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We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."

After listening to Sarah Kay's beautiful speech and poetry, I tried to write my own list of "10 Things I know to be True." I learned one thing immediately: I don't know much. I learned a second thing more slowly: that's okay! I tried to distill my limited understanding of the world into this list, without being overly philosophical nor literal.

One thing I know to be true, but that is not on my list, was that Sarah Kay was right when she said that if you share your list with a group of people you will find that someone has one thing very similar, someone else has something totally contrary, another person has something you've never heard of, and still another has something that makes you think further about something you thought you knew.

So let's share ours, and find out! What do your lists have on them?

Here's mine:
1. Fiction can, at times, feel more real than fact.
2. One person, with a good idea, can change our world.
3. There are things about our universe that we will never understand.
4. #3 is not an excuse to stop trying.
5. Everyone has a story worth hearing.
6. There is always another side to the story they tell.
7. Questions can sometimes teach more than their answers.
8. Children can sometimes teach more than their parents.
9. Everyone should travel.
10. No one's truth is universal.


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    Oct 24 2011: I have a lot of beliefs and unbeliefs and filtering to 10 will be an exercise in supressing meandering and other playful things.

    1..capital letters are a waste of time; they wear out the shift key and slow typing down... one has punctuation and the 3 dot row... i believe there is'nt need for captitals.

    2..human life is a balancing act affected by our emotional stability: one can walk the rope and feel secure; suddenly the rope shakes reminding us of our precariousness...some modify their reactions to the imbalance, some master the tightrope, and some walk the floor but miss the view... we are born with different brands and qualities of tightrope; then our carers modify it before we are tall enough to claim the rope for ourselves.

    3..inventing,designing and building at any level is a theraputic thing...its all joining up

    4..it is in our nature to try to make sense out of chaos...to put things in order, find patterns...use our imagination ...and to believe we are the center of OUR universe: the last statement i disbelieve...its understandable that when an occurance of nature interfered with our survival we thought "why me what have i done" that the first myth arose. our awareness of our own mortality gave rise to the second myth

    5..most food comes from the sea or the dirt on the land in most countries... not primarily the supermarket..less people know that these day

    6..satisfying suppers don't come from a take out or a restaurant....cooking is design, tecnology art, biology, botany history, culture, caring..and so much more..and the same applies to gardening

    7..an interest in and experience of mostly everything is recommended...it helps to join up the dots... sometime jack of all trades is better than a master of one...unless the autism gene is swirched on then focus is the key for a happy life :~}

    8.. basic listening / communication skills would help everyone of all ages

    9..all our range of feelings have a purpose.

    10..atheists have beliefs
    • Oct 24 2011: Thank you for your 10. You came at it from a very different direction than did I. Now I'd like to see the boundary of ten broken but I'll resist for the sake of the thread author. :)

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