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Economic and social morale in the U.S has waned of late, what role do you think technology/entertainment/design can play to awaken it?

What are you working on, what are you excited about and how will it help?

The internet is empowering us in ways that have never been possible before. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a great example:

Another example of self empowerment is the "Americans Elect" project which is giving American's the ability to choose a 3rd party candidate:

As one of the co-founders of Hubski: I see the unique ways in which people use social aggregators to communicate their thoughts, frustrations, ideas and solutions. It is my hope that these social aggregating communities can act as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment: We saw this with the Reddit -Stephen Colbert Rally to Keep Fear Alive.

What I want to know about is what you think YOUR field of specialty brings to the table to help empower and prop up your nation, state, neighborhood or household?

What are you working on, what are you excited about and how will it help?

  • Nov 14 2011: lovely question indeed. I chose to be a singer, because it gets people vibrating and alive where they are dead inside, gets them to hear their own real truths again, and I decided that was more useful than engaging in verbal skilss telling them "what they should know...!"
    Most of the harm of this world comes from people NOT hearing and the consequences of that...after, one can have a change inducing conversation,because someone has been opened to hear the answers..

    My choice, in any case.... in Breton is different,'s not me that works here, it is the music itself, I am a simple thing that breathes a bit and does my best to resonate so that those who listen will resonate at their truest.....
    (since you asked in general for links..!)

    People tend to view the arts as nice but not THAT important..wheras I find it is the is through drama, music, learning to see things as they are -- even if your assumption is that its's a ball, drawing it is a series of flat lines that are not 3dimensional round...and so on, all teach us how to live truly in the real world.
    Why of such importance in teaching and in schools..

    Again, thanks for the question, positive and well...resonant!
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      Nov 15 2011: Thank you for sharing this lovely music. It is at once haunting and beautiful. A reminder of what our voices are capable of. It reminds me of one of Jeff Buckley's rendition of Corpus Christi Carol:

      I too am a singer, but I do not have your amazing abilities. I write songs and sing in a band called "the new green".

      You are right that the arts teach us how "to live truly in the real world". I have recently been a little bit sad, I went to a wedding this weekend and danced all night long. I feel 100% better now. Why? Because I was able to express myself through dance. People are far too bottled up these days. The arts allow us to express that which is hard to put in to words.

      Keep up the great work Sido, it is VERY beautiful.

      Thanks for the response,

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      Nov 16 2011: Sido, your music is absolutely lovely. I posted a longer reply but for some reason it is not appearing. What you do is certainly a good thing. More people need to embrace the arts so that they can express themselves and not get too "bottled up". I too am a singer and artist and I know that without music, my life would not be nearly as full.

      I loved your singing, keep it up!

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    Oct 18 2011: I like your thoughtfully presented question and I visited hubski. I believe you are on the right path.

    I wish I could add something impressive here but, alas, I can't. No specialty. I do post my walkabout videos to YouTube. Maybe I'll reach some video game addicts or couch potatoes, inspire them to get a camera and go walking.
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      Oct 18 2011: Lynne, thanks for the response. Can you post a link here to one of your "walkabout videos", you have peaked my curiosity :)

      From your brief description, I'd say they definitely sound impressive. I look forward to seeing one and who knows, perhaps they will encourage me to go on more walks.

      Take care,
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        Oct 18 2011:
        Thanks for asking and I hope you enjoy it.
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          Oct 19 2011: That was really beautiful Lynn. the music was awesome! I really enjoyed it, not only do I want to go for a walk....I think I want to go rowing too :)
        • Nov 14 2011: lovely video..and a pleasure to discover the musician! thanks..and yes, I love the idea of creating "take a walk" videos..might be a gift to people who are stuck in other places or who cannot walk so easily..