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Basic Income Guarantee

We need to have more up to date study like the Namibian Basic Income Grant Coalition for the Basic Income Guarantee in the developed world.
In Canada it work like this:
1. Each citizen receives $10,000/year once they are 18
2. A carbon tax is implemented and taxes for $80,000+ are increased to pay for the system
3. Minimum wage, Welfare, and any other social payments are eliminated.
4. The cost savings of eliminating bureaucracy are used to fund the system.

This would end poverty, end the welfare trap and support students and people who are caring for loved ones full time. It is time for a Basic Income Guarantee


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    Oct 23 2011: Well, I like the idea, but I'm also extremely liberal. Most people in my country (the US) would be belligerently against this.

    But to be realistic, although I love the idea of sitting on my ass and being entitled to my basic needs, that's probably what most people would be stuck doing. Eliminating minimum wage and relieving our employers (who would likely be much more wealthy in this situation) of any guilt associated with not supplying us a living would dramatically drop the average wage for everybody. There would be no middle class. We'd be working for ridiculously low wages, if we could even bring ourselves to work. I have a hard enough time selling my life for $8 an hour. Why would I even go to work if I was only to be paid $2 an hour?

    Sure it would end poverty, but the 99% (:P) would probably forever be doomed to live as peasants under their incredibly powerful corporate overlords. China would have to race to make their money even more worthless. :P

    Doesn't welfare already solve poverty?
    • Oct 24 2011: I hear this argument from Americans all the time. Is it possible that most Americans wouldn't bother looking for work if they received only $10K/yr from the government?

      I tend to think that the majority of Americans would be more ambitious than that, but I could be wrong.

      Anyway, I can only speak for Canadians and the majority of Canadians would have a hard time making ends meet with only $10K/yr. Plus, I know a bunch of Canadians who work very hard volunteering in their extra time for no pay at all. So the premise that people won't work if given a basic income I think is a flawed ideology. This is also why I would like to see an up to date study done in North America to scientifically prove or disprove this notion of "Original Laziness".
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        Oct 25 2011: My theory was more that the average wage would drop incredibly for your blue collar jobs... maybe even for the white collar ones, and that combined with an entitled living from the government would leave a lot of people feeling a bit unmotivated.

        But I could very well be wrong... for the wheels of capitalism to turn, goods and services need to be affordable. Maybe there would be more services targeted towards the poor and rich respectively, but I still see further reduction of the middle class.

        Not working and sapping off welfare is very much frowned upon in this country, but that doesn't stop people... but for the most part receiving welfare isn't something to brag about. The current generations would probably still work even for dramatically decreased wages, especially those obliged to support families, but for future generations just graduating high school, who knows.

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