Jocelyn Chow

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If you are asked to use your personal voice to say "i Speak the World" or "i Speak My Country" in a sentence, what would you say?

Several days ago, my classmate sent me a link to view a group of 42 photos. A UK photographer has travelled into a number of cities across China and use his camera to record the voices, dreams, hopes and thoughts of the people that he met, and these people aged between 16 to 30. Besides, Adrian Fisk did the same thing in India, inviting the young people to share with others their ideas about identity, about their home country, their beliefs and their concerns about the society. I was simply speechless when I saw some of the photos in "i Speak China", I mean, even though I'm truly aware that people living under the same sky have very different hopes and dreams, still I'm quite moved when I find that some seemingly insignificant aspirations are more than meaningful to some people. If I'm asked to participate in "i Speak China" activity, I would say that "I hope one day, everyone of the people living in this country will realize that he/she can bring a positive influence to the society and make a difference." I've often heard through talks that people complaining "one is not enough to bring any change to the society, if he is not rich, famous and influential..." Thus they tend to think that it is enough to care about themselves, and there is no need to talk about things like "social responsibility", about how to exert a positive influence on the society...When I watched the talk by Birke Baehr, a 11-year-old, I was kind of embarrassed. A boy at this seemingly-immature age (unfortunately, adults just like use this word, even though now I'm well beyond 18, I'm described as immature by my parents) has been thinking of how to change the world and make an impact. During my stay in Europe, I've met people of my generation from all over the world. When we gathered together, we talked about the world, and shared with each other our deep concerns about our countries. I've learnt a lot from them.

So, my question is, what are ur concerns about ur country and the world?