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We're coming up with easy tools to build exciting online maps, what stuff would you like to see on a map?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Premesh Chandran

Co-founder and CEO of Malaysiakini.com, an independent Malaysian news website

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Maps are now online but still pretty static. What if maps were fast changing? Easy for anyone to create an interesting map of things, events or places, and fill it with other data like demographics, photos, laws and anything else? What kind of maps would you use or create? Give me your ideas!


Closing Statement from Premesh Chandran

Thanks everyone for your wonderful ideas. We're building a easy to use mapping tool called Feedgeorge, and we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas. Its where all geo-data can come together, and anyone can share, or look for, to get to know a place better. You can keep an eye on the project at feedgeorge.com. Or drop me a line at facebook.com/premeshchandran or @premesh and let me know your thoughts! Stay in touch, and lets map together!

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  • Oct 24 2011: For large events, such as city-wide festivals, county fairs, arts walks etc, a map that gives up-to-the minute event happenings, including up-to-the-minute photos & tips.

    A feature where I could map out my "To-Do" list for the day. After making a list of errands, appointments etc, I could map out the route that would save the most time (or perhaps the feature would automatically do it for me?).

    A map that shows high-crime density areas. When one is visiting an unfamiliar city, one may take care to either be alert in those areas ares or to avoid them altogether.
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      Oct 24 2011: Yes, crime areas. Automated route for your to-do! haha. Your phone will really take control of your life!

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