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What can be done to eliminate unemployment in a poor country?

The elitist education system is the problem as it condemns the majority to unemployment. There are no adequate avenues to engage those who do not make the grades to proceed with education or training institutions. I have been toying with idea of compulsory national service for youth who have attained the age of 18 years before joining University or employment. That would delay their joining job market if they do not go for further studies or training for two years. The economy should also be growing at a fast enough rate to absorb those who terminate Education at various stages. The youth service would also be an expensive proposition. This is one problem. Are there successful models out there that can be replicated to address this problem?


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    Oct 21 2011: If you are talking about Kenya, I believe we need to totally re-engineer the whole society, not just the education sector. But do we have courageous leadership for such a challenging undertaking?
    • A Namu

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      Oct 21 2011: Yes. Kenya it is. We have many positives but courageous leadership is not one of them. However conditions are ripe for emergence of such leadership. Otherwise, the so called Arab Spring will extend to be an African nightmare. The many youths you see lounging in market centers throughout the country need to be gainfully engaged. A solution is urgently needed. Courageous leadership is a good place to start. Thanks.
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        Oct 21 2011: The fact that you and I are asking ourselves these questions is a step in the right direction. The leadership and the change we are yearning for is YOU and I. WE are the change if we will be courageous.

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