple math, frequently isn't)
    8. There is no shame in saying, I was wrong
    9. you don't know your limits, til you have found the bottom
    0. A good cookie, can really turn a day around
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      Oct 22 2011: not only terms others invented, but terms we each understand and attribute meaning in our own unique ways...
      4, 6, 8 and 9 also could be on my list
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Always tell the truth.
    2. Walk toward the fear/pain.
    3. Trust your gut.
    4. Things may not always be what they appear to be.
    5. When you feel unsure of yourself, look down at your feet; you are grounded.
    6. Show up and shut up.
    6. When you find your true self, you can change the world.
    7. Don't buy work.
    8. Being well groomed is a ticket in the door.
    9. Once in the door, inner beauty takes over.
    10.Laughter heals.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. life is good...
    2. life is not always fair...
    3. learning is addictive...
    4. peace always wins the war...
    5. love heals everything...
    6. greed is not good...
    7. being happy is a great goal...
    8. everyone is different...
    9. we are all flawed...
    10. i am a good person...

    thank you all for sharing...i have learned a ton.
  • Oct 22 2011: Cleo,
    I love your idea. I think one of the lessons I'm meant to learn is number 6.

    1. I don't necessarily know the other side of the story.
    2. Sometimes we might need to take action in a situation, but after we do, how we feel about the situation is our responsibility.
    3. Children have wonderful ideas, and should be encouraged to contribute them.
    4. As long as you're safe, take risks.
    5. You don't always know what impact you have on someone.
    6. It's possible to find not only happiness but joy, and we should seek both.
    7. It's important not to give up.
    8. Giving second chances does as much for you as it does for the other person.
    9. Sometimes people you don't like are put in your life so you can learn about yourself.
    10. It's important to keep seeking.
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    Oct 22 2011: Ten things I know to be true.. or at least very, very valid :P
    1. Our vices are the only thing we truly own
    2. Education is important but the most important things we learn won’t be learned in a classroom
    3. People are inherently similar.
    4. Trying is often way more important than succeeding
    5. The moment I became a father I realized everything I thought was important wasn’t.
    6. I think, therefore, I am
    7. We should expect the unexpected, and try and laugh when the unexpected happens.
    8. The beauty of children makes the pursuit of aesthetics seem shallow and trivial.
    9. Serendipity is an awesome word
    10. The ? Is the greatest invention of humankind. It enables us to ponder what was, what is, and what can be.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. Kids are only little for a VERY short time, enjoy every minute of it.
    2. Everyone is equal no matter size, age, color, education, smarts, sexual preference, income level.
    3. Spend as much time as you can with those you love, when they are gone you will wish it was 10 fold.
    4. Figure out what is important to you and fill your life with it, it is short ride and you never know when it is over.
    5. It is possible to find unconditional love. You just have to know it when you see it and then do what it takes to grow and keep it.
    6. Whoever said life is fair was very wrong, but how we deal with unfairness can make it ok.
    7. Expect nothing and anything good you receive is 100 times better!
    8. You don't get anywhere putting other peoples expectations on yourself.
    9. If you can stay young at heart, you have won the battle of getting old.
    10. Spend time with kids, give them your attention and treat them like little people instead of something less then and they will remember and talk about you long, long after you are gone.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1. The universe is huge.
    2. The universe is finite.
    3. The universe is discrete.
    4. Combinatorics show in a tangible way the beauty and complexity of the universe.
    5. Combinatorics need computers, now more than ever.
    6. There are universal truths.
    7. Due to (1) and lack of computer memory and time, we can't find them yet.
    8. Eventually however, we will find all universal truths.
    9. Till then 'one does not need the stars to enjoy beauty'.
    10. Remember, you must die.
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    Oct 22 2011: Great conversation - Sarah Kay's speech was fabulous.

    1. I have more ideas, than I do time.
    2. A cold beer always tastes better when watching the sun set.
    3. Fireworks never fail to give me goosebumps
    4. No matter where I am, or how old I am, my dad's voice on the other end of the phone is like a compass pointing me home.
    5. There are 2 types of people. Those that travel and those that don't.
    6. Laughter really is the best medicine
    7. First impressions are not always right.
    8. Oliver James was right, afluenza is an epidemic.
    9. I'm happiest travelling
    10. New friends are like silver, but old friends are like gold
  • Oct 22 2011: Here's mine:
    1.- Good Luck = opportunity + preparation
    2.- Failure is an opportunity to grow
    3.- You can't alway get what you want but you will get what you need
    4.- Mentoring rules. Pay it forward
    5.- Future is always here just in disguise
    6.-Keep it simple and you will succeed
    7.-Being a minority is not an individuall thing, It is all in the context.
    8.- The more others know about us, the less average we are
    9.- Decisions are circumstantial
    10.- Never underestimate the power of "irrelevant" information.
  • Oct 22 2011: 1my 10 are
    1.ultimately nothing matters
    2 everybody is right. depends where you are looking from
    3 life is precious and beautiful in all the forms
    4 relationships grow us
    5 we have control over actions ..not results
    6 with growing age, wisdom increases at the cost of skills and life
    7 we all like to influence opposite sex knowingly or unknowingly.
    8 we do not know enough about us and universe
    9 we will never know everything
    10 world is amazingly inspiring place
  • Oct 22 2011: 1) I know there invisible forces in this universe that are very effective in my life
    2) I know I can’t understand them fully or explain them to others
    3) I know #1 & #2 would piss a lot of readers but it’s about saying what “I” know to be true and I did so
    4) I know life is really complicated
    5) I know the things that one believes to be absolutely impossible can be possible
    6) I know trying as hard as you can(or at least thinking that you are doing so) doesn’t maximize your chance of achieving it
    7) despite #6, I know I have to try my best(I know)
    8) I know while doing #7, I have to accept the things that happens in my life because of #1 & #2
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    Oct 22 2011: I am a skeptical one, so its hard to get these 10things i know is true.Lets try though :
    1) I am a little skeptical, & i believe being skeptical makes one open minded.
    2) Relativity plays a huge role in our everyday life..i mean anything can be relatively different.
    3) When learning stops, further development stops
    4) Hope stands beside you when you envision the future.
    5) We all need friends & family in our life.
    6) Internet changed the whole world & will keep doing it again & again
    7) How hard the world(physical & mental) tries to change the people, at last only people will change the world.
    8) Passion + Hard Work = Dreams come true.
    9) This is an awesome Idea (" 10 things i know to be true")
    10) I am not skeptical over any of the points i wrote here. ;)
  • Oct 22 2011: 1) Habit builds character
    2) Love brings peace and happiness
    3) Happiness is our own choice
    4) Forgive to change not the past but the future
    5) Treat others as you want to be treated
    6) To succeed, determination determines more than talent
    7) Hard work pays
    8) It's never too late to learn
    9) The art of life is to enjoy a little and endure much
    10) Life is beautiful