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Token for volunteers with volunteer-pass

The "token for volunteers" should make volunteering more attractive to the "European Year of Volunteering" (EU-conference).

1.) The "volunteer-pass" founded by Mrs.Prof. Renate Spitzner, (volunteer-award ceremony 2001, UN- volunteer-award, federal ministry of social affairs, Austria) should help documenting volunteering and should give advantages on using the public means of transportations and visiting museums. The volunteer-pass is given from an state-office.

2.) The "token für volunteers", inizialized by Gerald Spitzner, should make it possible that each citizen decide which volunteer (e.g. in his
living-area) will get direct from him one or more "token for volunteers".

* The number of token are limited per year and are not transmissible.
* "Token for volunteer" can only be handled out to a owner of a "volunteer-pass" on using the volunteer-pass number which has to be written directly on the "token for volunteers"
* "Token for volunteer" are collectible in supermarkets only if the volunteer-pass is showed for buying products which are not alcoholic or not cigarettes.
* "Token for volunteers" will be directly compensated from the state to the supermarked.
* Indeed the owner of a "volunteer-pass" will not get money for his effort but he will save money on shoping in the supermarked.
* The "token for volunteers" is for each citizen free of charge and valide for one year. Not used "token for volunteer" will remain to the state.
* The "token for volunteers" has an exact originater-ID-number printed on.
* The "token of volunteers" has to be used within a calendar-year.
* This should help raising responsibility of each citizen, the participation to the "whole", in which each is only a part from and should strengthen the work of volunteering.

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