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Whose responsibility is it to educate our young people on healthy eating, physical activity, and positive self esteem?

Many statistics indicate that the overall North American adult population is not only overweight, but the number of people with Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and depression is consistently rising. Now, we see children as young as 12 suffering with the same conditions. The World Health Organization has called this situation an "overnourishment" epidemic. Parents do not have the practical information to teach their children about nutrition, teachers have a full curriculum and limited resources to contribute, food manufacturers are focused on making margins and are willing to go only so far, Community Dieticians have limited time and resources - whose responsibility is it to make educating children about comprehensive wellness a priority?


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    Oct 21 2011: It is the job of the parents to do this. Simply put.

    If they are failing at it, then they need to start leading by example, as all parents should.
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      Oct 21 2011: Agree it should be parent first.
      Who else will care more for kids ,if parents don't?
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      Oct 21 2011: I agree completely. Parents need to lead by example, and teach their children wellness tools that will allow them to maintain good health. But, obviously, with the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and the countless fad diets that bombard our society, adults are 'losing' the battle on wellness. How do they know what to do and who to trust?
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        Oct 22 2011: Understand what you mean by industry impact (weightloss industry is not a barrier. It grew as society as a whole running after thoughtless consumerism & sedentary life style).
        Who shuold fight back ? Will government do ?
        While government's ,main focus is it's political agenda, how it will deliver this extra job?
        Future is everyone's own hand. Internet & communication technology , made information easily accessable then ever before. If parents are self informed , set example for kids, will not be that more powerful to kids than confusing advertisement those industry monsters?

        If not we really have big problem with our credibility to our kids.

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