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How can the African diaspora help the continent?

Do you think only people with strong personalities, or only highly motivated and determined people, can help the continent? Or can a massive movement starting from the outside help Africa? (By creating a network outside the continent, throughout the world...)


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    Oct 24 2011: Hello Oli,

    I'm trying to understand how an organized Diaspora can help Africa? I mean when people leave their roots for a better life, it's usually not in the name of a continent. It's to make a better life for their families. A truly noble but individual decision. It's been my experience that once things get "organized" the original meaning gets lost. I think that Diaspora is a natural progression that has been a part of development throughout history.
    • Oct 30 2011: Hi,
      It's a good remarks.
      For some people you're true. (I will only talk about first and second generation of immigrant) But I think that for a good part of the immigrant which came in the west for studying or for political reason are not in a denigration of their origin. They left their country because it was a necessity, political issue, unstable economy...

      As the first or second generation grew up socially and had a stable life in the west a good part of them are interested by the country where they come from, because they let a part of their family and the culture which define them self.

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