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What goals do you want your government to meet so that your child can flourish in self-discovery/happiness?

Many TED conversations focus on ultimate goals. Please focus on the next eighty years—perhaps your child’s lifetime.
The world always seems in turmoil, but most families manage opportunities. Self-control (self-governance) promotes personal success. Family governance seems necessary. To the extent the family honors equally each member’s rights, these two levels of human governance seem private.
Beyond the family, many activities become public. For examples, traffic control for owner-operated vehicles, a local issue; moreover, air traffic control, a global issue. For such public activities, government seems necessary. Just government is empowered by the essential written laws, sustainable systems for enforcement, and revision when injustice is discovered.
Please think of these principles on three levels: humankind’s progress, perhaps 2.6 million years old; each culture’s progress, perhaps tens of thousands of years old; and the quest for psychological maturity by each person. Thus, my question does not apply to the ideal for humankind, but for the family as they are, where they are, and now; all to benefit the child.
It seems self evident that just governance meets the goals of the informed governed. What goals would you want?
Goals I imagine include justice, peace, infrastructure, privacy/independence within a cooperative society, the privilege of liberty, and continuity for posterity. What goals should be added or deleted?
Hopefully, the goals the conversation develops would ensure each child’s opportunity to establish and practice personal preferences as each matures along his/her unique path.
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