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Whose responsibility is it to educate our young people on healthy eating, physical activity, and positive self esteem?

Many statistics indicate that the overall North American adult population is not only overweight, but the number of people with Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and depression is consistently rising. Now, we see children as young as 12 suffering with the same conditions. The World Health Organization has called this situation an "overnourishment" epidemic. Parents do not have the practical information to teach their children about nutrition, teachers have a full curriculum and limited resources to contribute, food manufacturers are focused on making margins and are willing to go only so far, Community Dieticians have limited time and resources - whose responsibility is it to make educating children about comprehensive wellness a priority?


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    Nov 6 2011: I live in France where kids are practically "bottle-fed" red wine. I think the education starts at home, however, many parents (here in France), don't consider it important to educate their children on eating right and responsible drinking because they, themselves don't eat or drink responsibly. A doctor here in the Basque Country told me that she told one of her patients who had high cholesterol to eat only one egg per week and to stop eating processed meat products. The patient cried "Well what will I eat ??!!" So in order for parents to know what to do, we, as a society need to educate the parents and limit the kind of advertising we receive for junk food and alcohol. I think that each country should make it a priority to get their citizens and their littlest citizens, healthy.

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