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Assist airline gate agents in the boarding process by creating better queue awareness on the jet way.

As a frequent business traveler, I have started to notice a pattern amongst good and bad boarding procedures at airports. The gate agents that had better queue awareness, had a smoother, more calm, and (as a passenger) more comfortable boarding process.

The idea is to use inexpensive technology to place a small, webcam like camera in the jet way that allows the gate agent to see the last section, and the amount of people waiting to board the plane after having had their boarding pass scanned.

To facilitate the idea, the camera would need to be easily integrated into the power supply for the jet way lighting, and have a transmitter/receiver that is integrated with the computer screen at the gate. The idea for the receiver is one where it is an "in-line" integration with the monitor cable, and a small switch or button that would turn it on and off, much like activating picture-in-picture. This approach would allow the implementation, while bypassing the need to pass or impact network security checks and standards.

I'd love to hear your thoughts for this idea.

  • Oct 21 2011: James, any ideas for improving security, while still ensuring security?
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    Oct 21 2011: I think the biggest problems I have seen in airports is the security checks. Those seem to hold more people up than the loading que. Actually you could use your idea and eliminate the loading que buy having bar codes on tickets and bar code readers. Then the camera's would just be needed for flow count and possible problems.