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How can the African diaspora help the continent?

Do you think only people with strong personalities, or only highly motivated and determined people, can help the continent? Or can a massive movement starting from the outside help Africa? (By creating a network outside the continent, throughout the world...)


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    Oct 18 2011: .
    Hi Oli, this is a very interesting topic.

    I know many Congolese in Belgium, and they send quite a bit of money to their relatives in Congo. The money transfers of the global African diaspora run in the tens of billions. Family members then use that money to invest in whathever they think is necessary (education, a business, etc...).

    So the diaspora is already helping, in a sense.

    But the diaspora could do more: it could "translate" and "transfer" knowledge, instead of only money.

    I have a friend who runs a small company that offers advice to budding entrepreneurs from the diaspora, on how to go back to their home country and invest. The members of the diaspora have a big advantage, as they know "modern" management techniques, and can modernise business in their own native country.

    So indeed, your suggestion is pretty interesting: let's create a (business network) of members of the diaspora getting together to give each other advice, support and investment opportunities in order to help lift up their own countries.
    • Oct 19 2011: Yes. It has to be done.
      I think that an event like this and an organisation is essential, to share idea and project a kind of TEDiaspora (with workshop and place to network).

      It will show to student or worker which kind of opportunity we can catch and what we can do for Africa.

      The influence of the diaspora could be amazing.
    • Nov 5 2011: Hi,
      Its already existing in the US and they also have conference in London. Check this website http://www.africagathering.org/
      Could be interesting to start it in Brussels.

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