Nimish Shrestha

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What is habit to you? How do you feel when someone praises or criticize it? Is change a good thing? Why and how would you try to change it?

We all have different habits; Habits of excessive sleeping, easily losing temper, talking too much, not talking much, trying to prove yourself superior, being ignorant, being lazy or million others. It all develops and grows with response to environment, event, incident in your life.

Some people don't realize that their habit is actually a habit. Some people don't want to change their habit whatever its effect may be; They tend to see their habit as their identity of some kind. You're naturally feel pleased when someone praises your ways. How do you feel when someone criticize your way? Will you think on it?

Would you like to work on your habit for better if people criticize it? Why and how would to try to change it?

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    Oct 19 2011: I have a tendency to be overly-dramatic (I've been this way since birth) so I try very hard, then, to gauge the accuracy of the things I say/type, now that I'm older and realize this is a character trait that needs to be eradicated. It has, at various points in my career, made me a very effectual motivator for group projects, etc. but I still want to change it because - in essence - it's a form of lying.