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When political parties are ineffective or corrupt, should we participate? What is the solution?

In india and many other countries I believe the problem of corruption persists...
and its one problem which is most difficult and near to impossibility to solve...
I have no trust and confidence in any political party or leader in the country.....none of the current leaders can solve the problems of the country and develop...
the majority are corrupt ....what is the way out for such a country with so much to offer to the world...but without proper leadership?


Closing Statement from vishnu narang

More frequent voting so that politicians don't get a free ride for a few years and only start to worry about the public's reaction near the election....Keep them on their toes and keep them INSECURE.....

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    Oct 31 2011: heheheheh....yes I am a Nepali
    And I also know that You are Indian...ok...then lets
    talk about Negative attitude?????
    Attitude...what do u say say about this

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