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NGO and Civil Society Organisations Funding for Africa - Could visionary innovators be funded directly?

Billions of dollars have been spent to try and alleviate poverty in Africa over the last 40 years yet Africans are more destitute than ever. The various sources of funding for programmes and projects in Africa have strict criteria for identifying recipients including brilliant concept papers yet this money has made little impact on the target communities. The only people who have benefited are the local and international staff of the organisations.

How can we get the people and foundations who contribute funds to these organisations re-evaluating and refocussing their contributions to actually make a real difference to the lives of millions of Africans as the case should be? How do we help connect out of the box African visionaries to the funding organisations sidestepping the NGOs and CSOs that always act as middlemen stifling brilliant solutions to the challenges Africans face every day?


Closing Statement from Edwin Kiama


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    Oct 24 2011: Adequate preparation will determine positive success. Each time one fails to plan, he or she plans to fail.Africa as a continent of paradox is simply suffering due to inadequate planning by the actors involve both the international and the locals
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      Oct 24 2011: Thank you Ngie for your sentiments. Any insights on how we can address this?

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