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What would you do if you had 30,000 USD to spend on developing a countryside village? What's your plan?

There are 87 families in the village. No paved road. No market. No farm. Not many people with university degree. No doctor. Not far from the highway. Electricity accessible. Public irrigation accessible. Most of the population are under 20 year-old. Trucks and buses run through the 300 miles highway without stop. Two small restaurants on the highway.


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    Oct 21 2011: - For my idea to work the villagers would continue existing as they are today while we set up demonstrational economic activities that they can adopt within 2 years
    - Establish and legally register a merry-go-round of each saving scheme of which every husband and wife and youth over 18 years old are members and share holders.
    - Donate $2,000 towards the set-up and administration costs
    - Employ the university graduates from the community as managers for this saving scheme.
    - Get the villagers to agree on a standard and comfortable weekly contribution to the scheme
    - Hire two agricultural experts to be stationed in the village, or alternatively sponsor some of the graduates from the community for training in farming techniques
    - Identify land that can be used for irrigation, commercial egg production, rearing of capons, pig rearing, rabbit rearing and fish farming.
    - Set up an egg production unit with 200 layers
    - Set up a capon production unit with 250 chickens
    - Set up a rabbit production unit with one buck and two does
    - Set up a pig sty for 30 pigs and stock with a one male and two females
    - Set up a fish pond capable of producing 250 units every three months
    All the above 5 ventures should cost around $6,000
    - $10,000 Cultivate 5 acres of land for horticultural production of tomatoes, cabbages, onions, paw paws, butter nuts, strawberries, French beans with the appropriate irrigation infrastructure inclusive of labour (use local labour)
    - $3,000 Establish a water purification and bottling unit in the village
    - Build a bus/truck stop next to the road by the restaurants
    - $3,000 build a dispensary and sanitary facilities near the two restaurants and hire a clinical officer. Set up two fresh produce shops next to the restaurants by the highway
    - $6,000 remains for contingency

    All the above economic activities are complimentary in food and fertiliser production. There is also a chance to interest the truck and buses in stopping adding to income.
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      Oct 21 2011: WoW. Thanks for your ideas!!

      There are many many interesting points. If the village implements all the ideas above, by that time, many more people would love to imigrate to the village. Since there are not many people in the village, I think 5 year plan might be appropriate speed of developments. Many points from you and the other comments are very useful, and I have already share these ideas with my team. We appreciate your time spent on ideas for the better society. Thank you!!

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