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Basic Income Guarantee

We need to have more up to date study like the Namibian Basic Income Grant Coalition for the Basic Income Guarantee in the developed world.
In Canada it work like this:
1. Each citizen receives $10,000/year once they are 18
2. A carbon tax is implemented and taxes for $80,000+ are increased to pay for the system
3. Minimum wage, Welfare, and any other social payments are eliminated.
4. The cost savings of eliminating bureaucracy are used to fund the system.

This would end poverty, end the welfare trap and support students and people who are caring for loved ones full time. It is time for a Basic Income Guarantee


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  • Oct 20 2011: Just to finish up my last thought... without a minimum wage, new jobs can be created like community volunteers and affordable child care. People can get very creative in starting up new businesses and pay people in different ways because the pressure to have a pay check will not be as great. I really see this system as a method to remove some of the complexity in our economy and our governments that prevents people from living up to their potential.

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