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How can the African diaspora help the continent?

Do you think only people with strong personalities, or only highly motivated and determined people, can help the continent? Or can a massive movement starting from the outside help Africa? (By creating a network outside the continent, throughout the world...)


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  • Nov 2 2011: Hi Oli ( ;) ),
    To answer to your first question, I believe that neither type of character have the monopoly of being able to help the continent. I can't remember who said this but I'm convinced that our continent needs strong instutions and not strong men. Instutions lasts, they evolve (in a good or bad direction) but they outlasts men. An instution,corrupt or not, is a structure that sustains a leader; he bases his power on it,uses it. What would help the continent is several groups working together in different areas in order to stabilize african countries. But it has to come from the inside. In order for the diaspora to really help their birth countries,they have to go back,live there long enough to spot the needs,the aspirations.. Otherwise to me,it seems like the diaspora will tend to make the same mistakes as the international organisations that come to Africa and "tell" the people what they need, no matter how good the intentions are, that way of doing is more harmful... But the diaspora can support projects but must have people of trust (and that know what they're doing)on the soil that they're injecting money into...

    Really interesting topic Oli!

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