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Why do people get mad when lied to by politicians ... especially when they basically beg politicians to lie to them?

As I've gotten older, I decided to make myself more aware of world and national events - especially our political process - I find myself growing increasingly disgusted.

It just seems like this society consists of people who, collectively, are as effective as a dog chasing its tail. I say this because it seems people get mad when politicians either appear to, or flat out, lie to them, but the only way politicians will get elected is if they tell the people what they want to hear (regardless of the real-time circumstances).

People want politicians to make everything all better with the same expediency as a mother kissing a baby's boo-boo ... and then act as mature as that baby when it realizes the pain is still there.


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    Oct 19 2011: But this "game" runs how our lives are ruled. Is this not irresponsible conduct on the part of the people? Are not the people of our society basically gluttons for punishment?
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      Oct 19 2011: Yes. This game does run how our lives are ruled. And yes, it is irresponsible conduct on the part of the people. That being said, I think that the people of our society put themselves into these difficult positions, which in turn, 'punish' themselves into a pit of despair.
      In physics (as is with this "game"), it is easier to destroy than to create.
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        Oct 19 2011: Steven I truly believe that every life is ruled by your choices and commitment to society as you see fit. Look at the current protestors. All they want is what they want and when they don't get it they talk about violence, and antisemitism is coming up, anti-white hate speech is becoming more prevalent, hate will be the calling card of the protestors. They do not see the irony of what they are doing and will never see it because they will never see beyond themselves. They are making choices each moment and they will live with those choices. Oh they will whine and cry but they still make the choice and must live with it. Choices were made in the 60's the protestors became the yuppies and eventually the hated establishment again choices being made. It is really all about choices
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          Oct 19 2011: ...
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          Oct 19 2011: "Anti-White hate speech" ... Are you serious? I'm curious ... What exactly is that? It seems to me that anytime a person of color brings up the attrocities committed by whites over the centuries the accusation of "Anti-White hate speech" gets thrown out there. Personally, I put that right up there with "Reverse Discrimination," which by its very name implies that one form of discrimination is fine and only becomes a problem when it backfires.

          Yet ... That is another topic.
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        Oct 19 2011: Politicians promise utopia? 50% of the US not paying income taxes?
        James, you're not making any sense...

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