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What are thoughts made out of?

God, chemicals, emotions, realities, or all of the above?

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    Oct 20 2011: Thoughts are made out of you, and me.
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    Oct 20 2011: Thoughts are made of self-induced energy. :) Moreover I like to think of them as flowers (beautiful things) made of the finest matter known to me in nature (Have you ever imagined a rose touching your mind?).
  • Oct 20 2011: Thoughts are made out of EXPERIENCE...what thoughts does a baby have...from closed eyes blinded to the world..slowly and steadily it builds its thought with evey experience it comes across:)
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    Oct 20 2011: An interesting take on it can be seen in Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on Nurturing Creativity. She talks about how in the past creative individuals were thought to have their own muse who was responsible for creating those inspiring thoughts. The idea was that if the individual were unable to create something of value that day, they could put the blame on their muse instead of on themselves.

    So maybe our thoughts aren't even ours, what do you think?
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    Oct 20 2011: Thoughts are not just neurones, synapses and chemicals. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions are greater than the sum of the neurological parts that make them. Because of this, it lies outside the realmsof neuroscience and the certainties it iscapable of conceiving currently.

    We often ascribe myths and 'Gods' to those things we do not yet understand through science.
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    Oct 20 2011: Define a thought, please.
  • Oct 21 2011: A reformation of past experiences and learning inspired by trying to understand or solve a problem in the present.
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    Oct 21 2011: Let's say...a thought is a spark of innovation, both minuscule and momentous, it is a conversation in your mind with the different parts of yourself, a thought is an idea when we want to put it into action.

    I don't think I've even put that into words before, really interesting.
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    Oct 20 2011: I find it incredibly interesting that no one can come up with an answer for this. Really, calling thoughts "synapses and chemicals" is about a descriptive as calling them "spirit and experiences". If anything these answers just reveal the dogmas we hold to in this world, whether they be naturalism or dualism.

    It shows how far we are from really understanding the way things work. Excellent question.
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    Oct 20 2011: The definition Gerald; "the capacity or faculty of thinking, reasoning, imagining, etc.:"

    All of you make very good points.. I'd like to build a bit on Cale's though. I'm going to have to check out Elizabeth's talk on that. A friend of mine once made the point saying our brains were nothing but "sponges". They soak up all that is around them, and that no "thought" is our own. That may hold some weight if one "thinks" about it. :)