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We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."

After listening to Sarah Kay's beautiful speech and poetry, I tried to write my own list of "10 Things I know to be True." I learned one thing immediately: I don't know much. I learned a second thing more slowly: that's okay! I tried to distill my limited understanding of the world into this list, without being overly philosophical nor literal.

One thing I know to be true, but that is not on my list, was that Sarah Kay was right when she said that if you share your list with a group of people you will find that someone has one thing very similar, someone else has something totally contrary, another person has something you've never heard of, and still another has something that makes you think further about something you thought you knew.

So let's share ours, and find out! What do your lists have on them?

Here's mine:
1. Fiction can, at times, feel more real than fact.
2. One person, with a good idea, can change our world.
3. There are things about our universe that we will never understand.
4. #3 is not an excuse to stop trying.
5. Everyone has a story worth hearing.
6. There is always another side to the story they tell.
7. Questions can sometimes teach more than their answers.
8. Children can sometimes teach more than their parents.
9. Everyone should travel.
10. No one's truth is universal.


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    Oct 29 2011: Here is mine.
    1.) If you believe hard enough, and trust in what you do,you will get where you want
    2.) Life is tough sometimes, but if we just smile a little, the day become a lot pleasant than it is
    3.)The colour i see is not the same as the colour that you see.
    4.)A large part of life, is to search for the meaning for your own life.
    5.)Skin colours, countries borders does not separate people, the decency of people do
    6.)When you just about to give up, because you can't hold on anymore.... just hold on for a little longer, and you will see a whole new world.
    7.) The whole financial system is a totalitarian system that manifest itself.
    8.) The things that we see, or we hear,is not the total picture that we are seeing or hearing.
    9.)Yesterday is gone,tomorrow is too far.... we can only live today
    10.)If you choose to be happy, then you are happy, the outside world we can not change, but we have 100% of our emotion.
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      Oct 31 2011: Unconditionally agree with #6. This is the revelation I have come to recently, and it does work. Not only you will see a new world, but also discover new potential in yourself.
    • Oct 31 2011: I like # 5 Clark. There are good, decent people all over the world. There are people just like us trying to live and have a happy, good life. If you can see the world that way, extremists from any direction become what they are, the margin.

      I like #6 New worlds are fun.
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        Oct 31 2011: Haha yer i got that idea and viewpoint when i was reading books from Dr Viktor Frankl, the only separation between people is decency. Very true as well. And after watching a BBC documentary about multiculturalism just makes that thought stronger. I guess acceptance is the most important, i have never understand why there are discrimination because of disability, or skin colour stuff like that. To this day i still don't understand. discrimination is just total nonsense, it's like saying you hate a person because he is wearing a red shirt.........yer why?
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      Nov 9 2011: like u , Clark!!
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      Nov 19 2011: Your list is great.

      However, I want to share a response to No. 1.

      To maintian open-mindedness to reality or what-is or the truth, it is important for humans to not believe. Once you believe, you may have turned your back on reality.

      For example, if you believe there is no god, but there is a god, you have turned your back on the god. Or if you believe one God and it is not the God, you have denied God. Of course, if you have believed God, you should not respond to my thoughts. This paragraph reminds me of writers who leave us the message, "I have a god, but I will not share it." I understand their humility and fear.

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        Nov 19 2011: I total agree with what you are sayin. But my view was set out in the direction of determination, and perseverance. Steve jobs described it as Reality distortion field i believe....? haha

        But yes totally agree that we have to maintain open-mindedness, but at the same time, really trust in what your direction. Because pure trusting without constant reflection, and evaluation, then it turns into blindly foolishly following.
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          Nov 19 2011: I appreciate the clarification and agree with you; I was overlooking "trust yourself," as the main point.


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