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A way teachers could engage students:

Everyone can be a teacher. Even kids can be teachers without knowing. However, what I am focusing on are adults because they are more primarily teachers as its counted as a job in the work ofrce

I know what it feels like to sit in a class and being bored to death. For a student, it is fustrating when you want to ace a subject but you're not engaged. After being introduced to my top learning skill, which mine is visual. I realized that these things are not only for oneself. Through reasearch out of interest, we have all four learning skills when we are born in a certain order. Visual was my first, auditary was my last.

So I came up with the idea: if we speak with words of those learning skills, maybe people will be engaged. Visual words are "see, imagine, focus", auditary could be "listen, hear, explain" kinestestic might be "feel, easy, hard" and ID would "compute, understand or in order"

So I tried this in Public speaking, by changing my speech to use learning skill words. No one knew what I was talking about and I wanted that to keep the surprise. My topic was "Educating yourself", a topic most teens would find boring. However, when I spoke using words and linking to my speech, I realized everyone paid attention to it attentively. Even though they were not smiling or laughing, they were paying attention and told me I made a great speech.

So, it did work in some form or way even though I admit talking with auditory words, it was hard (as auditory is my last). If a teacher could speak in all four languages, students could possibly be more interested to listen and I think students learn better if they were paying attention or being really interested. It might not work in some cases where they are doing a subject they dont like but for students who are interested, maybe teachers could use this to get students engaged.

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    Oct 19 2011: It is an interesting concept. The only problem is that it would be difficult to test this theory that using words related to each category of learing will help students become more engaged. But did you also know that in order to activly remember and understand information you need to be using 2 of the 4 learning categories OR 1 of the 4 and a strong emotion durring that time. People remember things better when they are experiencing emotion such as happiness, sadness, etc. So maybe a solution to students not being engaged enough is to demonstrate more emotion in class.
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    Oct 19 2011: Brain based teaching has done research in this exact area. See works by Eric Jensen or Maria Wolf. What you did is exactly the things I do as a middle school teacher. I use humor and then try to use the type of words that speak to the learning styles. Graphics are great tools also as well as music that is in the back ground that is smooth, flowing, and lively. Those are a few things I have used in the past.