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Why did you go to University/College?

What was/is your drive for pursuing an education? Did you go to an educational institution to A) increase your job prospects or B) to pursue a subject you enjoy?


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  • Oct 17 2011: I am from India and was intrusted in games when i was in fourth standard and as i grown up every one around me told that its important to attend College for getting degree so you can get job and money And mostly they say just study to pass out but no one told me study for your own no matter you pass or not.
    After Passing my 12th i was really crazy about 3D Animation and Gaming so i left my Bachelors in Computer Applications study on a side and got into the institution for 3D Animation and now i am really happy that i am doing what i love and now i am doing it for myself and really if you study for yourself then it gives us lost of knowledge and benefits because you can't get bored while studying and the reason behind is it you love what you study.

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