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Do you value nationalism? Why? Will national identity get diluted in the future?

I believe that if we free our personal identities from nationality we can unleash wider and more vibrant models of society. I believe also that all institutions suffer from flaws and the nation state is no exception. Looking to the future and based on rapid developments in faster transport, wide and open access communication networks, i believe that national identity will get progressively diluted. Would you think
a. that is likely?
b. If it is, is it a good thing?


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  • Oct 28 2011: as per my view the nationalistic feeling can't be eradicated because it engraves and deeply rooted in our-self
    and tell me what are the advantages of dilution it ??????
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      Oct 28 2011: Hi, I agree that nationalistic feelings are deeply engrained in us. Is my identity however closer to say doctors if i am a doctor, are my interests better expressed by other aspects of my identity. If I am an activist speaking out against my governments policies, my interests may be better aligned with other activists more than my own contrymen/women.

      Also, there is the danger of stereo-typing a person because of their nationality. Which can be quite inhibiting to the individual. If their true personality is very different from what the stereotype associated with their nationality.

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