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Invent a mechanism to help visual learners read while looking up, to more effectively obtain and intake information.

My mom always tried to get me to read and personally, I am not a book worm. However, in school, you cannot escape reading. In subjects like Math, Economics, History or Geography, there are just facts you need to understand by reading and the problem was I could not remember everything I read. Maybe I knew it briefly, as if I had skimmed it but as many times as I read over, I found it difficult to remember or obtain.

I took an NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming course last holidays which made me more aware. My top learning skill by their test, shows that I am a visual, and it makes sense as my imagination is very vivid. An interesting fact I discovered is eye patterns. When people talk, people’s eyes move to different places to obtain observations. For instance, if you were to look at a person, according to NLP, and they look up, to the right - they are visually constructing information and if they look up, to the left - they are visually remembering something. So,this is how visual people take in information.
I did an experiment based on my preparation for my economic test. It took three days and each day the book was placed in a different position (On the desk, leaning on my laptop screen and holding it up) and every day I would read a different section to see whether I retained more information. It was indeed true - I obtained most information from my textbook by holding it up so that I had to look up. It was tedious but I managed to remember more. In the world people create book holders, lights, and cases to help reading but what if we created a mechanism to hold up the book so our eyes look up? It should also make it easy to turn the pages when reading, as if looking at a whiteboard. Visual learners could ingest more information and it would greatly benefit all those who are not book worms.

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    Oct 19 2011: I can see what you are talking about. May I make a suggestion. Contact a local wood worker and have him make a book stand that has a wide base about 1/2 to 3/4 of a metere on each side of the books holder. Then have him make a pillar (column) that will slide the holder for the book up and down. Have him make it so you can tilt the book holder itself about 10 degrees forward. Then place one or two arms that swing out from the book holder to retain the book so that it will not fall out and allow them slide a couple of centimeters up and down so they do not block the page . If the base extends towards you about 1/2 - 3/4 of a meter it can be a note taking surface and will stabilize the book. Also you could add a small light book light to the stand that holds the book so that you can keep it properly illuminated. I wish I could send a sketch of what I am seeing. If you could get it made with a low cost and use some beautiful wood it could be a product for you and if you have good wood carvers you could relly make it practical and a work of art on the base at the same time and charge more. I would buy the first one that has carvings
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    Oct 19 2011: I think this might be a promising idea, Dania. I hope someone who develops products reads this, and has an interest in researching it further - along with the integrity to include you in the process. Good thinking!