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We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."

After listening to Sarah Kay's beautiful speech and poetry, I tried to write my own list of "10 Things I know to be True." I learned one thing immediately: I don't know much. I learned a second thing more slowly: that's okay! I tried to distill my limited understanding of the world into this list, without being overly philosophical nor literal.

One thing I know to be true, but that is not on my list, was that Sarah Kay was right when she said that if you share your list with a group of people you will find that someone has one thing very similar, someone else has something totally contrary, another person has something you've never heard of, and still another has something that makes you think further about something you thought you knew.

So let's share ours, and find out! What do your lists have on them?

Here's mine:
1. Fiction can, at times, feel more real than fact.
2. One person, with a good idea, can change our world.
3. There are things about our universe that we will never understand.
4. #3 is not an excuse to stop trying.
5. Everyone has a story worth hearing.
6. There is always another side to the story they tell.
7. Questions can sometimes teach more than their answers.
8. Children can sometimes teach more than their parents.
9. Everyone should travel.
10. No one's truth is universal.


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  • Nov 1 2011: Great question, here is my top 10 list;
    1. I am; is a complete sentence.
    2. Sometimes you slide further on dung than dirt.
    3. Set your goals for the stratosphere, that way if you only get half way you will be further than you ever thought possible.
    4. If you’re not the lead dog the scenery never changes.
    5. Why? Is the most powerful question I know.
    6. Over the long term hard work beats IQ every time.
    7. Laugh lots and give freely of yourself to others.
    8. Have an open mind as a life long learner but don’t be swayed from your own informed opinions.
    9. Mud thrown is ground lost.
    10. Character; is the ability to follow through on a commitment long after the mood in which the commitment was made has passed.
    • Nov 1 2011: Brent
      I like your # 9 and have never heard that expressed like that. Great phrase.
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      Nov 4 2011: I agree with; #4, 5 and 10

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