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What would you do if you had 30,000 USD to spend on developing a countryside village? What's your plan?

There are 87 families in the village. No paved road. No market. No farm. Not many people with university degree. No doctor. Not far from the highway. Electricity accessible. Public irrigation accessible. Most of the population are under 20 year-old. Trucks and buses run through the 300 miles highway without stop. Two small restaurants on the highway.


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    Oct 20 2011: Good plans lead to effective implementation and good results.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!! This is a real case in Lao that I am taking part in. And it is at the very beginning. Your ideas are very useful and they will contribute to those people in the village. As I learn from your ideas, I find that creating self-sustaining system for the village is the main idea. And in order to push the system forward, there is another point that maybe helpful: assisting the teenagers to become leaders.
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      Oct 20 2011: That is very true, teenagers should step up into leadership and begin to share their ideas about improvements at a low cost. I was hoping that because the teenagers were on a farm and were "forced" into responsibility for their food, animals, livelyhood, etc. that they would become responsible adults who contribute to the community.
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        Oct 20 2011: I hope that my team could catch intrinsic motivations of these teens, so we can move forward with a very effective plan.

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