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Is somebody or something fomenting all the turmoil in the Middle East?

Is it just coincidence that so many revolutions are taking place in quick succession throughout the Middle East? Or is there some single organization behind it all? If so, who? If not, what is it that is triggering so many riots in so many countries so quickly in succession? Is it just the availablity of social media with its instant communication? There is obviously a lot of pent-up anger everywhere in the region, but is each riot just triggered by the apparent success of the last one? Or is something more sinister at work?

  • Feb 26 2011: Unemployment. Young people cannot marry. Cannot get housing. All life (including sexual) energies are repressed.
    Social meanings are defined in terms of consumerism. The masses are excluded, feel resentment and revolt.

    Consider above as simmering preconditions. Now add in growing realization (partly through new media) of just how greedy and corrupt the ruling class is and a steady, steep rise in price of food.